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Charlie Chaplin’s beautiful poem about self-love that you may not know yet.

Charlie Chaplin is generally remembered today as a comedian who starred in silent films from 1920-1950, recognizable by his iconic hat and mustache. Few people know how wise and intelligent he was.

The scene from The Great Dictator where Charlie talks about our connection as human beings, our inherent rights on this planet, and how we got lost through greed is probably the biggest clue to this man’s mind. Even though he passed away about 50 years ago, his legacy lives on and he continues to inspire us daily with insight, wisdom and humor. The following poem encompasses his unique and perceptive understanding of self-love.

On the day he turned seventy, Charlie Chaplin wrote a beautiful text. Looking back on his life, he discovered that love for yourself puts everything in a different perspective and makes life more beautiful and lighter.

“As I began to love myself,
I realized that my anxiety and emotional suffering are signals
that I am not living in harmony with myself.
Now I know: that’s AUTHENTICITY.

When I started to love myself,
I understood how much I can hurt someone
if I suddenly impose desires
even when I knew the time was not right
and the other wasn’t ready
even if I was that other person.
Now I know: that’s RESPECT.

When I started to love myself,
I no longer longed for another life
and saw that everything in the world around me is
an invitation to evolve.
Now I know: that’s GROWTH.

When I started to love myself,
I understood that I am always in the right place at the right time
and that everything happens at exactly the right time.
So I can be calm.
Now I know: that’s CONFIDENCE .

When I started loving myself,
I stopped to fill every minute and
make plans for the future.
Now I only do what makes me happy,
what I love and what makes my heart sing
in my own way and at my own pace.
Now I know: that’s SIMPLICITY.

When I started to love myself,
I freed myself from everything that was not good for me:
food, people, things, situations
and everything that pulled me, that led me away from myself.
At first I called it ‘healthy selfishness’.
Now I know: that’s LOVE FOR YOURSELF.

When I started to love myself
I stopped trying to be right
and since then I notice more and more
that nothing is black or white.
Now I know: that’s MODEST.

When I started to love myself
I no longer wanted to live in the past and
worry about the future.
Now I only live in the moment
in the here and now, where everything happens.
And I call that: BEING.

When I started to love myself
I realized that my thoughts can run away from
me and make me feel bad.
But when I let my heart speak, my mind became a valuable ally.
Now I call this connection: the WISDOM OF THE HEART.

When we start to love ourselves
, we no longer have to fear confrontations
with ourselves or with others.
Even stars sometimes collide
and from that new worlds are born.
Now I know: that’s LIFE!”

What a fantastic piece about self-love. It is clear to see that Charlie has learned a lot during his time here on Earth. This poem reminds us that there is a lesson in all experiences in life. Even though we don’t always recognize this in the moment, in hindsight we can discover how the lessons life gave us can help us.

Each line of the poem shares a lesson that we can keep in mind when we feel like we’re not good enough or don’t want to be there. Is self-love something you struggle with? I believe that learning to accept yourself as you are now, while also keeping an eye on possible areas for improvement, is a lifelong journey.

Lots of love.


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