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Children and heart connections

8 connectionsChildren connect more easily than adults do. They feel the pure connection in everything that lives. They feel unity with themselves, with the cosmos, with the animal world, with the plant world, with food and with Mother Earth.

These children feel such a pure connection that it hurts them that we no longer feel this connection from the heart. By reconnecting with the inner child from the core we can feel these connections again.

These connections often stagnate because of old patterns that we were taught in our youth. Our wisdom about love turns into a pattern of thought rather than a feeling. Love then suddenly gets expectations and the other has to meet something.

Today’s child helps us with this by making us aware of the importance of connection. Connection in all areas as they experience it. This connection is present in the heart. Many adults do not feel the connection with themselves or think they feel the connection with themselves.

This causes problems in children. Adults don’t really connect from the core. Not only in the upbringing, but also through the outside world, the child always receives the same signals. E.g. get disconnected. Children learn to shut down again at a certain point and lose this connection. The child loses his strength and does not come to himself.

How do you recognize that your heart connection is going well?

Children receive a basic/foundation from their parents on how to deal with life. The child also takes a backpack from past lives. But in general, the heart connection of parents makes the difference between a good connection with the earth or a connection with problems.

If the child takes a backpack, you as a parent can still contribute a lot to a positive attitude to life in your child. By working a lot on this connection. This is commonly referred to as bonding. Problems arise when the bond is not there. This bonding is very important.

A good connection with the mother gives the child the feeling that it is allowed to be there. In this way the child learns to attach to his physical or also called grounding. This is a foundation for each individual. A good bond with the father helps the child to connect with life. The child learns to deal socially with other children and with society (other).

If the connection flows well with the adult or child, you feel someone who stands firmly in his or her shoes, does not react out of defense or cries quickly, is easy to approach, easily connects with his or her environment, enjoys life, likes to grow/learn, takes on challenges even if it feels fear, respects own limits.


The cause lies in our childhood and that is why our childhood is so important. They are patterns that are taught by our parents (unconsciously and with the right intentions). We first need to see what we have been given in our childhood that prevents this connection from going well. This way we can stop these patterns and prevent us from passing them on to our children.

Prevention is better than cure

love for your childThis time we have a lot to do with old patterns of our ancestors. We experience a lot about environmental pollution, global warming effect, nutrition, politics, schools and entire social decisions. Everything we’ve built so far has come from our ancestors who thought this was the best choice for us. But in the long run, this doesn’t seem to work.

It is up to us to learn from the patterns that our ancestors used and to see where they come from if we want to learn something from them. Improve the world, start with yourself.

My experience is a lot of commentary on schools or society. But it is not possible to quickly tear down what has taken years to clean up. Provided that people become aware of the old patterns of ancestors.

I call this evolution. We need to grow and grow with the times. Talking and meeting about topics can take years. The fastest way to help the world is to feel again the connection we lost as children. We need to break free from these old patterns. Not by talking but by feeling. Otherwise we never get deep enough and we don’t get to the core.

Connecting from the heart?

Connecting from the heart is a way to learn to connect from love with yourself, the world and fellow man. From fear or old patterns only works counterproductive and ensures that we get our fear or old patterns reflected back. This of course gives growth moments which is very good. Connecting from love gives love back.


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