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Confidence and intuition; foundation for spiritual talents

The things that interest you the most, or the things that you already unconsciously do very often, are your talents. Often you don’t recognize them because you think it’s normal that you do it. Once you realize that other people do very different things that they do ‘naturally’, you may begin to see that everyone unconsciously works and lives from their own strength. Sometimes it is necessary to be awakened by others. And sometimes you just go about your business and life just flows naturally.

Your talents arise and develop from your upbringing, interests, the society/place where you grew up, friends, education and so on.

Of course you were also born with something specific. Something that really suits you and makes you unique as a person, your spiritual talents.

Unconscious resistance

The special thing is that the very thing from which your talents arise (above list), can ensure that it works against your talents! How? Suppose you grew up in a deeply religious family. Then it may well be that for spiritual matters (although faith and spirituality are the same in my experience) there is no room at all. That makes it difficult to identify with it. After all, you have a certain upbringing and that foundation can end up being a paradigm for you. A paradigm is a limiting belief.

Another example. Suppose you come from a wonderfully beautiful and loving family, but… when you were little you saw ‘extra’ people in the house. Or you had an invisible boyfriend. And as soon as you mentioned that, your parents told you not to be so crazy, or they said, no, there aren’t any, it’s weird that you think that and you should never talk to anyone about it.

And at a certain point you just kept quiet about it… Somewhere in your base a seed has been planted with the message that you are weird when you see something, or that you are not allowed to talk about ‘things like that’. Be sure that you will do everything you can (unconsciously of course) to really see nothing. You just block it. But it is still there!!

Rediscovering spiritual talents

Once you are ready to develop your spiritual talents, there is a good chance that you will come across this kind of paradigm and you need to work on clearing that block. Processing those blockages gives you back the tools you had hidden away. And also: Working on those blockages gives you a direction! The direction of your life path. So it is not for nothing that this has come into your life in this way, the ‘opposition’ and the ‘confusion’. You were just supposed to draw your attention to it early and late! It creates the way in. To your real self.

From the outside in

Once you have removed those blockages, you come closer and closer to yourself and you discover that you see/know/hear much more than others. Your education arises from the inside out, your life path back to your core is the same way, but from the outside in. The funny thing is that you then realize that all the talents were always with you, but that you didn’t see it – so you didn’t want to see. Dormant…

Ultimately, it’s about how you’re programmed by your environment. And does that ‘program’ work for or against you? For the awareness you need to really choose and go for it. But yes, you will encounter some things along the way that you have to go through. I did too, and it cost me a lot of tears. And also brought a lot of joy!!
But you know, it’s such a relief, and it takes you so much further in life. To who you are.

In any case, I am very happy that I have tackled so much. Although of course I’m not there yet. Every time a new surprise comes my way. And I like it too!! At least, as soon as I can look back on it ;-).

Examples of spiritual talents

  • Do you have certain talents that you actually use but that you do way too little with? For example painting? Writing poems? Beautiful texts on a card that you send to cheer someone up? This could easily fall into the ‘automatic writing/drawing’ category.
  • Or can you feel how someone feels from a piece of jewellery, a photo, a bunch of keys or a chair that someone has sat in? That is a strong piece of psychometrics…
  • Maybe you see people, animals or things when you look at them. Or maybe just see as soon as you close your eyes. Also remotely.
  • It is also possible that your hands become very warm as soon as you come near someone who is in pain, either physically or mentally. That it seems like energy is being sucked out of your hands. That is a form of magnetization. As far as I’m concerned, magnetizing falls under the ‘general denominator’ which also includes Reiki, Healing, Quantum Touch and so on.Reiki: what is it and what does it do for you

It’s working with energy, from a certain source, and for me it’s all the same in the end. But opinions are divided on that… and that is of course allowed. With all due respect for the techniques that are used: I really do know that there are different frequencies in which or with which you can work! I’ll leave that to the specialists. Here I am talking about general basic knowledge.

Well, and sometimes you just see that there are extra people with someone, or in a house. That’s mediumship!

Of course, many variations can be made of all these types. You can have anything that can reinforce each other, or one kind of super strong.

Do you recognize anything? Are there already ‘unseen’ talents that you apply in daily life? Are there ‘unseen’ talents that you don’t show to anyone?


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