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Children of now and energy

A while back I wrote a blog about the children of today . In this I wrote that it is very important for them that the energy around them is high.

I feel the need to go into this a little further.

While children generally choose parents whose vibration is fairly similar to theirs, there are now many children whose energy is even higher than that of the adults around them. In any case, children have the power to often approach the world with an open mind.

They show us time and time again how to live from their hearts and many of today’s miracles give us a beautiful lesson in loving all that unconditionally. They are much more directly connected to the universal love around them. A source of love that we can also tap from, but often have forgotten how to do that.

These children function much better when the vibration, the energy, around them is high. Some children even develop physical or mental problems if their energy cannot flow freely because the vibration around them is lower. These children often benefit greatly from increasing the energy around them. Complaints can become less, or even (almost) disappear!

But how do you increase that energy? There is no unequivocal answer to this. It is especially important that you choose a method that suits you. Some examples of what might help: Listening and singing mantras (they don’t have to be mantras you sing, you can just sing too), dancing, asking the angels or guides around you for help, meditating, praying.

But also: being creative, drawing, painting, writing and above all: acting crazy, playing with your child and being completely absorbed in it, you will see that your own inner child shows itself and shows exactly the same strengths and talents regarding have love as your own child or the children you work with. Feel what makes you happy. What really makes you happy? What makes you blossom? These things increase your energy, make you a little lighter and more loving.

Just don’t feel guilty if you don’t succeed. You are human to sometimes feel a little less sunny and your child has chosen you, so also the lessons that go with it, including showers!

If you try to raise your vibration, you will see that you make the world around you more beautiful, not only for children, but also for yourself and others around you.

In the light of love

We are whole
In the light of love
We are home
In the light of love
We heal and sing”

Deva Premal and Miten – In the Light of Love


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