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Characteristics of Star People

There are several Earth Angel domains, each with its own unique characteristics. Many people recognize themselves in one of these domains, or in a combination of two or more domains. Which domain you come from is actually not that important. You are NOW incarnated on Earth to realize your life purpose and you have been given your specific gifts to help you with that.

If you have always felt different, are very sensitive and do not fit within the usual frameworks of norms, expectations and organizations, this will help you to accept who you are and to know that there are other wonderful beautiful creatures just like you, who may show who they are and reveal their gifts and appreciate their uniqueness.

Characteristics of Star People

Star people are very friendly and helpful by nature and usually don’t feel the need to step into the foreground. They calmly perform their selfless acts for everyone they meet. That is an inner necessity for them, it does not bother them that they are usually not thanked there. Because they have the feeling from childhood that they are different and do not belong here, they are often innerly lonely and socially awkward.

They are therefore often teased as children, sometimes also as adults. Despite their natural helpfulness, they can sometimes be found wary and aloof, wanting to avoid becoming deeply involved in emotional processes that are foreign to them. Essentially, they are task-oriented and often struggle with relationships.

Some still remember which planet they came from and sometimes this comes up in meditations. Star people very often practice some form of energetic healing such as Reiki and often make money with their hands (including massage, manicure or gardening).

Also, star people are often attracted to symbols as used in different healing energies and are very sensitive to energy, which makes them quick to sense others. Star women usually have few or no children, and if they do, they often have a Caesarean section.

Of all the Earth Angel realms, star people have the greatest aversion to violence and conflict, the news often already upsets them. They often love the sea and need a lot of water to stay in balance.

They also often have eyes that look striking, the iris often has an exotic color or the eyes or eyelids have an unusual shape. The life purpose of star people is to spread kindness where it is needed to reduce anger, stress and rage, also to prevent nuclear wars from starting. If the earth is destroyed, the effect will be felt in many galaxies.

Advice for star people: Find other star people and find work that fits your ideals and goals, otherwise you will be unhappy in your work. As a star person you can do various kinds of work side by side and you like to support others.

Know that you are naturally more task-oriented than relationship-oriented and that you often have different priorities than others. Your appreciation of beauty is often more focused on the inside than on the outside and therefore contrary to the norm of many other people. Hold on to your views and your uniqueness and don’t adjust too much to what others expect of you.


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