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Connection with…..Yourself!

In this time of growth and changes, many people are looking for other forms of connection. A Deeper Connection? Connecting from Love, A beautiful Friendship, Family ties or Like-minded people no longer seems to satisfy our feeling. Because there is more?….Because it can be done differently?

Connection with yourself?

During the ‘connecting with others’ we often skip an important part: connecting with yourself! The only unconditional and pure connection you can make with loved ones is the connection from your heart. All other forms are based on physical connections. With body connections you need ‘things’, you stay more in a form of conditionality. A body has to be nourished, in whatever way, so you are dependent on each other.

As soon as you are ready for the other, deeper form, the need will naturally surface in you. You start to think about it, feel that you are missing something and start looking for ‘another way’‘. In one way or another, the need arises to enter into a newer form of connection with a selected group of people around you. It can be with one or more people, for example your partner, or an intense friendship. At least someone you trust and love.

To first connect with yourself from your heart, is a beautiful, loving, spiritual and pure way to then, in a next step, connect with others.

Heart connection with yourself

Making a heart connection with yourself is very doable! However, it is important to sit very consciously a few times. ‘A number of times’ depends on your state of being. Become aware of what you feel during this exercise. Then it automatically shows the way how ‘often’ you can best repeat it. Some take months to make a conscious and loving heart connection with themselves and others a little shorter.

the exercise;

Make sure you have time for yourself to get going undisturbed. You can also do it just before you go to sleep, then you will lie comfortably in your warm bed and then you can sleep well! During the day it may be useful to sit in front of it. But just what you like.

Pay attention to your breathing, deep, calm in and out. Become aware of your whole body. From your toes to your crown. Once you are calm and relaxed, visualize a bright light around you. A kind of cocoon. Then turn your attention to your heart. Hold the attention for a while, this will cause the energy to flow to your heart.

Then you will notice that your heart is warming or you will notice a flow of energy. As soon as you notice this, let the energy you feel become ‘bigger’. In this way, the heart energy can flow throughout your body and then fill your entire cocoon (aura) which you created at the beginning of the visualization.

The heart energy now flows through your body and your aura. You now connect with yourself in a different way than before the exercise. A heart connection! Feel what it does to you. Repeat it regularly, it will become easier and more natural. And feel, when you are ready, to consciously connect with someone else from this energy.

Other energy frequency

Through this heart connection with yourself, you come into a different energy frequency. More loving towards yourself. What do you think it will do to your environment? Looking from the ‘Law of Attraction’, it can only be that in this way you attract people and things which are also on this frequency. You attract what who you are. Same frequency!

The special thing is, when you are practiced in making a heart connection with yourself, you can then very easily make conscious contact with a beloved acquaintance through this way. And then, as soon as you get used to it, you automatically make the step to a larger circle around you.

How beautiful would the world be if everyone could automatically make heart connections with ‘everyone?’ We’re not there yet, start with yourself! Make it a habit to regularly make the heart connection with yourself.

Good luck! I wish you a strong heart connection!


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