Chinese Medicine & the five elements: what are the energy guzzlers per element?

Chinese Medicine & the five elements: what are the energy guzzlers per element?

An article for anyone who wants to burst with energy. This article lists the 5 biggest energy guzzlers and shows you what you can do about them (a lot!). “A leak will cost you dearly in the long run, let alone more than one.”

To erode yourself in favor of the other is to lose yourself in the long run.

Vitter and vital

We got a so-called ‘smart energy meter’ in our house. A handy thing that keeps track of exactly how much energy costs. By reading the meter you can adjust the energy consumption in the house, switch off appliances, use smarter or dispose of them to save energy. In my practice for Shiatsu therapy (which is part of Chinese Medicine) ‘energy’ is a word that is used a lot. Especially in the sense of: ‘I have no energy’ or ‘This or that costs or even eats energy’ or ‘I am completely empty on that’. Many people indicate that they want more energy, because they want to feel fitter and more vital or because they want to be themselves more.

Where is your biggest leak?

In this article, I’ll share the 5 biggest energy guzzlers out there and what you can do to plug the leak so you can save energy and charge faster. After all, you can install a smart meter, but if you only observe and do not respond, then you might as well not hang that meter. If you have a better understanding of what your energy costs and what you give energy, you can use your energy more intelligently. Make other choices so you don’t run out.

Chinese Medicine & the five elements: what are the energy guzzlers per element?

A leak will cost you dearly in the long run, let alone more than one. You may not notice anything at first, but at some point, the bill comes: literally or figuratively, financially and emotionally. Below you will find the 5 energy guzzlers. Where is your biggest leak? And which of the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine is involved?

These are 5 famous energy guzzlers!

Water element: too many ideas and plans, but no focus

Your creative brain and feeling come up with many ideas and plans that you want to carry out, but you lack the focus. You put 101 irons in the fire instead of 1 or 2. Your energy is all over the place and you lack the power to really grow and develop something, let alone perfect it. You run out of things to pay attention to. You are always short on time and you lack rest. All your plans come to nothing. Make choices and direct your energy wisely. Rest on time.
You empty energetically into the water element, which includes the bladder and kidneys.

Wood element: you suppress your true feelings and emotions

Something you actually want to say is constantly suppressing you, building up anger and frustration. You do, leave or say things that you really don’t want to do. You don’t show your true face. You are constantly living and in adaptive mode. Nothing is more energy-consuming than doing something against your true nature and not being yourself. Be honest with yourself and the world around you. Repressed feelings and emotions become destructive in the long run.
You empty energetically into the wood element, which includes the liver and gallbladder.

Fire element: you constantly go into overdrive and can’t find your own brake

In all your enthusiasm you ‘flame’ your energy instead of concentrating it. If you don’t find your own brake and don’t downshift in time, you’ll fly out of the corner. Make clear choices about what you want and where you focus your attention. Build-in rests and recharges moments. Put them in your calendar, on your screensaver, or let your partner or colleague call you to order if you find it difficult yourself. Step on the brakes in time, take time for contemplation and reflection, and cut away what requires too much energy from you and will yield nothing.
You empty energetically – ‘burn up’ – in the fire element, which includes the heart and small intestine.

Earth element: you take no or insufficient time to recharge yourself, nourish yourself spiritually, and relax

You pay attention to everything and everyone around you, you often have a helping, caring, and serving hand, but you forget yourself. To erode yourself in favor of the other is to lose yourself in the long run. Take care of yourself. Know what you need to recharge so that you can give yourself energy again: walking, a day in the sauna, chatting with friends, me-time, following a nice workout, getting yourself coached, a retreat weekend, reading a good book… Look what you need to move forward, what really feeds you. Calling with an empty telephone is also not possible, is it?
You empty energetically into the earth element, which includes the stomach and spleen.

Chinese Medicine & the five elements: what are the energy guzzlers per element?

Metal element: sending energy to the past and old pain

You are still directing energy to something old that has proven its worth for a long time, but now no longer yields any return. Old patterns, old events, old conversations, old thoughts, old friends… Constantly focusing your energy on a dead plant that will never grow again is like carrying water to the sea and mopping with the tap open.

Accept that something once was, that you learned wise lessons from it, but that it is not what it was now. Things, people, and situations pass. Stop focusing your endless stream of thoughts on the outside world: what will he or she think of me? Focus your energy on the new. On that which is viable and growing.
You empty energetically into the metal element, which includes the lungs and large intestine.

The power of your intentions

Finally: live consciously instead of on autopilot. Start your day with conscious intentions and choices: what do I want today? Which choice do I make and where do I focus my energy or not? How do I react to unexpected things? From panic or from calm? Remember that your energy follows your intentions. All the time. Without exception. Keep turning the knobs of your energy meter yourself, close your leaks, and switch off what you don’t need. Personal leadership with smart use of energy provides a personal return.


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