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Do you want to have more confidence in yourself, listen to your dreams and make them come true? The healing power of blackberry helps you to find a balance between the cosmic and earthly energy. He gives you strength and perseverance, but also teaches you to be vulnerable. This gives balance between the masculine and feminine energy within yourself. Which indicates that you listen to your intuition, make choices and make decisions. So you can share your strength and energy, without fear of being judged for who you are. You can read how to do this in this article.

Bramble connects heaven and earthHe teaches you to make contact with your soul and stay grounded at the same time . So that you can actually manifest on earth what you dream of. Showing yourself gives strength and (new) life energy.

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The society

What you see happening on a large scale in society at this time, June 2020, also takes place within yourself. People stand up for their truth and speak out for themselves.

Speaking your truth and throwing off masks and roles gives strength and energy . Often, however, you go along with the issues of the day and the story you play. However, now is the time to stand up for your truth and show what you think. Standing up for yourself feels good and gives you strength.

When, for whatever reason, this does not work, there are often (unconsciously) blockages in the way. Stagnation is the result and this ensures that the Qi in your body cannot flow properly. You often struggle to speak your truth and make decisions that are not always right for you.

Head, heart and hands

Whether you’re dreaming too much or being too earthy, both sides cause head and heart to be out of balance. This creates a dichotomy in yourself. The result is that you cling too much to certainties and earthly reality, such as routines, safety and existing structures.

The other side is that you are too open to the cosmos, but you lose the earthly reality. You cannot achieve what you really want and you cut yourself off from society. In the worst case, you get delusions and you lose all understanding of reality. The trick is to find the middle ground by connecting yourself with both energies. The cosmos and the earth.

Shen, Qi and Jing

A free flow between the energy of the cosmos, through your body, to the earth, ensures that you are fully in your power. The Shen of the cosmos, the Qi that flows through your body and your Jing (your life force) to actually show who you are.

To achieve this, you will have to ground yourself, clear your blockages and learn to trust your inner knowing. This is a journey that is often not easy. In the course of your life you have built up all kinds of beliefs and patterns, on which your truth is based.

your life story

A large part of your life takes place internally. What you think, feel and take for truth. Your insecurities, fears and identity. It’s all in you, it’s your story.

What does your childhood say?

Your story originated in your childhood. When you are born you don’t have a frame of reference yet. Parents, family and close environment provide your initial training. Later on, these are boyfriends, girlfriends, sports, hobbies and school.

All these people (each with his or her experiences and baggage) and your experiences together make your story. You unconsciously take over the baggage of your parents and family. Meanwhile you live your life, you get hurt, you experience nice things and you build an identity (your story). This is how your reactions, patterns and beliefs arise.

Come to your core

Peeling back everything you’ve built to get to your core is quite a journey. Sometimes this happens slowly because you ask questions about life, sometimes faster because of a violent event.

Society is continuously a mirror of who you are. You always get to see what is going on inside you. Becoming aware of this, distance yourself from it and make different choices is not easy. By recognizing the mirrors around you, you get to know yourself. What you want and what you don’t want. Whatever your talents and obstacles are, everything arises through the reflection with your environment.

Connecting to the Cosmos and the Earth

This peeling off (of blockages, beliefs and patterns) ensures that you slowly come to the core of your soul. Your soul is your inner knowing, the guidance and voice of your heart. Free from judgments and beliefs. And in balance with the cosmos and the earth.

When you make contact with your soul and put your dreams down on earth, the energy flows through your body. And is your Shen, Qi and Jing in balance. Braam can support you in this process.


Bramble or Rubus fruticus literally means stinging bush. The fruits are delicious, but the leaves are also medicinal. You can chew the leaves for bleeding gums or for fresh breath. They are dark green which indicates that they contain a lot of minerals. The blackberry has buds, flowers, unripe and ripe fruits. It is a constitution herb, has a broad effect and increases resistance.

The blackberry makes few demands on the soil. It has creeping roots and is an ineradicable shrub. He has a lot of Jing power (provides life energy).

The stem is rampant and has long arms. He reaches for the cosmos and comes back to earth again. This symbolism tells that it is a heaven and earth connector. The blackberry gives balance in feeling and doing. He links the three main sources in Chinese medicine, Jing, Qi and Shen.

Medicinal effect

Blackberry is cleansing, stimulates the vitality and helps to improve resistance. Good to use with starting colds, flu and laryngitis.

It is stimulant for digestion. It helps with inflammation in the mouth, such as canker sores and inflamed gums. It is good for anemia, rashes and wound cleansing.

Blackberry has a positive effect on the endocrine system and the urinary tract. Positive for the lymphatic system. Can be used for swollen glands and starting inflammations.

Tea and tincture

Use the mature leaf in the tea. You can use fresh or dried leaves. Or chew the young leaves. Make sure that there are no spines. Good against diarrhea and inflammation in the mouth. Also for fresh breath.

If you have bleeding wounds or scratches, put a bruised blackberry leaf on it.

In case of tooth root infections, rinse with a strong tea. Gargling with a decoction of blackberry leaf also helps with inflamed tonsils, throat and bleeding gums.

With swollen glands it is better to use the tincture, both internally and externally.

Lots of heart energy!

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