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Channeling Astral Influences

The year 2012 is already well underway. Slowly it is becoming clear that almost all – often channeled – predictions have not come true. No gigantic natural disasters, no polar tilt, no massive ascension, no Niburu, no alien invasion, no galactic federation, no coming of the world teacher… just to name a few.

This confirms once again that apparently a lot of nonsense is being channeled. How is this possible? Doesn’t someone who channels receive a higher inspiration? Are all those channeling people cheating on us and are they just fantasizing?

It’s not that simple. People who channel generally believe in what they are doing and are often genuinely shocked when their predictions don’t come true. They generally involve sensitive, psychic people who are able to make contact with non-physical entities.

They are convinced that those entities provide them with reliable and important information. What’s going wrong then? The problem is the astral world that surrounds us.

What is the astral world? How did it come about?

After his death man is free. Free to return to the spiritual sphere of its origin, free to create its own reality. But that freedom is also a pitfall.

Many people are not free at all internally. They have locked themselves in firm beliefs about how life works, what is good and what is bad, and what happens to people after death. Others are not slaves to beliefs but to feelings and desires, such as addictions, anger or feelings of inferiority.

The astral sphere is, among other things, the collective creation of all these people. It is a realm of existence in which all those thought forms of fear, illusion and desire take shape immediately. For example, if you have a lot of gloomy thoughts, you may find yourself in a landscape that is barren and gray.

This landscape reflects your inner state. Humans reside in the astral sphere until the call of the soul becomes so strong that they let go of their illusions and ascend to the spiritual sphere, or – if that is not possible – fall asleep and reincarnate. For example, if a person believes that after his death he will end up in a golden city where people are exulting eternally praising God, then he will end up there, along with others who believe that.

At first he will be quite happy there: he thinks he is in heaven. But eventually life becomes dull and monotonous: the golden city becomes a prison. In this way space is gradually created again for the voice of the soul, the voice of truth. Then there is an awakening and the astral illusion of the golden city is released.

The astral sphere is full of the ‘heavens’ of fundamentalist thinking people. The stronger their beliefs, the longer it takes them to hear the soul’s call. But not only this kind of “heavens” are found in the astral sphere, people sometimes create their own hell there as well.

Someone who suffers from strong feelings of inferiority can find himself in a barren and lonely area: a reflection of the inner feelings. Even then it is a matter of waiting for such a person to admit his inner light.

In short, the astral sphere is the gathering place for all people who after their death are not yet open to the voice of their soul. Because their beliefs are not rooted in the wisdom of their souls, they create their own prison based on those beliefs.

How does the astral sphere affect clairvoyants and people who channel?

The astral sphere can affect these people in two ways.

1. The Cycle of Fear

Through_This_WorldThe astral sphere is partly formed by us (living), especially by intense feelings such as fear and anger. It is close to Earth in the sense that many of the human fears and judgments that exist there correspond to fears and judgments that exist on Earth, in the collective human consciousness.

For example, when people on earth are afraid of natural disasters, all kinds of images of natural disasters arise in the lower regions of the astral world. These doomsday images can be picked up by psychically sensitive people, who take these images as images of the future and present them as higher truths to their audience.

In addition, all kinds of entities roam in the lower regions of the astral world that cannot properly let go of the earth. These entities like to cooperate in passing on fear visions, because it makes them feel important.

They are often deceased who could not let go of the earth properly; their consciousness is still fully focused on the earth and recognition and attention from people is very important to them. They need contact with people and when those people suddenly start seeing them as messengers from the higher, they think that’s great.

They will then announce all kinds of things to maintain that position. They instinctively feel that this mainly works by making spectacular predictions: the greater the predicted disaster, the more attention. The original fear is thus reinforced. For example, it can happen that people gather around a guru who confirms the fear in the context of a so-called higher transmission. In my opinion, many predictions about 2012 can be explained from this.

2. Astral Gurus

The spiritual development of humanity means that the astral world will eventually disappear. As soon as people inwardly tune in to their soul, to their inner truth and they start to listen to their heart instead of the ego, the astral world is no longer ‘nourished’. The astral world thrives on illusions and lower emotions; truth and love are her downfall.

Now there are entities in the astral world that have been there for a long time and have built up a special position. In a fundamentalist ‘heaven’ – think of the aforementioned golden city – there is often one leader, a self-proclaimed guru who sees himself as the voice of truth.

That person derives all his status from his special position in the astral world. Over the centuries, that person has often taken the form of a well-known religious personality, such as Christ. He has often even come to believe that he is Christ, something that is of course confirmed by his followers, who believe that in their fundamentalism they should be heaven near Christ.

Naturally, such a person thinks he can remember all sorts of things about the life of Christ. In every fundamentalist heaven of Christian origin – there are many – there is such a Christ. This explains, for example, why there is so much conflicting channeled information about the life of Christ.

But such a figure is of course never completely cut off from reality. He realizes that the spiritual growth of humanity is a threat to him, and he will try to prevent it. He does this by sending information to Earth that amplifies the fear and duality present there.

This information is passed on there, for example in the form of a channeling. Because these entities often have a refined insight and a lot of people knowledgecouncil-of-lightthey are often difficult to recognize as impure. In addition, they usually completely believe in the correctness of their information.

The already great human capacity for self-deception is even greater in the astral world than on Earth. After all, here on earth there is a continuous confrontation with dissenters and with the facts, this is hardly the case in the astral world. All change has to come from within.
How to recognize the impure?

Pure information comes from the realm of the soul: a realm of unity, love, freedom and respect for all that lives. That information will also touch something in our soul: it immediately gives us a feeling of peace, love and freedom. It makes us feel good about the universe, a sense of confidence in life. It is information that leads to true understanding of who we are.

Impure information has the following characteristics. The purpose of impure information is always to thwart the spiritual development of humanity and to enhance the astral sphere by creating new illusions and fears.

  • Impure information proclaims duality. “That’s bad, that’s good”, “Those people are wrong”, “There are conspiracies against humanity”, “Disasters are going to happen”.
    Why is this happening? The spiritual world is an atmosphere of unity, behind everything we see is an inner unity. Enlightenment is being fully aware of that oneness. Thinking from duality – whatever duality – keeps man away from that oneness, away from his inner light.
  • Impure information exerts coercion and pressure. “You have to do this or that”, “Get ready for the changes that are coming, you have to work hard on yourself otherwise things will go wrong for you”, etcetera.
    Why? The soul connects you with the unity, with the All. To get in touch with yourself you have to learn to listen to your soul. This can only happen from freedom. The voice of the soul is a soft, non-compelling voice. All pressure and coercion keeps man away from the soul.
  • Impure information evokes fear. “Disasters are going to happen; you have to join us otherwise things will go wrong”, “Watch out for this or that”.
    The voice of the soul is a voice of love, not of fear. Making people listen to the voice of fear draws them away from their center.
  • Impure information is not focused on the here and now. Concrete dates of future events are mentioned or the umpteenth cosmic history of humanity is told. Often very interesting, it just doesn’t make anything clear about life here and now.
    Spiritual development always takes place in the now. By pulling people away with their consciousness from the now, their spiritual development becomes stagnant.
  • Impure information makes you feel bad about yourself. If you do not agree with the text you are stupid and naive, you are selfish and you are far from enlightened.
    These kinds of feelings make a person deny his own light. This again leads to stagnation of natural spiritual development.
  • Dirty informants proclaim loud and clear that they are the only true and purest channel.
    The moment a man comes to believe that there is a spiritual authority outside him who knows better, he denies his own light.



Channeling is a talent like other talents: painting, writing and making music. The talent to channel does not make one a better person, any more than any other talent. Also, people who channel are not spiritual or ethical authorities.

In her article “ What is channeling ? ‘‘ writes Pamela Kribbe:

“What is decisive for the value of a channeled text is the content richness, clarity and love that it expresses. What is indicated as the source of the channeling is of secondary importance. In addition, channeled messages are received by Earth people and are always colored by the personal experiences and conceptual framework of the transmitting person.”

I personally think that you should read a channeled message like you listen to a song on the radio: if you like it, enjoy it, if you don’t like it, switch to another channel.


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