Chinese Medicine: How Repressed Emotions Affect Your Body

Chinese Medicine: How Repressed Emotions Affect Your Body

Every emotion we experience is connected to an organ or system in the body. Negative emotions are a sign that something is not right. Physically or emotionally, life cannot flow as it is intended. There is imbalance or stagnation, or you do not find ways to express your true core. These are the three internal causes of disease, as seen from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Besides internal, there are also external causes such as bacteria, climate, accidents et cetera.

When life does flow and is in balance, we experience peace, happiness, and lightness. We can then easily access the deep silent wisdom of our Source. In Taoism, exercises were developed 5000 years ago that help you to clean up the organs energetically. So those are very old, tried and true exercises. You learn them at healing Tao. In particular the 6 healing sounds – help you to energetically clean up your organs.

Chinese medicine and Taoism have beautifully mapped the connection between body, soul, and spirit. By learning and reading about it, you will understand a lot more about your body and your emotions. Your body can get sick from too many repressed emotions. But your emotions can also get out of balance due to a physical load on your organs. So it works both ways.

Overload of the wood element

For example, if you take a lot of medication, drink a lot of alcohol, or take other things that put a strain on your liver, this can lead to a short fuse. The liver belongs to the wood element. The emotions associated with a disturbed wood element are anger, frustration, and irritation (and when all of that is suppressed, depression). In this case, the organ is burdened by external conditions, which influence emotions. You can have less, and get angry faster.

Chinese Medicine: How Repressed Emotions Affect Your Body

It can also be done the other way around: if you experience many feelings that burden the wood element, this will affect all facets of the wood element. That is to say: on liver and bile, on your way of moving, and on your energy. Pains that are here and then there or that suddenly come and then are gone are also related to the wood element. These may have to do with, for example, that your life cannot flow. Maybe you always feel like you have to be different from who you are or that you have to do things that don’t suit you. That is essentially frustrating. It loads the wood element.

How can I do something about it?

It’s great to discover how you can get from your head into your body from breath, movement, beating of your body, and doing simple exercises. The emotional charge will then naturally settle down, making it easier for you to feel what it is really about.

This is your time to feel good about yourself. So you don’t have to do it right for anyone. And everything may be there, whatever you feel. The nice thing is that the emotions usually become much less heavy and compelling if they are allowed to be there at all.

Anger exercise

If there is anger or frustration, you can do the liver sound. You can stretch and knock the corresponding meridians and free. You remember the naughty, spontaneous child and give it space. And then it may just be that you feel the zest for life bubbling again.

Chinese Medicine: How Repressed Emotions Affect Your Body

Liver Sound: From Anger and Frustration to Kindness

Tap your liver area with your hands to activate the blood flow here. The liver is located just below the ribs, mainly on the right side.

Now hold your hands still and allow your awareness to settle in your liver. Smile at your liver and realize the meaning it has for your life: it helps you digest your food, it detoxifies your blood, it is a reservoir of energy.

To align with the essence of liver and gallbladder, now pass the movie of your life, focusing on moments in your life when you felt good; moments when you really were yourself. Take such a moment and feel again how you felt then. How did you move? What did you do? What did you radiate? Now, remember things you loved to do as a child. Imagine being like that again now. Experience it as fully and as physically as possible…

Perhaps your liver has harbored frustration and aggression for years because you couldn’t be yourself or because life wasn’t going the way you wanted it to. At its core, this aggression is neither right nor wrong. She is a pure life force!
Feel the power your anger can give you. Smile in it. I think it’s okay that these feelings are there. Have the intention to pass on the – possibly ‘toxic’ – charge to the liver sound.


Now on an inhale, raise your arms wide sideways over your head on an inhale. You put your hands together there and turn them over. Then you push the right hand towards the ceiling and feel a tension arc from the liver to the hand on the right side of your body.


You make the liver sound: SJYYYY with your eyes open, directed to your hands. (No voice, just breath. It’s the sound you make when you want it to get quieter.)

Imagine that all stress, anger, and frustration leave your body like dark clouds with your breath.
Inhaling, let the arms come down to the side again, with your palms facing out. (The fingertips are slightly tense, the arms not fully extended.).
Imagine collecting the fresh spring greenery with your hands.


Chinese Medicine: How Repressed Emotions Affect Your Body

Breathe and smile into your liver as you visualize the vital, promising spring greenery.

Now focus on the original vibration of your liver and gallbladder; free-flowing life energy, pure and original. (If you have joint pain, now do the variation at the bottom of the exercise)
Imagine your original nature unfolding in its own perfection and in its own way and time. Full of joy. effortless.


‘Everything happens in its own time and in its own way. Easy and fun. I Am that I Am.’

Do the liver sound at least three times. More often is also possible.

Variation for those with musculoskeletal problems (do this exercise at the end of the liver sound)

Breathe in the most vital, fresh shade of green you can imagine. Imagine how with the exhale this youthfully fresh, rejuvenating energy flows to your tendons and joints, reminding them that they are meant to be flexible, free, and movable.

See and feel this vital green spring energy that brings healing and flexibility to your muscles and joints.

Do this for as long as it feels comfortable while rocking and moving gently. Then let go of the image and imagine letting go of all the tightness (the symbolic straitjacket you might have gotten stuck in) like a suit of armor. See before you how it falls to the ground and sinks into the earth.

Affirm: I am free to be who I am. Myself.

Exercise for fatigue and tension

If there are fear, cold, or cramping, or if there is a pain in the lower abdomen, back, or knees, then you can cherish the kidneys. You can pat and massage them. Then lean forward so that you feel the stretch in the backs of your legs. This opens the bladder meridian, allowing tension and fatigue to flow better to the earth. If you hang forward like this, you naturally breathe in your rest, which massages your kidneys.

Then, when you get up, you could do the kidney sound a few times to help de-stress your system. To start feeling some peace and security again, you can then let your thoughts go to the people, animals, or things that support you in your life. You focus on what supports and carries you and what you can lean into.



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