Chinese Medicine: release anger and free the energy in your liver

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Spring is here and that means new beginnings and creative energy. The power of nature is increasing. Our energy is also slowly blossoming. Creative energy flows when there is balance in body and mind. However, this balance has suddenly changed. We have no control over the current situation and that requires different skills from us. When all certainty is lost, feelings of fear and frustration can arise. Finding a new balance is the challenge.

The vulnerability of society

The crisis means that you are confronted with many questions. That means you can reconsider which values ​​are really important. The importance of health and the sense of connection with the people around you is emphasized. This makes us realize that we are part of a greater whole.

However, everyone deals with heavy periods differently. For some, this brings up fear, others become frustrated. Questions such as: who am I and what can I do? Is it important what I do? And what about my health? come upstairs. The lack of control over the situation is not always easy. When you have no influence, all you can do is turn inward and pay attention to yourself.

The spring energy of this moment brings exactly the energy we need now: the energy in Chinese medicine stands for the wood element.

The wood element

The wood element is the first element in the cycle of the five elements. Wood represents the creative, the new – it is part of spring. Spring is the time when yin turns into yang. The energy of wood is therefore an energy of growth and creation.

The tree is the symbol for the wood element. The roots are deep in the earth and the branches reach to the heavens. Wood is sturdy and powerful and at the same time flexible with all the circumstances that are available. It is ordered but at the same time constantly changing.

Childhood represents the element of wood. When the conditions are favorable, the child can develop and ground itself well. Characteristics such as creativity, agility, decisiveness and idealism are developed.

When he cannot develop properly, aggressiveness can develop and the child will cry a lot. In adulthood, intolerance and rigidity will emerge, the negative forces of wood.

In balance

The wood type is adventurous. It is full of plans and ideas and knows how to express them. It shows leadership when needed, but can also move smoothly. It works according to a clear structure, but also has plenty of refreshing ideas. He is seen as a pioneer and likes to take the lead. The wood type is correct, friendly and a perfect planner.

He is competitive and has a strong and healthy ego. When in balance, he is confident and stands firmly in the ground, but at the same time goes with the flow. He likes to be active and in nature. The wood type has a preference for the color green and spring is their time to flourish.

His entrepreneurial spirit and sense of humor provide a lot of energy. This energy can also turn into thunder, if its rambunctious and hot-tempered side comes out. Frustrations and stagnated energy are at the root of this.

Health means that the life energy, Qi, can flow freely and yin and yang are in balance


Pleasure in movement represents the element of wood,  similar to how children move. Lack of movement usually indicates an imbalance in the wood element. The liver wants to be free, enterprising and creative. If this is not possible, the imbalance will be reflected in the liver energy. Increased muscle tone can be a result.
The wood element wants sufficient leeway and dislikes restrictions and pressure. Other wood energy disorders include muscle pain, muscle weakness, and all forms of rheumatic disease.

The organs are  seen differently in Chinese medicine than in the Western view. Organs are connected to a greater whole. The liver is the organ of the wood element. The liver is the ruler of Qi. She checks the blood quantity and quality, the eyes and vision, the muscles and mobility. The liver is the yin power of the wood and the gallbladder is the yang aspect.

Anger is the emotion associated with blocked liver energy. Anger, irritation and frustration are emotions  that help to define boundaries. In addition, anger is a force that encourages movement. However, when this emotion becomes too strong, it creates imbalance and stagnation. Creativity then changes into the will to keep control. A lack of wood energy creates a sense of purposelessness. The drive to create has extinguished.

The energetic state of the liver influences the physical and psychological energy supply and the capacity of the body. Liver imbalance manifests itself in a feeling of weakness, low stress tolerance and rapid physical exhaustion.

Reinforcing the wood element is important to get fit and strong again.release anger

From imbalance to a new balance

To move

Movement that makes you perspire strengthens the wood element. The possibly blocked energy is restarted. This will take you to the next element, which is the fire elementWalking in nature is also very good, as long as you keep walking. Massages also reduce muscle tension. Preferably massages where the energy flow, Qi, gets going again.

Meditative Movement– Qigong

Qigong ( Chi Kung ) is a form of movement in which we want to nourish and let the energy flow in the body. Humans absorb the energy from the earth with their feet (which is why walking barefoot is also very healing). With the lungs we absorb Qi from the air. And through our heads we make contact with the universe. As humans we stand between the earth and the universe and the better the energy flows through your body, the healthier you are. If there is a blockage in your body, this energy does not flow properly. Qigong ensures a good flow of your energy.


The trick is to find the balance between suppressing anger/frustration and letting everything run free. Learning how to allow emotions is healing. Not only let the anger out in a measured way, but also learn that you don’t have to suppress it.
Irritation, frustration and anger are feelings that indicate that your limit is being crossed (or has gone into the past). Setting healthy boundaries helps to channel this anger in the right direction.

Daring to admit the feeling of sadness (the emotion that opposes anger) has a healing effect on body and mind. Bring your attention to your heart and feel the sadness there. Expressing this sadness balances the wood element.


Do you find it difficult to express your emotions? To organize your thoughts and feelings, start a journal. Start writing to yourself about your day, what you’re feeling, what’s happening and what you’re thinking. All is well with this, the diary has no judgment, the only one who judges is yourself. So be honest. And look at it from a distance. Does it bring clarity? What would you advise yourself?


The right diet is different for everyone. Learn to listen to your body and try what suits you best. What reaction does your body have after eating certain foods? Do you feel heavy or do you get nauseous? Then leave it out for a while. Try to avoid extremely hot or cold foods. Find balance in your diet, such as yin and yang.

The color green and the sour taste belong to the wood element. They have a positive effect on the liver. Lots of green vegetables, but also green apples, cherries, oranges and sour berries. Eat a lot of warm food and avoid sugar and milk products.

herbal tea

There are several herbs that balance the liver. Not every herb is suitable for making tea. The herbal teas that can balance the wood element are: hibiscus and rosehip.

This tea contains a lot of vitamin C. Hibiscus tea has a somewhat sour / bitter taste. You can also combine it with other herbs such as mint. It is recommended for digestive problems and has a cooling and calming effect. Hibiscus tea is a powerful antioxidant. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and is healthy for the liver.

In the summer this tea is delicious to drink cold.


The tea affects testosterone and estrogen levels. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink hibiscus tea during pregnancy and breast-feeding. It is also not recommended to drink this tea in combination with medication for high blood pressure.

Lots of health!

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