Chinese Medicine & the summer: this is how you prevent a blockage in the fire element

Chinese Medicine & the summer: this is how you prevent a blockage in the fire element

It will be a while yet, but summer is coming. In Chinese medicine, we go from the wood element to the fire element, from the small yang to the large yang. The energy will build up. At least if you let everything flow within yourself. But how do you do this if things don’t go quite the way you want?

What does society reflect back to you? What do you see in your environment? Do you see conflicts, fear, and uncertainty or do you see new opportunities? What you see says a lot about yourself. In every situation, there are opportunities to develop yourself and to clear up old pain. This is how you get to your core and find your passion, inner satisfaction, and joy. The fire element in balance, let the energy of your heart flow again. In this blog, I give tips and exercises on how to get to this core.

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The mirror of society

Chinese Medicine & the summer: this is how you prevent a blockage in the fire element

We are a society. A mix of individuals who function, feel, think and behave separately. And each with his own backpack. With that, we react to each other and that is what we see reflected in our environment, situations, and the people around us. Each one in its own way. It reveals where your pain points are and what you can work on.

What many people ‘carry’ influences the collective energy. The trick is to get rid of this. You do this by dissolving your pain piece, which resonates within yourself. Become aware of these feelings and then, when you have processed these feelings, attract a different environment.

Because anyway, consciously or unconsciously, you are influenced by the feelings in your environment. If there is a lot of fear around you, you will feel it. If there are many positive feelings around you, you will feel it. The question is what do you allow and what not?

What is society reflecting back to you now? What do you pay attention to and what resonates with you? Do you feel fear? Then maybe there is fear in you too. Do you feel angry or suspicious? Then get to work with these feelings and see where they come from. When you pay attention to these feelings, you can then let them go and you slowly come to the core of who you are. And you come to the passion and firepower within you. Later in this blog, I describe the exercises that you can do.

The fire element

From Chinese medicine, we are all day, (month and our lives) looking for balance in the five elements. The elements wood, fire, earth, metal, and water let your Qi flow. With a blockage in one of the elements, the energy cannot flow freely.

Chinese Medicine & the summer: this is how you prevent a blockage in the fire element

The firepower within you reflects the summer heat, joy, dancing, gaiety, and love. The blazing power of life, passion, pleasure, and excitement. Everything is in full bloom, nature is in full force. When this element is in balance, you feel these forces flowing into you. Too much firepower expresses itself in exaggerated joy, hysteria, and madness and with too little firepower, you cannot find happiness in anything.

So happiness and joy are the emotions of the fire element in balance. Mental clarity and good intuition are also part of this. The color red, the bitter taste, and the corresponding organ is the heart.

When you were able to develop your young yang (the wood element) well as a child, you can more easily develop your curiosity and creative energy in adulthood.

In balance

Someone with a lot of fire energy is warm, talks with his hands radiates confidence, is very active, but also highly flammable. He has the gift of touching people’s hearts. The voice is lively, often harsh, and energetically strong, filling the room and making it lighter.

The organ associated with the fire element is the heart. The spirit, Shen, resides in the heart and communicates with the cosmos. The heart is the center of consciousness.

  • The heart

The heart is the emperor of all organs. It controls blood vessels, tongue, speech, and expression. The radiation also belongs to the energy of the heart.

Do you look radiant? Then your heart energy flows. You beam with happiness. The energy of your body is reflected in your face.


Chinese Medicine & the summer: this is how you prevent a blockage in the fire element

If curiosity and creativity were not sufficiently stimulated in childhood, a lack of interest in mental development can develop in adulthood. Material matters then become more important and receive a lot of attention.

When there is little joy, love, and passion, the heart suffers and the fire is extinguished.

  • The heart

When the heart is sick, everything in the body falls into chaos, the entire energy system, and psychic balance. If you suffer from cardiac arrhythmias, palpitations, or an accelerated heartbeat, your heart protector is out of balance. Balancing this is important for your physical and mental health.

  • Sweating and sleeping

You can also see the state of your heart’s energy by the way you perspire. With a lot of (night) sweating and sleeping disorders, there is a weakness of the heart’s energy. During sleep, the energy of the heart is rebalanced.

From imbalance to balance

Chinese Medicine & the summer: this is how you prevent a blockage in the fire element

In order to balance your heart energy and your fire element, you will have to take time for relaxation and reduce mental pressure.

True happiness comes from inner satisfaction and acceptance of life as it is. So not from external circumstances. These circumstances follow when you are in balance inwardly. And are therefore a by-product of your (inner) satisfaction. Outward circumstances are then a supplement and no longer a filling of the emptiness in yourself.

All excessive emotions are harmful, both anger and joy, which does not alter the fact that you have and may feel these feelings. They can be there, just give them attention. By expressing feelings you create a new balance and bring the emotion back to the middle. It is continuous balancing, listening to yourself, paying attention to your feelings, expressing them, and bringing them back to a new balance.

Below I have described two exercises on how you can do this.

Exercise 1: Look in your mirror

Do you want to learn to live in the now and let go of everything? Want to get your passionate and creative energy flowing again? Then look in the mirror of your environment and learn to recognize your blockages.

It is important to learn to influence your thoughts, feelings, and inner state so that you can get peace and confidence out of yourself. But first, you have to discover what you think and feel.

The mirror assignment:

The assignment is quite simple. Check for yourself what you see around you? What are your experiences at the moment? And what would you like from the environment/situation/person? What do you feel and what do you think about this?

Once you have that clear, you can move on to the next step. Now mirror that behavior back to yourself. So instead of wanting something from the other person, turn it around and give it to yourself. So you give attention, security, love, or whatever it is to yourself. This way you ensure the balance in yourself and you no longer need this from environmental factors.

This works not only with positive feelings but also with conflicts. Do you dislike the behavior of others? Look at yourself, what do you radiate that makes this happen. How can you solve it yourself? So that you no longer experience the conflict with the other in the same way. Once dissolved in yourself, you can leave it completely with someone else. And it won’t touch you anymore.

To connect every situation that touches you back to yourself first. In this way, you become whole yourself and you stay in your center. After that, you can (unconditionally) give to someone else, without expecting anything in return.

Every emotional conflict is a path to freedom. You can use the following exercise (every time) for this.

Exercise 2: From emotional conflict to freedom

Chinese Medicine & the summer: this is how you prevent a blockage in the fire element

Of course, it is not so easy to immediately balance after mirroring, so you can take the following steps for this:

Step 1

Recognize the emotions. This can be quite difficult. And often the reason you go round in circles. Standing still and paying attention to yourself is the first thing to do. Then you come to step 2

Step 2

Acknowledge the emotions, allow them to be and feel the emotions fully.

Allow all emotions, whether it be anger, fear or sadness. Acknowledge the anger in yourself, hit or yell (when alone, of course). Exercise, but allow the anger. Once you have expressed this, sadness often follows. Allow this sadness, acknowledge that you are sad, and feel everything.

The emotion of fear stems from insecurity, losing control (that you think you have) over the situation, and not experiencing enough security, which makes your future uncertain.

Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of being rejected, not being loved, and ultimately fear of death. These are fears that everyone recognizes to a greater or lesser extent. Acknowledge that you are insecure, write it down or say it out loud to someone you feel safe with or just to ‘nothingness’, a tree, nature, the universe. But say it out loud. Allow the emotions that are released without fear that they will overwhelm you. Then you come to step 3.

Step 3

The next step is pretty scary. Because what comes now is emptiness. Perhaps you tend to want to go back to the old, to the chaos and the emotional conflict, because that feels familiar.

If you know deep down that you are done with that, then you have to move on. So you have to let go. Make an inner decision to keep going. Now comes willpower. Don’t hang around, keep going. And then comes step 4.

Step 4

You have made the decision to move on, you let go. Now you are in no man’s land, but you do feel that you are through something. You feel better again and slowly even well again, you just don’t know where it’s going yet.
Then you come to step 5

Step 5

There is peace and confidence. you may now relax before continuing to step 6.

Step 6

New plans are emerging. Everything starts flowing again, creative energy comes in again. You make plans and new goals come up.

Until the next challenge presents itself, so enjoy!

This above process can take months or years, but you can also go through it in a week or a day, depending on the number of times you have done this, the depth of emotion or the type of goodbye you have to say. Let go of everything and have faith!


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