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Chiron: the gift of the wound

When people come to my practice for regression therapy, I usually make a birth chart to get a good impression of their theme. And one of the first things I look at is the position of the asteroid Chiron.


Chiron (no, not gyros, as I sometimes hear, and which makes me laugh, especially because of my love for Greece) is an asteroid, a large boulder, so to speak, with its own orbit around the sun that symbolizes the primordial wound. Chiron was the wise old centaur and teacher in Greek mythology. Where Chiron is in your horoscope gives good indications of the nature of your primal wound, often a theme that you have carried with you for many lifetimes, lived out and worked out.


Chiron is also a good indicator of your potential for healing, being a healer for others. But in order to receive Chiron’s gift and be a healer to others, it is usually necessary to face and heal your own wound first. Chiron symbolizes the ” wounded healer ”: the healer who has healed himself.

primal wound

What is that, that primal wound? Well, due to the nature of existence in duality where both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ play a role, incarnating as a human being in a physical body often does not go unscathed. Most of us soon run into painful situations in the incarnation process, which we cannot resolve or heal adequately at that moment and from which we draw incorrect conclusions that subsequently limit us. This is because we are overwhelmed, cannot yet place it and put it into perspective, because it is just too painful. Think for example of being rejected by your own family, the loss of a child, a loved one.

inner conflict

That first real psychological injury that we can’t fix at that moment then returns in many guises. Not to bully us, but simply because we still have its energy in our system. We are not yet ‘done’, so to speak, we are still conflicted inside. We still believe things that we will then make true. And as long as we have not yet resolved this conflict within ourselves, we continue to project it unconsciously onto the outside world.

The world as a mirror

The outside world, which acts as a mirror, then continuously gives us back what we believe in. Not nice, but if we can see it for what it is: a reflection of our wound, our inner conflict, it is precisely this reflection that gives us every opportunity to resolve it. To heal the primal wound and become a powerful healer yourself.

Dealing with the pain

But we have to do something for it! The first step in the Chiron process is facing the pain and accepting the situations we don’t like as reflections of what we believe. Those unconscious beliefs that the world gives back to us are not necessarily true , quite the contrary, but because we believe them so strongly, the world gives them back to us hard.

If we can get out of our victimization mindset and accept these incidents as keys, as clues, we’ve already won half the game. Then we take responsibility for our own pain and our own healing, and become proactive in the path of our own growth.

wound chiron


For example, because of my own primordial wound (Chiron in Pisces in the eighth house conjunct the North Node) for many lifetimes down to this lifetime I have had problems with what you might call the dark side of the ‘other world’ : entities, black magicians and the like. Not fun, especially if they come attacking you in your sleep at night.

Despite my knowledge of the Chironic process and the much work on myself, at one point I was so fed up that I complained to Archangel Michael . I was in a trance to work on the old beliefs that made me still susceptible to these attacks. I connected with him and said, ‘Damn, Archangel Michael, why does this always have to be this way? Why can’t you guys protect me from those bastards a little more often up there?’

The answer came immediately, accompanied by a great calm and serenity: ‘Because you are a creator, and as such so powerful, that your own convictions are stronger than what we can.’


So then! I could do with that. So double: I am a creator (like all of us), and my fear and pain-based beliefs are stronger than any help from the archangels. That made me think. So we are so powerful as creators that we live up to our own pain-based beliefs with great conviction, very realistically, time and again, and even the archangels cannot and should not interfere.

If we turn that around, we as powerful creators can interpret our pain, transform, face our beliefs and adjust so that we create what we really want to experience.

the how

But how do we do that? Our pain pieces, our primal wound and the resulting limiting beliefs that transform the world’s colors into growth, healing, creativity and joy?

The realization that you really (unconsciously) create it all yourself is the first and most important step. That takes you out of your victim role and puts you in your power. Then it is important to see the indications of the Universe. Everything that “happens” to you can be a clue to the primal wound, the pain-based beliefs from which you create negative experiences.


Does someone keep crossing your boundaries? Then explore the theme of boundaries. Do you feel that you are entitled to your limits? If not, what could that be based on? If you didn’t say ‘no’ as a child, weren’t you nice, were you punished?

Examine your own psyche for limiting, negative beliefs, see where they come from: your childhood, the family line, past lives. Face them and do whatever it takes to heal them.chiron wound

For some, theta healing is a fantastic way to clear their psychological web of beliefs. For others, reincarnation therapy works great. I personally use both.

Still others prefer to do body work or some form of meditation. Whatever works best for you, take responsibility for your own pain, face it, research the source, and DO SOMETHING with it.


You will see that the reward is greater than the pain: the liberation of knowing that you are truly the creator of your own experiences, of your world, of your life and that you are able to express all love, joy and creativity. put and experience what you desire and have in you as an immortal soul!


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