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Clairaudience: Hearing Your Angels’ Messages

Hearing the Messages of your Angels

We are not that hard to hear if you will listen with an open heart. Usually we are closer than you can imagine. A whisper, a thought, is the only sign we need from you to start a conversation. We have tremendous respect for what you are going through right now here on planet Earth. We never try to interfere in your life, just to bring you blessings of insights and new ways of looking at yourself.

Not everyone “hears” angelic voices as an audible sound. Many people receive divine messages through non-verbal means such as visions, feelings, or knowing.

Hearing the voice of God and the angels is called “clairaudience”, which means “clairaudience”. The voice may sound like your own or it may sound different. The voice can come from your body, into your mind, or sound like it’s outside your head. When an angel warned me that my car was going to be stolen, his voice sounded like he was speaking through a paper towel tube just outside my right ear. An hour later, when I found myself in the middle of a car-jacking, the same angel guided my life-saving acts by speaking to me with an inner voice.

As I received the angelic messages in my book, “ Angel Therapy Handbook ”, I heard the words both inside and outside my mind. You can hear a faint voice and wonder what she said. In such cases, ask your angels to repeat their message. Tell them, “A little louder, please.” The angels appreciate your feedback as they want to provide clear and understandable guidance.

At first, you can believe that the voice was your imagination and wishful thinking. This is especially true when you consciously begin to work with angels. You think, “This is fantasy. I wish it were true that angels would help me, but I’m probably doing something wrong and the angels won’t notice me.”

We heal this type of thinking through faith, trust, and practice. If your faith in angels is uncertain, ask God to help you. Pray, “Please help me to have more faith. I am willing to let go of all my fears that keep me from having full confidence.” The Divine Universe is always fulfilling requests for more confidence.

Angelic voices are always loving and supportive, even when warning us of imminent danger or wrong direction. As a psychotherapist, I was trained to believe that hearing voices was a sign of madness. However, the ego’s voice is the only source of “madness.” Ego voice messages are always destructive, abusive and impulsive.

For example, the ego may convince you that you will fail. The ego is constantly changing its mind, so it will tell you to do this on Monday, something else on Tuesday, and something completely different on Wednesday. If you listen to the voice of the ego, your life will be chaotic and filled with fear.

Angelic voices, on the other hand, patiently repeat the guidance to us day after day until we finally follow it. You may have heard your angels say for years that you would be a wonderful healer or author, for example. Or your angels may repeatedly ask you to take better care of your body. You know angelic guidance comes when it is loving, focused, not painful to you or your family, and enduring.

Clairaudience is only one of the four ways we get angelic help, however. Your angels can speak in images and visual mental pictures. We call this “ clairvoyance ” or “clairvoyance.” Angelic messages may come to you as single snapshots, either in your mind or outside it. Or, you can see miniature scenes as if from a movie.

The images can be black and white or color. Visual angel messages can be symbolic, such as seeing a stop sign as a signal to pause, slow down, or stop what you are doing.

You can already intuitively understand what the visual images mean. For example, you may see a statue or trophy and instinctively know that it means success is ahead of you.

If you are having trouble understanding your visual angelic guidance, be sure to ask for help. Ask your angels to clarify their message and keep asking for clarification until you are completely sure of their meaning.

Sometimes we close our angelic channels of communication because of fear. You may see an image of your future that frightens you, and you close your clairvoyance by closing the third eye. One of my clients closed her shepherd vision when, as a young girl, she saw a visual image of her parents divorcing in the future.

Another client closed her third eye because she saw herself having an affair with a married co-worker because she wanted to continue interacting with him while wearing blinders. One of my clients tried to ignore an abiding angelic voice within advising, “It’s time to look for work elsewhere,” because she didn’t trust God that her material needs would be met during the job transition.

Angels watch over our world

You can also shut down your clairvoyance when you are afraid of what you might see. As much as you would like to see your angels in person, you may harbor a deep-seated fear that seeing a “ghost” would be terrifying. Your angels respect such fears and you will not see angelic apparitions until you are sure that such a vision would encourage you – not frighten you.

The third way we receive angelic guidance is through our emotions and physical sensations. We call this “clairsentience” or “clairsentience.” Clairsentients receive divine guidance through bodily sensations such as tightening the jaws, fists, stomach, or sexual organs. They intuitively know the specific meaning of these exciting reactions.

A clairsentient feels air pressure and room temperature changes that warn him of negative situations. Each of your five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense. Clairsentients receive angelic guidance through an ethereal sense of smell, taste, and touch.

You can know that your beloved deceased grandmother is nearby when you smell her perfume or favorite floral scent. An angel can shower your room with the aroma of blossoms to tell you about an impending wedding.

Clairsentients get a lot of guidance through their intuition, gut feeling, and hunch. Much of your intuition comes from the stomach area and the stomach flutters, rests, and tenses according to the angelic guidance. Instinctively the clairsentient interprets the meaning of these gut feelings, and a sensible clairsentient follows these internal directions without question.

ArchangelsClairsentients receive angelic messages through their hearts and also through love emotions. If the thought of doing something fills your heart with warm feelings of joy, it is an indication from God and the angels. You may think “Oh this is too good to be true; I am dreaming” but the joy your thought has brought you is a roadmap that leads you to the life that is meant for you.

We call the fourth means of angelic communication “clair-knowing” or “ clair-knowing .” Men are often clairvoyant and may not even be aware that they are naturally getting detailed and accurate information from God and the angels. You can ask a clairvoyant a question about almost any subject in the world. Within minutes he will give you a correct answer, fully supported by facts and figures. You might say “How did you know that?” and he will answer “I don’t know! A few minutes ago I did not know this information.”

A clairvoyant knows without knowing how he knows. Consequently, he may doubt the validity of his knowledge. This is wrong because when divine wisdom enters your mind it is a gift that we can use to improve our lives and serve the world.

Angel-sandWe all have access to all four communication channels. Usually we have one primary means of receiving angelic guidance and a second or less channel of communication. With practice, you can become an expert at receiving messages in all four ways. However, in the beginning of speaking with your angels, most people focus on their natural means of communication.

Naturally visualized oriented people will pay attention to their mental visions. If you tend to focus on sounds, listen for inner or outer words, voices, and sound messages. If you tend to be a feeling type, your emotions and body sensations are the instruments that transmit your divine messages.

And if you are intellectually inclined or a person who is constantly looking for hidden meanings in situations, then you will check your mind for these heavenly moments of “knowing” that will bring you certainty to guide your actions.


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