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Clearing ballast from the past takes place in phases

As a spiritual coach I regularly meet people who have been walking the spiritual path for quite some time and who have already done a lot of work to free themselves from limiting patterns and traumas from their past. They have the feeling that they are done with that and now finally want to get to what they see as their life goal: their own practice as a therapist, coach, or healer, or other work in which they can use their talents in this area.

Before that, they have already followed many studies and courses in order to become more and more proficient, but their practice does not get off the ground, or there are fewer and fewer clients after a period of prosperity. Their desire is great and sincere and it is certainly the intention that as lightworkers they do their part to raise the consciousness of the planet, but they are hindered by ballast from the past that still hinders them, making it impossible to create what they want so badly.

Not everything at once

During a retreat I once had a dream in which a large freighter docked at the quayside to unload some packages. The dream wanted to make it clear to me that you cannot unload all the ballast at once, because you cannot process it, you would not be able to handle that. It was the answer to my question why I had now started this retreat with apparently the same questions as I had been in a similar situation a year and a half ago. Would I have made any progress if I was still struggling with this?

Stage of the process

If you run into obstacles in your life, it probably means that old ballast can still be cleaned up, despite the fact that you yourself have the idea that this is no longer necessary. You think: I’ve worked on it so many times, it can’t be that I have to do it again! Yes, it is, but perhaps in a different form than before.

Each phase of the process requires a different approach and must be taken on at the right time, not too early and not too late, because only then is it effective (see also my previous article: The importance of the right moment).

Your guides will see to it that you deal with exactly that stretch that you can handle at this point in your life. This process is often compared to peeling the skins of an onion: with each peel you peel, you get closer to the core of the problem and you feel lighter than before.

Period of rest

Usually after such a period of processing there comes a time when you feel good and think you are done with the process. You are also left alone at night, after a time when you felt like you were working hard during the night (see my article The Night as Parallel Existence. What Happens When You Sleep ).

You have plenty of new energy and everything that you used to struggle with seems to come naturally. But after some time, sometimes after a few years, but sometimes after a few months, it starts again: again you run into things that you thought you had left behind. You again come across certain themes, for example insecurity, depressed feelings or fears.

It seems as if you have the wind against you instead of with it. You can’t get what you want and pushing and pulling doesn’t help either. Then it’s time to look again at what’s holding you back, why it isn’t flowing.

Old themes

Then you will find that old themes resurface and won’t leave you alone. That is also good, because this way you can arrive at the next phase in your process, in which you can unload a piece of your luggage again and continue your way lighter.

Perhaps you should now take another form of therapy, or do some bodywork. You may well be able to do it on your own, possibly by going on a retreat for a while, or looking for creative forms of expression, such as painting, dancing or singing, because it doesn’t have to be that heavy.

As you become lighter because you have cleared things up, working on what still hinders you also becomes lighter and you can learn a lot from it and even enjoy it. It also makes you a better therapist, partner or friend because you know how it works and you can help others in this process. By going deeper and deeper you increase your consciousness and energy level, and that of the people around you if you involve them.

Share with others

It is nice to share this process with others who have chosen the same path. You can support each other and you often go through the same processes , but you just choose a different path, because it suits you better. It is inspiring to experience each other’s struggles and successes and it gives a lot of strength, you are not alone.

This also applies to the presence of your guides , who support you through thick and thin, although they do not pull the chestnuts out of the fire for you, because it is part of your learning process that you do that yourself.

They can point you in the direction that is most effective for you at the moment. Take a rest and turn inward to connect with them, it will help you take the necessary steps with greater ease and pleasure.


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