Chinese medicine & the five element types: what sense of humor do you (and your partner and friends) have?

How could your brilliant joke go wrong with a friend? And why do you have to chuckle at a series that your partner skips? You’ll find the answer in this article by Jean Haner, author of The Five Elements. She reflects on the five personality types in Chinese medicine, each of which has a very different sense of humor. Discover where you and others are laughing.

Knowing the five personality types helps us understand each other better, we are friendlier, and we can be more accepting of each other.

Understand eachother

It’s important to be kind to each other, especially in these times. The quickest way to kindness and compassion is to understand the perspective and character traits of others. When we understand the ‘why’ of someone’s feelings, beliefs and behavior, the barriers between us and the other fall away. Even small habits can give us valuable insights. They help us to accept others as they really are.

Find out which element type you are

Chinese medicine is based on five personality types, based on the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. We all have a unique mix of these elements within us. With this test you discover which element is most dominant in you. Obviously, each type has a different sense of humor. Often we don’t realize how our jokes and funny comments come across to others.

Chinese Medicine & Personality Test: Which Element Suits You Best?

Check out the five types and discover their kind of humor

What kind of humor does the Wood type have?

They don’t mean to be mean. It is the natural urge of Wood types to win, to come first.

People with this personality type often have a sarcastic sense of humor or enjoy teasing others. Why? Chinese medicine is based on thousands of years of natural research and uses elements from nature to help us understand each personality type. The Wood element is associated with spring. In this season, young plants sprout from the ground that become bigger and stronger. With Wood types, this energy can manifest itself in competitive behavior. Knowing this will help you understand their sense of humor better. They don’t mean to be mean. It’s their natural drive to win, to be the first to come out on top. It’s similar to challenging each other in the sports world by saying subversive things about the other team.

When two Wood types tease each other, you see them light up because they both see it as a game. So they may be surprised if their teasing is perceived as hurtful by other personality types. This then feels like a reproach, which Hout-types cannot deal with very well. Now both sides are hurt! We see very clearly here why it is so useful to understand where one’s behavior comes from.

What kind of humor does the Earth type have?

Earth types are nostalgic. They love to reminisce about funny memories that are mostly about family or friends.

Earth types are not joking types. When they tell a joke, they often forget the punch line… Earth-type energy is best understood as ‘Mother’ energy. And when we think of a proverbial mother, we see that her world revolves around her family, relatives and friends. Earth types place great value on being with their loved ones.
Earth types are sentimental and nostalgic. They love to reminisce about fond memories that are mostly about family or friends. They are having fun with something that happened in the past. “Remember when Mom dropped the roast chicken for Christmas?” Or, “Remember when Dad wanted to scare us for Halloween?” And then their bellies shook with laughter. Other personality types can sometimes have a hard time understanding why these episodes are so funny.

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What kind of humor does the Metal type have?

Metal types often have a dry sense of humor. Very intellectual and subtle, so you have to pay close attention to understand the joke.

The comparable natural element of the Metal type is air or heaven. That means that these types have a great awareness: they notice more than others. For example, they see small details and things that are not right, such as a spelling error in a piece of text or a crooked frame on the wall. Heaven is high in the sky and that means that Metal types are mostly in their heads and can be extremely analytical.

In Chinese medicine, each element is accompanied by a ‘climate’. The climate for Metal types is often described as ‘dry’. And indeed, Metal types often have a dry sense of humor. Very intellectual and subtle, so you have to pay close attention to understand the joke. Metal types often find that their jokes are too complicated for others.

What kind of humor does the Water type have?

In just a few words, Water types can make a brilliant joke or powerful comment that will make others laugh.

Winter belongs to the Water element. Plants have withdrawn underground and animals hibernate. This means that with the Water type there is always a lot going on under the surface, which you cannot see with the naked eye. Winter is calm and quiet and Water types often are too. They prefer to use as few words as possible to communicate. They are very good at observing and like to watch a conversation quietly from the sidelines, rather than joining in and chatting happily.

The climate for Water is ‘cold’. Others may perceive these types as cool or distant, with little interest in being part of the group. Water types often have a sophisticated sense of humor. In just a few words, they can make a brilliant joke or a powerful comment that will make others think and laugh because of its touch.5 elements humor

What kind of humor does the Fire type have?

Fire-types tend to laugh a lot and throw little jokes here and there through the conversation.

The natural element associated with Fire is a flickering flame. This energy manifests itself in a lot of giggles in Fire types. Moreover, they are often not aware of the fact that they are doing this. Some personality types find this cheerfulness charming, while others find it very annoying – as if the Fire type doesn’t take anything seriously.

Indeed, fire types often focus on pleasure. They have a sparkling character and come across as friendly and cheerful. They are like a flame: they never stand still, tend to laugh a lot and throw little jokes here and there through the conversation. A big problem can be that other people misunderstand and think they are being flirted with! That is why it is so important to know how the five personality types express themselves in everyday life. Then we understand each other better, we are kinder and we can accept each other more as we are.

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