Coconut Oil: What Does It Do For You When You Eat It? (The Fat Slimmer)

Coconut Oil: What Does It Do For You When You Eat It? (The Fat Slimmer)
Coconut oil: a must-have in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Do you want to know why? In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, the coconut tree is known as Kalpa Vriksha. This means -the tree that contains everything necessary to live-. Almost everything from the coconut tree can therefore be used by humans.

The words coconut oil and coconut fat are used interchangeably, which can lead to confusion. When you think of oil you usually think of liquid and fat as solidified, true, or false? Coconut oil and coconut fat are exactly the same product. If it falls below 25 degrees Celsius, it will solidify; it then looks whitish, that’s how it looks like a jar in the store. Above 25 degrees it becomes liquid; in your hot pan or on a hot summer day in your kitchen cupboard. You can then pour it instead of scraping it. I usually speak of coconut oil, but I mean both.

Coconut oil is a special fat

Coconut Oil: What Does It Do For You When You Eat It? (The Fat Slimmer)

In the family of fats, coconut oil falls under saturated vegetable fats. Almost all fats lose their nutritional value or start to oxidize when you heat them. This is not the case with coconut oil. Coconut oil is the very best oil for heating, it can even tolerate extremely high temperatures. If you want to fry (which I don’t really recommend) then use coconut oil. It can be heated over and over without forming free radicals. And you don’t want those free radicals in your body.

The healthy medium-long fatty acid chains of coconut oil are digested very quickly, provide energy quickly and are hardly stored as fat. A fun anecdote: in the 1940s, ranchers in America tried to fatten their cows with coconut oil. However, this turned out to make the animals active and slim. When they switched to soy and corn, the animals became fat without eating much food. An excellent solution for livestock farmers. For you too?

What is a good kind of coconut oil?

You get extra virgin coconut oil by either pressing the coconut pulp or by allowing it to undergo natural fermentation. Due to this processing, it is very well absorbed by the intestines and the skin. This coconut oil already liquefies at 25 C. Everything that is not extra virgin coconut oil is usually dried at high temperatures and then bleached, refined, and usually deodorized. All these operations mean that the healthy substances are removed.

This oil only becomes liquid at higher temperatures, about 35 C. So choose the extra virgin as much as possible, even if you use it to lubricate your skin. The organic extra virgin varieties that are usually in glass are top-notch. Extra virgin coconut oil does not negatively affect your cholesterol levels.

Coconut Oil: What Does It Do For You When You Eat It? (The Fat Slimmer)

What Does Coconut Oil Do For You When You Eat It?

There are many benefits to using coconut oil in cooking. I have listed the most important ones for you as a woman. I would like to start with one drawback: no hormones can be made from coconut oil. This is in contrast to the other healthy, animal fats that form the basis of cholesterol that your hormones have to be made of. So this is a minus. So don’t replace all your other healthy fats with coconut oil. Variety is and remains the magic word for good health. This is what coconut oil can do for you:

  • As mentioned: the medium-long fatty acid chains of coconut oil are immediately used as fuel and therefore not stored as fat. It is therefore a fast energizer, in contrast to the long fatty acid chains of fish oil and other vegetable oils, and it does not make you fat.
  • The gut is the heart of your health. In your intestines, the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that you eat must be absorbed into your blood. If your intestines don’t work properly, this doesn’t happen enough. Coconut oil can ensure that nutrients from a diseased gut are better absorbed. This is a great advantage for all kinds of intestinal disorders (such as Crohn’s disease) and (gluten) allergies.
  • Coconut oil contains components (fatty acids) that are active against bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and inflammation. It can therefore be used to strengthen your intestinal flora and to combat candida or temporary food poisoning, stomach ulcers, various (chronic) inflammations and infections, (foot) fungi, worms, etc. One tablespoon three times a day with a meal. helps the fungi disappear from your intestines. You may temporarily suffer from headaches, skin rashes and diarrhea; You can see this as a kind of detoxification reaction.
  • Coconut oil helps to stabilize your blood sugar level because it improves insulin action. As a result, hunger attacks and unhealthy snacking from a blood sugar dip can be reduced. Also good for your healthy weight!
  • Coconut oil can stimulate an underactive thyroid because it stimulates combustion and raises body temperature.
  • Coconut oil can help better absorb calcium and magnesium, two minerals that we women need to keep our bones strong.
  • Coconut contains many antioxidants that protect your body against free radicals and that is also good news.

 What does coconut oil do for you when you use it?

Coconut Oil: What Does It Do For You When You Eat It? (The Fat Slimmer)

Coconut oil is wonderful to put on your skin (or have it smeared :-)). When you are completely done with the coconut scent, gently melt it in a pan, add your favorite essential oil and let it solidify again. Totally delicious!

  • The fatty layer of coconut oil on your skin is slightly acid-forming, which is very good. You can use it on your face, as a hand or foot cream, lip balm, or as a body lotion for your entire skin. I personally apply it everywhere, it absorbs quickly. On my face, I love it as a ‘thick’ layer when running when it’s a bit colder outside.
  • Of course, it is therefore also ideal as a massage oil. Make sure your oil is already a bit warm by, for example, putting it on the heating in your bedroom.
  • Do you suffer from skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, or other skin flakes? Eat and apply coconut oil, the anti-inflammatory effect will help you.
  • You can even use it as toothpaste as it helps prevent dental caries. Then mix it with peppermint oil.
  • Use it against a vaginal yeast infection in your vagina, it kills the fungi.
  • Coconut oil is safe and wonderful to use as a lubricant in bed (or anywhere :-)). It also tastes so delicious. Have fun!

Want to try coconut oil? Preferably use a non-deodorized version in a glass container. Look for a good, organic, extra virgin quality. They are available at the better health food store and good online stores.


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