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Chronically ill: Lyme and HSP

Lyme and HSP

High sensitivity can be quite difficult in today’s society. Let alone that you are also chronically ill. Is the HSP reinforced by being sick, or is the HSP making me sicker? These are thoughts that sometimes haunt my head, and many others.

“Was the tick looking for me, or was I looking for the tick?”

From a medical point of view, the cause of Lyme disease is established; The Borreliosis bacteria is spread in the body through a tick bite, among other things . Psychologically, there are several meanings. Was the tick looking for me, or was I looking for the tick? I’ve thought a lot about this, my first reaction:

Why would I have looked for the tick? What should a teenage girl with Lyme disease do? I couldn’t understand it and didn’t want to know anything more about it. I was not in the process of self-examination and accepting my high sensitivity at this point.

As a child you seem to be closest to your high sensitivity, almost every child experiences this. However, time will tell whether you hold onto this sensitivity. I have always felt a lot, things that belonged to me but also strongly from others. The cat always had to be looked out of the tree before I felt safe.

As a 14 year old I was perhaps the least connected with myself, I was much concerned with what others thought of me. Connecting with others, but not connecting with myself. I lost myself at that age. You get older, more responsibilities come your way and you experience things. You lose your (childish) essence.

“Lyme disease means you have to live. Dare to live. Use the tremendous energy within you to manifest yourself! Don’t lose yourself in ‘lower lusts’, but strive for the highest for yourself. Allow your talents and creative energies to flow freely. The actual manifesting of yourself, the actual daring to live in the here and now, requires taking responsibility for your own life. Not ‘there’ in your mind, but ‘here’.”

Lyme and HSPLyme and dare to live

Now I come to the psychological cause of Lyme according to Christiane Beerlandt. I dared not live, not for myself. Many fears developed in my teenage years. Reinforced by a chronic illness. Or am I hiding behind my illness? I still don’t know, what I do know is that a lot of senses are stronger. Smell, hear, taste, feel.

There is a flip side of the coin for every advantage. The more I feel sensory, the sooner I experience pain from the smallest touches. Hear better but constant beeping in your head. Feeling emotions better, but because of that you can’t just travel by public transport because you absorb too much. How do I make sure to find balance? To go back to my essence?

“Lyme comes as an opportunity – albeit a difficult one – to become one with all that love that flows through their words and actions. They are given the opportunity to experience their self-love as others experience it… a chance to become imbued with the realization that the universe supports and loves them and that the universe wants them to shine even brighter than they could have ever imagined. ”

Key to self-liberation

Because I couldn’t find my place in society, I started looking for the boundaries. Society is man-made and is not something natural. If you can’t keep up with society, you can feel lost. As if your vibration doesn’t match the current vibrations. But what’s wrong with being different? I started looking for energy.

I have found the energy in returning to the ‘basic being human’: touching and being touched. Through a massage course I came from my head into my body. By being in my body, in my core, I could feel in a different way.Lyme and HSP

‘to be’

When I’m in my ‘being’, life is nice, I’m happy. Am I present and accepting my situation. Unfortunately, this state of being is not yet so developed that I can hold it for a long time. Stress and pain make it difficult and sometimes impossible to see the bright spot.

But I believe that if I can further develop my ‘being’, my HSP will develop better and the Lyme will give fewer complaints. If I allow myself to dare to live and receive love. I can advise everyone, sick or not sick, to look for something that will strengthen your presence, your ‘being’. Namaste.


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