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Clairsentience: an extra sense with which you become aware of energies

‘Clear’ means: clear and pure, clear, unclouded, completely transparent, perceptive, intelligible, clean, clean.

If you are clairsentient, you have a transparent feeling as a quality and an instrument. Your feeling is constantly ‘open’. Your feeling is receptive to all kinds of stimuli / energies from your environment, through your perceptions and through your thoughts.

Everything you come into contact with physically, sensory or spiritually can generate sensations in your feeling: the place where you are, the atmosphere, people, animals, plants, objects. But also everything/everyone that you are working on in your mind (head) and that you attune yourself to.


Clairsentience then means that you can clearly distinguish what you are feeling: what exactly are you feeling? Is it positive or is it negative? Where is it from? How and when did you gain these energies? Is it from you or from someone/something else, or is it both the case? In order to be able to explain your feeling uncolored, it is a condition that you yourself/innerly are clear on the relevant piece.


Mental clarity, predisposition, practice and (age) time mean that your feeling expresses itself faster and faster in thoughts/words and that it manifests itself in ‘knowing something immediately’.


The focus, range and nuance of your clairsentience are related to the nature and constitution of your ‘being’: your personality, your inspiration, your heart, your capacity for awareness, your experiences. In accordance with your intentions and motivations, you will continue to develop automatically.

Inner clarity

Your inner self is the core of your being: your heart, your mind, the seat of your spiritual feeling. The clearer your inner self, the purer your feeling. A clear inner self exists with self-knowledge, sense of reality, spiritual wholeness, neutral emotionality and free will. Realizing a clear inner self takes time, effort and perseverance.

A clear inner self is mobile and gradually arises through your desire for it. It requires a continuous, actual intention to want to process (fully realize and accept) your spiritual wounds from the past and in the present, so that your being can neutralize itself and be released.

high sensitivity

High sensitivity can go hand in hand with clairsentience. But you don’t necessarily have to feel a lot and intensely to be clairsentient. High sensitivity can harbor clairsentience latently.

Acquiring a sense of clarity can give purpose and meaning to a highly sensitive constitution. By developing your discernment, your own (thought) patterns are revealed and you can work with them. You can immediately send away energies that are not your own. Then everything becomes lighter and you get more rest.

To dismiss

Everything you feel and what is not your own or that is negative, you can send away through your thoughts/words. The purer you can discern what you feel, the stronger your spirit power is.

If you do not (immediately) succeed in sending certain feelings/thoughts away, there is another hidden aspect that must be revealed. Situations repeat themselves and when you have discovered and processed all the particles, you can send the unwanted energies in question away.


Clairsentience is often an unknown phenomenon at first. As a child you experienced the world based on your feelings and you reacted prescient and (over) sensitive in many situations.

Depending on your character and the circumstances in which you grew up, your clairsentience may have been masked by rationalizations, fears, addictions, or other distracting behaviors/patterns. All kinds of mental and physical symptoms can arise from not recognizing or being able to deal with clairsentience.

It also happens that clairsentience manifests itself ‘suddenly’ as a result of a major (traumatic) event. For example, after a serious illness, after an accident, after the death of a loved one, or after the birth of a child.

Or maybe you grew up in such a way that clairsentience is the most natural thing in the world for you?


Clairsentience is a special, extra sense with which you perceive stimuli/energy. Once you have become aware, you can no longer close this self-evident organ.

But if you embrace your clairsentience and integrate it into your lifestyle, you will see that previously unmatchable puzzle pieces fall into place and that you are more yourself.


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