Chinese Medicine: how does your body react to cold?


Do you run outside when it snows? Or do you prefer to stay indoors , together with your winter blues ? Jacqueline Rietveld, expert in the field of Chinese Medicine: ‘How does your body react to cold? The answer says a lot about the condition of your water element.’

Water is the element that manifests itself most in winter. It is the energy of deep inner peace, withdrawal and recharging

In the winter months the temperature regularly drops below zero. Do you enjoy the beautiful ice flowers and are you skating on the natural ice as soon as you can? Or do you shiver all day long, the cold goes through your skin and do you prefer to sit inside by the fireplace? Your response to cold says a lot about the health of your water element, according to Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine in brief

In short, Chinese Medicine works with yin and yang and five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In every human being the energy of all five elements is active to a greater or lesser extent. If all the elements are evenly active throughout the seasons, you are a healthy and happy personWater is the element that manifests itself most in winter. It is the energy of deep inner peace, withdrawal and recharging. Just think of the hibernation that animals keep: that is water energy.

Kidneys, Bladder & Bones

On a physical level, the kidneys, bladder, bones and joints and the central nervous system belong to the element of water. Tired of dead fingers? winter dip? Your kidney energy is weakened. Sore bones and joints as it gets colder? Your water element needs attention. Bladder infections, back pain or kidney stones? You guessed it!

To balance your water element, you can achieve a lot with nutrition, lifestyle and energetic body work. It is important to know whether your water is too moist or whether there are signs of drought.

Tips to balance your water element:

  1. Salt is the taste that belongs to the water element according to Chinese nutrition. Foods with a salty taste – in the form of kelp, for example – stimulate the kidney and bladder energy. While adding too much salt to your diet actually ‘drains’ the water, as we also know from Western medicine.
  2. In addition, the balance between movement, work and rest is of great importance for a healthy water element. If you’re never sitting still and always busy, your adrenal glands must constantly produce activating hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, it is really necessary to rest and recharge a few times a day. Otherwise you will exhaust your kidney energy. Conversely, when you just sit and almost get exercise, the energy of your water element stagnates.

Are you a water person?

Do you recognize yourself in the description of a typical water person? The water element also has certain characteristics on a mental and emotional level. If you worry a lot and see all kinds of lions and bears on the road before you start a new challenge, your water element on a mental level is predominant. Do you regularly feel unsafe? Or do you have panic attacks? A disturbance in your water element.

If you have trouble with the cold and have complaints in the body parts associated with water, it may also be that a deep-seated fear is getting in the way of the energy flow. That fear often has to do with negative impressions that you have stored at the beginning of your life, consciously or unconsciously. By making contact with your inner child and approaching it with unconditional love, space is created to let go of the fear.



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