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Collective of the Crystal Children

There are so many children with high sensitivity who are not seen or heard. For those children it is important to know that we are there too, that we are there for them, but we are also there not only for the children, but also for the parents of the children, to open their eyes, to to open their hearts, to open their souls. To let the shield they have built around themselves crumble from incomprehension.

Don’t think that it makes you less or less firm or less clear, it has nothing to do with that. Putting a shield around your heart, because your child touches you so much, makes no sense. Just let yourself be touched, let yourself be touched by us and our representatives on earth, it is precisely to be touched that it is precious. Look at us with different eyes.

the crystal children
Be proud of them and open your heart, you can do more than you think. It’s not about the thinking, it’s about the power, the love energy. The moment you open your heart, it flows all over the world.

A lot of kids get into a pinch, a lot of teenagers get into a pinch. It’s not too late for them, but teenagers are in the play,

that age and those kids who then have sensitivity or maybe those who don’t have that sensitive but are kids, their job at that stage of life is to show themselves. We want to help them with that. Many children are already hardened.

If you know these children, send them the love energy, send them gentle power, send them warmth and love from the universe, so that there will be a little hole and we can touch them again.

Many children flee, flee into all those horrible possibilities to flee into and at the same time it is not horrible because it is the only possibility of survival for these children. Especially for children of that age,

Then you numb yourself and you don’t want to be there anymore so as not to experience the pain. But never forget that everyone chooses his own path, everyone who comes here on earth, every child who comes, consciously chooses where he wants to be, and what he wants to go through. That is part of its individuality, let it exist, let it be. Don’t try to steer these, all the children into losing themselves.

Deep in the earth we are reflected in the form of a huge crystal. I ask you conscious people, who are aware of us, and for what our friends here, to regularly tune in to this crystal in the earth, so that not only can work from the cosmic side, but also from the earth energy. When you tune in, you can feel it, what beautiful rays shooting up from this crystal.

Condition to, there are no conditions of course, but to be able to see one child, the other in BEING, is complete equality, because there is no difference, there is no difference between you and us here.

We are each other’s equal we are each other’s friends, we are each other’s brothers and sisters, we are you and you are us, we are one. The big question is why children are treated as if they are not equal. Either they are set too high or they are set way too low. They are like you and me, they need care, but care is different from covering up, suffocating, covering up and what more.

Care comes from carefulness. Of course, every parent, every person has his way, his learning process. We also. When we first got there as a collective it was very difficult for us to reach adults. We could only speak through the children and they were often misunderstood. Now that is possible, but we also had to find our way, like everyone else.

I think outside of our collective of the crystal children – what is a name by the way, you gave it that name and that’s good – know that outside collective on other systems there is equivalent collective just for the children. This is also present in infinity, and deep in the earth, also in infinity.

You have already been given tools to help protect children not so much against the fate they have chosen themselves, but at that moment in that situation to apply an extra layer, to not feel the pain that they sometimes experienced very strongly.

And never forget they go their own way. Your path is your path and it can go wrong, you can be one, but you are never them, they are never you realize that very well. Every individual goes his own way.

We know you find it hard when children are trapped, abused, neglected, unseen. Eliminate the fact that you would want to help all these children, they go their way. Don’t forget what they put into the world as a result.

Actually, these are very strong creatures. Be proud of them. Be proud of them and open your heart, you can do more than you think. It’s not about the thinking, it’s about the power, the love energy. The moment you open your heart, it flows all over the world.

And those who can use it, need it, or want to receive it, pick up a piece of that energy. If you are aware that we want to help you on the other side to let our energy flow through your heart energy, be aware of that, the moment you open your heart to the children we are present in it. And every child can benefit from that. According to his own plan in his own way.


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