Cold showers: these are the overwhelming health benefits


“What cold shows us is that we have an innate ability to deal with stress. Yes, we lost that ability, but we can get it back in ten days. This method is very simple, very accessible and its effect is confirmed by science.’ In this article you can read a flaming argument by Wim Hof ​​from his book The Wim Hof ​​method about the cold shower, the overwhelming benefits of cold showers and his method to build this up calmly and effectively.

Life is so much more than you might think at first glance, if you just choose to look for it. – Wim Hof

The seeker becomes the finder, the finder of so much more than we thought possible. Most children are raised to follow a familiar, predictable path: you go to school, make a career, and if you’re lucky, you earn a sabbatical, or maybe even a raise. This course of life defines us, but it is not who we are. Our existence is much, much more than that. Deep down we are much more than that. At soul level. And when we connect with that soul, we find that our minds and bodies are capable of much more. We are beings of light who, by virtue of our birthright, possess our own mind and soul.

This is the time to awaken and become aware of the true power that we all have within us. By consciously connecting with the reptilian brain, which was once thought to be impossible to connect with, we have reached a new frontier: consciousness characterized by the mind ruling the body. Thanks to this awareness, you can rely on your judgment if it is based on your intuition and instinct. I have come to these insights by entering the icy waters, by reconditioning my mind and body.

A major cause of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in our society today, but that is not necessary at all. – Wim Hof

We all have about a hundred thousand kilometers of veins, arteries and capillaries. Whether it’s hot or cold, our core temperature must remain 37 °C. We have a vascular system for this that dilates and contracts to protect us from the cold and heat, to maintain our normal body temperature. This is a very delicate system.

But what are we going to do? We started wearing clothes. Concerned parents always beg their children to dress appropriately with thick coats, hats and scarves so they don’t catch a cold. In reality, this produces a weaker vascular system that has left us and our children weak and prone to disease.

In fact, clothes prevent our vascular system from being properly stimulated, and as you know, this intricate system supplies our entire body with blood. The small muscles are not activated by comfort. Your heart ultimately pays the price for this. When these small vascular muscles are not active, not working optimally, our hearts are forced to pump harder, deeper and more powerfully to keep the blood flow going. As a result, the heart is chronically overloaded. That is one of the main reasons why cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in our society. An unhealthy diet and too little exercise are two other important causes.

A cold shower a day keeps the doctor away

It’s actually very simple. Always finish with cold water. A minute or two at most. And if you want, you can extend your exposure to cold beyond those ten days. – Wim Hof

There is a free, simple solution to this problem: the cold shower. Our medical system is increasingly based on pharmaceutical solutions rather than cures, and few people will recommend a cold shower, but you just have this method at your disposal. It’s simple, it works, and it costs nothing.

Our vascular system must be stimulated to achieve the desired muscle tone. It doesn’t need to be trained, it just needs to be shaken up. When you take a cold shower, all those little muscles of your vascular system – there are millions of them – are activated and trained. And once it is awake and functioning optimally, after about ten days, a lot of magical processes follow each other in the body:

  • It gives you more energy through better blood circulation throughout the day.
  • Your heart rate will drop at 15 to 30 beats per minute for 24 hours. That translates into much less stress.
  • You build ‘vascular fitness’. This allows you to effectively combat and control stress.
  • You will notice that you no longer get sick, because your body is no longer so vulnerable.
  • You feel strong.
  • All oxygen and nutrients are brought to your cells.
  • You get a better quality of life.
  • The biological load on the cells is relieved: this results in a profound inner peace.

Cold showers:

Mind is stronger than the body

You tell your body what to do, and your body responds by saying yes. – Wim Hof

Thanks to cold showers, you eventually learn that the mind is stronger than the body. It’s amazing what you can get your body to do when you use the power of your mind, and all you have to do is shower like this for ten days to get your vascular system back to normal functioning and control. to get. When this system comes back to life and the muscles get stronger, it forms a connection with your brain, with your will.

Deep meditative state

I found the answers in nature. This is an innate ability that we all possess. – Wim Hof

After a cold shower you not only have the feeling that you have more energy, but you also experience more inner peace. Because the brain and heart are connected at a neurological level, your lower heart rate affects your mood, making you less anxious. Your brain begins to ‘cool down’ in peace and quiet, allowing the blood to slowly but surely flow deeper into it.

When our vascular tone is optimal again, our blood – our life force – can tell the brain a lot about peace and about life, because without blood we are nothing. When that blood reaches the limbic system, you can enter a deep meditative state that can usually only be achieved by seasoned mindfulness practitioners.

In my experience, if you take a cold shower for one minute a day, you can also connect with certain spheres. That’s an example of how the power of the mind opens up, of what happens when you learn to control blood flow to the deeper parts of the brain.

The brain regions of modern humans are less well supplied with blood than those of our prehistoric ancestors. And although those deeper parts survive, they do not function optimally. We cannot feel that, and it does not affect our consciousness. We have to sit still and meditate for hours on end to get the blood flowing to those deeper layers. Or we just take a cold shower. One cold shower a day, that’s where you should look for it. Then you have access to this experience.

Wim Hof ​​Method protocol: exposure to cold for beginners

Thousands of people have already benefited from it. Anyone can do it, and there’s nothing dogmatic about it. There is only acceptance. Just freedom. – Wim Hof

If you finish your warm or hot shower with a cold shower of just thirty seconds, you will see results in no time. Anyone can tolerate cold water for thirty seconds, especially if you have been under warm or hot water for several minutes to warm up your body. The warm water widens your veins so that blood can flow better.

The direct effect of cold water on our body can be very unpleasant. The cold water first triggers a cold shock response, a gasp reflex, which is a completely natural response. This may cause you to hyperventilate very slightly, but this involuntary physiological response will subside over time as the body relaxes and begins to adjust to its new environment. That is why you slowly build up the cold shower:

  • WEEK 1: Fifteen to thirty seconds of cold water at the end of a hot shower.
  • WEEK 2: One minute of cold water at the end of a hot shower.
  • WEEK 3: One and a half minutes of cold water at the end of a hot shower.
  • WEEK 4: Two minutes of cold water at the end of a hot shower.

Practice at least five days a week. Follow your feelings. Don’t force anything. It’s also fine to start with fifteen seconds and build it up more slowly. Some of the beneficial effects of cold exposure start at around 15°C, so in most cases tap water is cold enough to make a difference. As your vascular muscle tone develops, it will absorb more and more of the shock until you hardly feel it as a shock anymoreBy the end of the fourth week, your vascular muscle tone will be optimized to the point where mind wins over matter.

If you have a chronic condition or are currently ill, please consult a medical professional
before starting the Wim Hof ​​method. 

Good luck!

Experience  Ruth about cold shower

I like trying spiritual, healthy things so I couldn’t pass this up. I took up the challenge; a short cold shower every day. It takes some perseverance the first few times, but after three days of cold showers I’m looking forward to it. What a wonderful feeling a cold shower gives! I feel the happiness hormones buzzing through my body and I am completely awake right away.

There are more benefits that I noticed after a short while. After just five days of cold showers, my skin has improved enormously and it feels wonderfully soft. I think the blood flow is better. A bruise that just wouldn’t go away has completely disappeared during this adventure. I didn’t expect that five days of showering would have such a big effect! I am curious what the effects will be after ten days of cold showers, since Wim indicates that miracles happen after this time frame.


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