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Connect with like-minded people, right now!

How do you feel in this time when the corona measures ensure that contact with others is discouraged? We have to keep a physical distance and are urged to stay at home as much as possible and to meet limited people. Despite the possibility to maintain contact online, as far as I’m concerned, nothing can replace being together in person.

That is why I would like to advocate as much real contact as possible, especially with like-minded people. People who are on the same wavelength and with whom you can have in-depth conversations about the topics that affect both of you. As far as I’m concerned, nothing is more satisfying than an exchange of your innermost feelings and thoughts with a good friend in a warm, loving atmosphere, for example during a walk in nature. You can support each other with this and you feel seen and heard. Moreover, it is fascinating to share your thoughts and ideas about what is going on in the world right now.

If you are in a transition phase

Sometimes I hear from people that it is difficult for them to find like-minded people. Often they are alone in their interest in spiritual matters. Their family is not interested or even downright negative and friends have other interests.

Especially if you have changed recently and developed in a more spiritual direction, you are in a phase of transition. The old contacts no longer fit and new contacts are not there yet. Then you can feel lonely, especially in this time. In addition, discussions with others about dealing with corona can be intense and can lead to discord.

Even close friends can think very differently about it, making you feel like you can’t reach each other in that regard. A true friendship can have that, you don’t have to think the same about everything. But sometimes it’s a sign that you are growing apart. And that can hurt.

But if you have the courage to speak out about what is important to you and what you believe in, you will notice that people you sometimes did not expect, turn out to be on the same wavelength as yourself and new contacts can arise .

A network of like-minded people

It is very important in this day and age to connect with each other, live or online. In this way we can form a network of like-minded people, even worldwide. There is a lot of help from beings from other dimensions to guide the consciousness process that helps raise our vibrations so that we move with the Earth as it moves into the fifth dimension.

We can contribute to this by opening ourselves up to it, so that the increasingly powerful energy from the cosmos can be anchored on earth through us. The intention is that eventually so many people awaken that a tipping point is reached and the process accelerates that cannot be stopped .

In my book Featherlight-Living and working with spiritual guides , my guides also say about this:

Reality is so much more complex than you can imagine. There are countless life forms in countless dimensions and universes. You will never come into contact with most of them, but you will with the ones that fit your being. You form large groups of kindred souls, in embodied or disembodied state, who work together. Of course we are also part of those groups. They are like families. When you meet someone from such a family, you can experience a sense of recognition. A complete stranger can feel very familiar to you in a short time, even if he or she comes from a different country or culture.”

We are connected at night

Especially at night, when we leave our bodies in our deep sleep, we connect as souls and work together to help expand the consciousness of others so that they too “awaken” and realize that they are so much more than this earthly personality and that we create our own reality and are all interconnected.

Already in the beginning of contact with my guides, now 26 years ago, they told me how important is the work they do with us at night. They work therapeutically with us, we are taught, but we are also used to help and teach others together with our guides. This certainly applies to those who have often developed their talents as a healer, teacher and/or therapist in many past lives and who have made it their business again in this life.

Cities of Light around the Earth

The writer Thea Terlouw is one of the few who remembers her nocturnal adventures. In her book A circle broken , she tells about her visits to so-called cities of light. Those gigantic cities/spaceships have been created by various star nations around our earth to allow souls from other worlds and those of the earth to work together on the transition of the earth and its inhabitants to the fifth dimension.

She describes in detail these cities of great beauty, each with its own character, inhabited by extraterrestrials, who are only visible to us when we are in our light body, while we are deeply asleep. We usually don’t remember anything about it when we’re awake.Not everyone visits these cities, there are also other places where we meet with our guides.

Maybe you, like me, notice it in your sleeping pattern when you’ve been ‘travelling’, wherever you go. Some nights, unlike normal, I sleep very deeply and for a long time, without waking up in between. Unfortunately I don’t remember anything about what I’m experiencing, although my dreams often give me the impression that I’m quite busy at night and with a lot of people, while that is usually not the case in everyday life.

Online seminars and group meditations

So we are actually much more connected than we realize. If you feel lonely and apparently have little contact with like-minded people, it might be nice to realize that. In addition, there are of course endless possibilities to feel connected with others via the internet, for example by following seminars, workshops or group meditations that are offered via Nieuwetijdskind Magazine, among others.


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