Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Children of today

“Good night inspiration, were you there again?”

“Yeah, I thought, let me hear from you again.”

“And may I ask why it always has to be late at night or even in the middle of the night?”

That’s how the conversation could go in my head. Because again it is (almost) night and again the inspiration for a blog presents itself.

Why at such a time? I suspect because then the silence descends on my world and I am alone with my thoughts, or are they just not my thoughts? Does all inspiration come from me? I don’t think so, but what is mine and what is not, that is not yet clear to me, I have yet to learn.

Anyway, that inspiration had a subject: Today’s children. Why? Partly because we have such a child walking around in the house right now. A child who is almost always cheerful and even cheers up other people, whom he does not know, but whom he feels they need. A child that likes to laugh and then does it deep into his eyes, they shine like nothing else.

It sometimes seems like a child looking right through you. A child that sometimes only perceives, but then also really. He observes and seems to know exactly what is going on in his head. A child who lives fully from his heart and who would like others to do the same.

It is also a child who cannot let his beautiful energy flow freely, because most around him are not ready for this yet.

And there are many more such children. Children who are not highly sensitive, but hypersensitive. Children who feel and see everything, but are often not understood by their own environment. Children who get physical complaints because they cannot share their energy.

Babies who are thought to be confused, that there is “something wrong with them” because so many cannot feel what they feel. Children who turn inward because no one knows what they are going through. And then being labeled, when they only want to be themselves, in all their splendor.

How lonely are these kids? Tell me, reader, how often have you felt lonely because you were not quite like the rest. What kind of crowds have you stood in, feeling your mother soul alone, because no one really understood you? Let’s all do our best to see these children as they are: beautiful children on a mission! Children with such a high, loving energy that most of us can’t match that.

how many times have you felt lonely because you weren’t quite like the rest

And that’s also our job: Let’s let these children know that they can be there! That they are seen. May they feel and that we will always try to understand them, even if we don’t succeed right away. And let’s try to live from our hearts and lift the world into a higher, lighter and more loving energy, so that these children can blossom and blossom as they have always been meant to be!


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