Chinese medicine & Metal element: this way you can better listen to your gut feeling

Chinese medicine & Metal element: this way you can better listen to your gut feeling
Do you listen carefully to your gut feeling? If the answer is No, your Metal element may be out of balance. This article gives you tips to support your Metal, so that you trust your inner wisdom again. “If Metal becomes overactive, it can lead to ossification. You get stuck and experience stubborn resistance.”

If you systematically ignore your gut feeling and endure setback after setback, your Metal element is probably out of balance.

Inner Compass

“I should have listened to my gut feeling; I knew something wasn’t right.” Do you know that? You did something, it didn’t feel quite right, but you (or someone else) reasoned that you could just do it. Afterward, it turned out that you should have waited a little longer or made a different choice.

You can see your gut feeling as an inner compass: you instinctively know very well what to do or not to do. According to Chinese medicine, it is our Metal element that determines how well we listen to our gut feeling. By balancing Metal within yourself, you benefit more from the wisdom from your gut.

Chinese medicine & Metal element: this way you can better listen to your gut feeling

Chinese Medicine & the Elements

Chinese medicine treats the body and mind by balancing the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Metal is responsible for the way we deal with grief and setbacks. Metal also regulates how we move in certain processes: setting goals, taking steps, adjusting where necessary, sticking to boundaries, collaborating with others, and dealing with unforeseen changes. This applies to the life process as well as to smaller processes such as at work.

Is your Metal element in balance?

When the Metal element in you is in balance, you can move and release where necessary. But at the same time, you keep a close eye on your own truth, personal goals, and boundaries. Healthy Metal is flexible but does not break. Seeing the big picture, orderly taking the necessary steps, committed discipline and yet a flexible attitude are typical characteristics of someone with a strong Metal element. Healthy Metal is resilient.

Intuition is literally in your body

Each of the five Chinese elements also includes a specific aspect of the soul. For Metal that aspect is Po: the body-soul. According to Chinese medicine, this is the part of our soul that is directly connected to our body. Po returns to the earth the moment our body dies. You can describe Po as intuition located deep in our body, similar to the instinct of animals. This bodily intuition is emphatically different from the soul aspect that gives us access to a higher, collective consciousness outside of ourselves. Po is inextricably linked to our physical body.

Chinese medicine & Metal element: this way you can better listen to your gut feeling

The difference between our body soul and animal instinct is that we can link thoughts to gut feelings. An animal automatically listens to its instinct. We have the choice of whether or not to follow our gut feeling. It is precisely this free will that allows our souls to learn lessons while we live on earth as human beings.

About setbacks and depression

If you systematically ignore your gut feeling and endure setback after setback, your Metal element is probably out of balance. Also, consider how you deal with grief: do you allow it at all or do you keep distracting yourself? Grief is the emotional aspect of Metal, which should be given sufficient space in everyone’s life. Sufficient, so not too much and not too little. Depressive symptoms can, for example, be the result of sadness that has been pent up too long, making it too big to let go. Then there is a certain ‘metal fatigue’. The Metal element no longer has enough power to move you through your grief.

Stuck and stuck

The power of Metal is that it allows you to walk your path with determination and courage. You know where you want to go, see the road from an eagle’s perspective and take the steps and hurdles necessary to get closer to your destination. Taking life seriously and with a certain seriousness is typical of Metal. But if you overshoot this and Metal becomes overactive, it can lead to rigidity. Then you are no longer willing to look outside your own frame of mind and investigate whether there might also be other roads that lead to Rome. There is a good chance that you will get stuck and experience stubborn resistance.

Lungs, large intestine, and skin

Like the other Chinese elements, Metal energy rules certain body parts. It concerns our lungs, large intestine, and skin. These are all organs that have the function of letting in substances (or: energy) from the outside world and then separating the waste products again. Our lungs take oxygen from the air and exhale carbon. Our intestines absorb nutrients from our food and remove unusable remains. Our skin absorbs light and heat and removes excess heat and waste through perspiration.

Chinese medicine & Metal element: this way you can better listen to your gut feeling

A properly functioning Metal element ensures that these organs absorb exactly what they need and clear away what does not serve the body. Comparable to a well-functioning gut feeling: it tells us very precisely what you can allow, at what time, and when you can let go (again).

This is how you balance your Metal element

If you feel that you can listen (even) more to your gut feeling, there are several ways to support your Metal element.

• You can empower Po, the body soul, by regularly sitting down in peace and feeling what is the best choice for you right now. Close your eyes, put your hands on your abdomen and feel what a certain idea or possible situation triggers in you. Does your body respond calmly to that thought or do you feel restless? And how is it emotional? Do you feel comfortable with that idea or would you rather wait a little longer? Does it feel safe for you to do it now? Deep down you know the answer.

• If dealing with grief is difficult for you right now, you can support Metal by giving yourself space. If you have trouble reaching your tears, put your hands on your heart area as often as possible and encourage yourself to let them in. Pass on warmth, security, and love with your hands, as you encourage a frightened little child to be themselves. Also often say the mantra ‘I have faith’. Teach your subconscious to trust life itself.

• You can also ensure balance with food. The metal reacts in particular to the taste ‘sharp’. Spicy foods such as leeks, onions, garlic, and ginger can help if your Metal energy is allowed to be ramped up a bit. But be careful with spicy food if you often suffer from dry skin or heat complaints such as high blood pressure or hot flashes.


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