5 Common Clobazam Side Effects + Experiences

Square Fear Or Agoraphobia

Do you use clobazam to reduce anxiety or to calm down?

Then it is important to know that taking clobazam is not without danger.

The side effects of clobazepam 10 mg and 20 mg are not mild if you experience them. Especially if you consider that the effect of clobazam is not very effective.

In this article you will learn the 5 most common side effects of clobazam so that you can decide whether or not to take it.

You will also learn how to go through life without clobazam.

Purpose of this article:  In this article you will be introduced to Clobazam or Frisium. You will find out exactly what the drug is and how it can help with anxiety disorders. You will learn about the side effects of Clobazam and why they can be dangerous. Finally, I give you a very useful tip to overcome your fears without drugs.

NB! This article is not intended as medical advice. I wrote it only to inform you about the use of this drug.

What is Clobazam?

Clobazam is a long-acting benzodiazepine. You notice the effect of this drug about an hour after taking it and the effect lasts 8 to 24 hours, depending on person to person.

Clobazam belongs to the group of benzodiazepines and is also available under the name Frisium.

Characteristic of Clobazam or Frisium is that this medicine has a calming and muscle relaxant effect. It reduces anxiety and makes you calmer.

In addition, Clobazam also dampens emotions and that is why you will feel less tense when you take this drug. It will make you worry less and focus less on your fears.

Your doctor will prescribe this medicine if you are very tense or anxious.

It is important to know that you should not take Clobazam for longer than 2 to 3 months. The American Drug Prevention Center even recommends using this drug for no longer than 4 weeks. Clobazam is not suitable for long-term use at all.

The longer you take this medicine, the more dependent you will become on it. Your doctor will therefore rarely prescribe this medicine for a longer period of time.

Clobazam is not very suitable as a sleep aid because it has a long-acting effect. You will indeed sleep well at night, but will not function well the next day because the drug has not yet worked out completely.

Clobazam belongs to a special group of benzodiazepines, namely the 1,5 benzodiazepines. This reference has to do with the chemical structure of the drug. The 1,5 benzodiazepines have the property that they cause fewer side effects and that habituation occurs less quickly than with other benzos.

However, this does not mean that this drug cannot cause any side effects at all and that you cannot become addicted to it. There is a potential danger in all benzodiazepines!

Are you curious about the side effects of Clobazam and wondering how you can become addicted to this drug? Then read on carefully.

Clobazam Side Effects

Do you take Clobazam or has your doctor prescribed it for you? Then it is important to be well informed about this remedy.

Keep in mind that all benzodiazepines can lead to both mental and physical habituation if you take them for a long time.

#1 Drowsiness and fatigue

Especially because Clobazam has a long-lasting effect, you can feel quite sleepy and tired when you take it. This of course has a negative influence on your concentration.

You probably know that when you’re tired, you’re often “not quite there” and you can’t concentrate on something. This can be very dangerous if you are in traffic or if you have to operate machinery.

#2 Drowsiness, slower thinking, forgetfulness

If you take Clobazam daily you can get the feeling that you are quite drowsy and that your thinking slows down.

This sometimes makes it difficult for you to get out of your words and actions that you used to do automatically, require more and more effort.

In work situations this can be very annoying…

Imagine that during a meeting you have to concentrate very hard to understand what your colleagues are talking about or you have to think very hard before you can participate in a conversation.

Not pleasant at all for yourself, but even less for your boss who is leading the meeting.

Drowsiness and slower thinking can also cause a lot of problems at home. You put things in the wrong place causing them to get lost or – much worse – you forget that your pots are on the fire.

#3 Muscle weakness

One of the characteristics of Clobazam is that it has a muscle relaxant effect.

Getting the feeling that your muscles are relaxing for a moment can be wonderful.

It becomes less fun if you get the feeling that you are less rigid on your legs or that you get less strength in your muscles.

This can also lead to dangerous situations. Falling or bumping into something are typical examples of this.

However, a 2012 medical study shows that a moderate dose of Clobazam does not have as much of an impact on locomotion and muscle strength as other benzodiazepines.

However, this does not mean that the possibility of muscle weakness is nil. So be extra careful when you take Clobazam.

#4 Flatten all emotions

A daily dose of Clobazam will make you less anxious and that is what your doctor prescribes for you.

The big downside of Clobazam—and most benzodiazepines, for that matter—is that it flattens all emotions. This also makes you feel less satisfied or happy and you are less able to empathize with the feelings of others.

In the long run, this can cause depression or you can lose friends. After all, to go through life happily you also need happy moments and others around you.

#5 Habituation

If you do not use Clobazam for longer than 2 months, the chance of habituation is small.

If you use this drug for a longer period of time, you can become mentally and physically dependent on Clobazam. Your body is then so used to this daily dose that it is difficult to relax without this medicine.

As a result, your fears increase again and you need higher and higher doses to get the same effect.

Have you been taking Clobazam for more than 2 months? Don’t stop this right away, but always gradually reduce it!

If you decide to take a certain drug, it is always interesting to know what others think of this drug and what their experiences are.

To help you decide whether or not to take Clobazam, I’d like to share some user experiences. Read along:

Experiences with Clobazam

Jennifer’s story

Eighteen months ago I was the victim of a traffic accident. After my hospitalization and a pretty hard rehabilitation, I felt ready to go back to work. I will never forget that first day back in the car: in our neighborhood everything was going well, but when I had to get on the highway I got so scared that I had a panic attack. I really don’t remember how I got home. I visited my GP for my  fear of driving and he prescribed Frisium  for me. It went well for a few days, but after a while I started to feel so tired and drowsy that I became insecure and didn’t dare to go on the road anymore. It was as if I had lost all my driving skills. I decided to stop taking the drug and to overcome my fear of driving together with my boyfriend. I succeeded perfectly in this.

Adam’s story

As a child I was quite sociable. At school I quickly made friends and as a teenager I attended every party in the neighborhood. When I went to college, I concentrated so hard on my studies that I started to isolate myself more and more. After a while I got so used to this that I couldn’t get out the door at all. When I did go out, I kept thinking that everyone thought I was a strange guy. I had anxiety attacks in the company of others. This could not go on any longer and I visited my GP. He prescribed Clobazam for me to overcome my  social phobia. After a week or two I dared to go out again and made friends again. This gave me so much confidence that from now on I will go through life without Clobazam and without fear.

Suzanne’s story

When my husband left me, my self-confidence was so lost that I no longer dared to go out on the street. I did not cooperate and I ordered my groceries online. On the advice of my sister, I visited my GP. He prescribed Clobazam for me to overcome my fears. After 2 weeks I felt so good that it seemed like I could take on the world. Because I needed a new prescription, I visited my GP again. However, he prescribed me a lower dose because I had to taper off the drug. As soon as I tapered off, I started to get anxious again. On my own I increased the dose again. I now visit several doctors to get a prescription and feel like I can’t function at all without Clobazam. I really want to get off the drug, but can’t seem to find the strength to stop.

I hope Jennifer, Adam and Suzanne’s stories have given you a clear picture of what to expect from Clobazam. The drug takes away your fears, but not your inner fears.

Maybe you think you can’t overcome this one at all? Maybe you think that suppressing your fears with drugs is the only solution?

Well, it isn’t! Several years ago I discovered a secret that changed my life forever. And I’d like to share that with you:


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