Chinese medicine: hidden emotions are a major cause of disease

Chinese medicine: hidden emotions are a major cause of disease
Suppressing unwanted feelings is one of the main internal causes of disease in Chinese medicine. They settle in your body and demand attention. 

Blocked emotions affect the energy of the organs.

Clearing ballast from the past

We in the West have not learned to deal with bad feelings. The generations before us learned that they had to be tough. Do not Cry. Don’t show your feelings. Get on. Keep the outside nice and good. But if you hide feelings, they aren’t gone! They attach themselves in the body and in the organs and often subsequent generations have to work with them. That happens a lot in the times we live in now. Many of us clear up the ballast from the past through our own lives.

Chinese medicine: hidden emotions are a major cause of disease

Signals from the soul

In essence, unwanted emotions such as fear, anger, sadness or depression are a signal from the soul that we are out of balance or that we have lost track: we do not feel ‘right’. In other words: we have lost the connection, the coherence.

We are not in harmony with ourselves, our bodies, and/or the environment. Something is missing inside. That makes you move and start looking. Just as pain is a signal from the body that something must be done to allow blood and energy to flow freely again and to heal the area, so unwanted emotions are a signal from the soul that life on some plane wants to flow again as it did. is meant to be.

The influence of emotions on organs

Blocked emotions affect the energy of the organs. For example, frustration arises when something does not go the way you want or the way life requires of you. This emotion has an influence on the liver and gallbladder. Conversely, a physical load on the liver and gallbladder will make you more sensitive to emotions such as anger and frustration. Once you start seeing all those connections, you are able to understand and treat illness and health much more broadly.

Kidneys and bladder: a sense of security

Let me give an example: Sil, 9 years old, has pain in his Achilles’ tendons. As a result, he can no longer exercise, which adversely affects his health and his friendships. He has already been to a physiotherapist and a podiatrist. He does his exercises neatly and has been given special insoles, but it does not help enough.

Chinese medicine: hidden emotions are a major cause of disease

Now it is useful to know that two meridians run along the Achilles tendon: the kidney meridian on the inside and the bladder meridian on the outside. These meridians are connected to the water element. This element represents your basic energy, rest, recovery and a sense of basic security.

The bladder meridian is like the grounding of an electrical outlet: if this meridian flows well, ‘the plugs won’t blow’ when there is voltage. In addition, the attachment of the Achilles tendon is also the reflex zone of the first chakra, which – like the energy of the kidneys and bladder – is linked to basic safety and your place on earth.

I ask Sil’s mother about family circumstances and how Sil feels at school and in contact. She says that he has become very insecure and restless since the divorce a few years ago. He has always been a sensitive child who has a great need for clear planning, which gives him a sense of calm. It’s gotten worse since the divorce and now that she thinks about it, the nagging with those Achilles tendons also started shortly afterward.

Massage for anger

Sil is now in children’s yoga and his mother regularly plays a massage game with him, making it ‘rain, hail, snow and blow’ on his head, back, and (when lying on his stomach) legs. Sil’s mother now understands where ‘the shoe wringer is.

She also massages his feet from time to time and knows that she can do this best with a dreamy, cozy, and warm feeling. Sil enjoys it and so does she. That’s how simple, nice and fun the problem is to solve. Every now and then the pain returns, usually when a lot is happening in Sil’s life and unrest, bustle, chaos, or fear overtakes him. Now, mother and son know how to place it and deal with it.

The Tao of Health contains many exercises that you can do to help remove the harmful effects of emotions from your body.

Exercise: From Fear to Trust

In case of fear and insecurity, the exercise is suitable for the water element: the kidney sound. This one brings you confidence. Repeat this exercise at least 3 times.

  • Activate
    Sit on the edge of a chair. Warm your kidneys with your palms: on the back, next to the spine, just below the ribs. When your hands and kidneys have been rubbed well, keep your hands still on your kidneys. Bring your breath and your loving awareness into your kidneys with a smile. Do this for a few minutes while you ponder what your kidneys do and mean to you.
  • Attunement
    Let your hands be like two warm nests in which your kidneys warm and relax. Draw your attention deep inward, all the way to your bones. Feel the solidity of your own skeleton. Now feel how the muscles around it can relax. Now you will feel that your body may rest completely loose and heavy on the earth. If your kidneys still carry tension, beliefs, survival patterns, or fears, give them along with the kidney sound.Chinese medicine: hidden emotions are a major cause of disease
  • Gesture
    Put your feet and knees together. Inhale deeply as you intertwine your hands around your knees. You round your back and push the lower back so that you feel a stretch in the kidney area. Look straight ahead.
  • Sound
    Exhale with the kidney sound Chuoeoeo … while pushing the navel area towards the spine; like blowing out a candle. Imagine all the stress, anxiety, and fatigue draining from your kidneys. As you inhale, sit up straight again. Collect with your hands and your attention a fresh blue light as from clear blue water
  • Attention
    Then place your hands over the kidneys and imagine them flooding with healing blue. Then focus on the original vibration of the kidneys through an image of deep peace and quiet: a calm lake reflecting a clear sky.
  • Affirm
    ‘I am safe in myself.
    I support myself unconditionally and I am supported.
    I can really rest and recover now.’


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