Chinese Medicine: Release Grief and Heal the Energy of Your Lungs

We are in the midst of winter energy. In winter it is time to turn inward, the yin energy is dominant. It stands for rest and letting go. Gain strength so that we can bloom again in the spring. To be able to do this, it is important that you have closed the autumn well. Then you can easily continue with everything you learned last year. Letting go and clearing up makes room for the new. However, if you dwell in the past, you will not be able to find new energy.

In Chinese medicine, they say that your metal element is then out of balance. Metal represents autumn and the accompanying emotion is sadness. Grief is stored in the lungs. You create balance by letting go and clearing all your emotions. Proper breathing and a delicious drink support this process.

If there is no good flow of your Qi, your life energy, will become lodged in your organs. The organs associated with the element metal are the lungs and large intestine. Complaints are therefore related to the lungs such as bronchitis, asthma, cough, or hay feverAlso, problems with the intestines and food intolerance belong to a metal element that is out of balance. Emotionally you have trouble saying goodbye, letting go, and cleaning up.

Metal is one of the five elements next to water, wood, fire, and earth. Letting go is not always easy, especially when you can no longer oversee everything. You have too much on your plate and you are looking for something to hold on to. You fall back into routines and traditions.



This happens not only in ourselves but also on a macro level. Some people have a hard time with changes and panic when they do. They get angry and make themselves heard because you take their hold. Traditions sometimes have great value for society. When safety disappears, people want to return to the known. Accepting that everything is impermanent and changing helps to let go of sadness. First, however, you will have to feel the sadness, otherwise, the pain will settle in your body.

The metal type

Chinese Medicine: Release Grief and Heal the Energy of Your Lungs

The metal element represents autumn and late summer. We will reap what we have sown. We let go and move on. You feel this energy when you have to say goodbye and then move on. But we also know the fall of our lives, when we get older and have to learn to accept that most of our lives are over. You can’t go back and you have to accept that everything ends. This process is more difficult for some than for others. When an imbalance arises, you don’t want to go any further, you get stuck in the old, and the sadness cramps your body.

According to Chinese medicine, everyone has a predominant element. But all elements play a role in your life. Metal is the young yin, the retreating force, the autumn. Just before winter energy when nature has completely withdrawn. Emotionally, feelings of sadness and loneliness are associated with the metal element. Physically, the lungs and colon are part of it. The skin and the sense of smell also dominate the metal.

Mentally, the metal type often has a sharp mind, a lot of wisdom, and courage. The Qi of metal is strongest between three and seven in the morning. The time when the lungs, between three and five o’clock, and the colon, between five and seven o’clock, are most active. The metal type is much preoccupied with thinking about life and death. Spirituality is important. Many metal types have an eye for art and are collectors. They look for beauty and strive for perfection. They can set the bar extremely high. Quality comes before quantity.


When your metal element is out of balance you can be attacked by a negative attitude. You want to isolate yourself and often feel lonely. Not being able to feel sadness from you through excessive mirth, while the heart hides a deep sadness. Complaints with the lungs also indicate problems with the heart chakra. Do you have trouble with deep, relaxed breathing? The energy in your heart cannot flow freely. You can also linger in the sadness and not want to say goodbye to it.

Also suppressed anger causes reduced energy in the lungs. Both emotions can cause problems from a young age. Complaints of the lungs, skin and large intestine are the result, such as bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia, but also excessive fatigue, eczema, acne, and constipation. Due to imbalance in the metal element, there is often rigid behavior. A penchant for norms and values, guidance and rituals. Also fear of death and letting go in general.


Chinese Medicine: Release Grief and Heal the Energy of Your Lungs

People with a strong metal element have confidence, and perseverance and are often intelligent. To get here, you have to go with life, let go, accept that everything ends, and also dare to feel emotions freely. You can strengthen your mental element by temporarily looking for something to hold on to and rituals. This can, for example, be a fixed daily routine and going to bed on time.

A lack of minerals is also part of an imbalance of metals. Taking extra supplements, such as magnesium, helps to bring your body into balance. Good posture is important so that you are not literally weighed down by sadness. Relax your shoulders and pretend to hang yourself from the top of your crown. Your chin does not protrude too much. A straight line will then run through the middle of your body when viewed from the side.

Letting go of your sadness, and learning that everything is impermanent helps with a relaxed body. Crying ensures the flow of energy. Feeling the pain, expressing yourself through writing and proper breathing are all healing. In addition, drinking a lot is important. Dryness is associated with the metal element. A dry mouth, a lot of thirst,s and dry skin are signs that the mucous membranes are drying up and that moisture needs to be replenished.

Energy supply

The supply of energy goes through two channels, nutrition, and respiration. The earth organ spleen extracts Qi from food. The metal organ lungs do the same with the inhaled air. The nutritional Qi and the respiratory Qi bundle together as essential basic energy. That is why a healthy diet and good calm breathing are so important for our energy supply. Also enough rest to be able to digest everything literally and figuratively.


Chinese Medicine: Release Grief and Heal the Energy of Your Lungs

The breathing is on the one hand automatically controlled, on the other hand, we can consciously control the breathing. Breathing is the connecting link between the inner and outer world. In all spiritual traditions, breathing is used as a means of concentration and meditation. You can strengthen your energy through proper breathing.

The secret of breathing is the remedy for anxiety and all kinds of other psychological complaints. Insomnia is also often caused by disturbed breathing. Physical tensions settle in the body, which has a negative influence on natural breathing.

Proper breathing

Proper breathing is deep abdominal breathing. You sit upright with relaxed shoulders and a relaxed stomach and pelvis. Then you inhale, calmly without force and your abdomen expands. You then exhale calmly for the same amount of time and you have a moment of rest between the breaths. During this rest, the gas exchange between O2 and CO2 takes place. And restores the body.

Simultaneously with relaxed breathing, you can heal the energy in your heart. Take a relaxed breath, concentrating on your heart. Feel and think of people you love. Let this feeling flow through you. Continue to breathe in and out deeply and feel your body relax. Have an open heart and love yourself and others unconditionally. Express your love, have compassion for your environment, and forgive others and yourself for the mistakes that are made. Love yourself and others.

Trouble breathing

Difficulty breathing can be manifested by under breathing or holding back breathing. As a result, you absorb too little energy. You may also inhale too much or have difficulty exhaling. So that the Qi, or energy, is collected. Due to a defective exhalation, an energetic stagnation occurs.

Complaints such as a stuffy nose and sinuses, blockage of the intestines, and asthma are part of poor exhalation. Asthma is connected to the deepest layers of our consciousnessAccording to Chinese medicine, this is the cause of the blockage. Healthy eating and a good breathing pattern should be given equal attention.

Nutritional advice

Chinese Medicine: Release Grief and Heal the Energy of Your Lungs

Heating products are part of keeping the metal element in balance. Spices such as cayenne pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and anise. Also onions, garlic, basil, chives, turmeric, ginger, cumin, and coriander.


In case of high blood pressure, inflammation, fever, irritability, and a lot of anger be careful with a lot of spicy and warming food.


Ginger tea

Drinking ginger tea helps to warm the body. Ginger protects, among other things, at the first signs of a cold. Cut some pieces of fresh ginger and easily make tea by pouring boiling (slightly cooled) water on it.

Golden milk

Golden milk is a warm, spicy drink with turmeric and spices such as ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Drink this spicy drink during the cold winter days.

200 ml almond milk A
little black pepper
Half a tsp turmeric
1 cm sliced ​​ginger
1 cinnamon stick or half a tsp cinnamon
2 cardamom pods, crushed (optional)
A little honey (preferably honey from the beekeeper)

Heat the almond milk and stir in the ingredients. Of course, you can vary according to your choice.

Enjoy it!


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