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Conscious and unconscious crystal children and crystal adults

So that you don’t think I’m bullying the Indigos , this week we’re going to talk about conscious and unconscious crystal children and crystal adults. Although we tend to think that the crystal children and crystal adults  are the more spiritual of the first (early) enlightened generations,

they too may not be enlightened if they are not aware of their energy, hide it or do not use it properly. the Indigos are more outspoken and our attention often turns to them, Crystals can express their energy in destructive ways that are unexpected and surprising

When consciously expressed, Crystal Energy brings light to the Earth, heals the paradigm of victimization and its persecution, and opens the gate to divinity.

This is the goal, to awaken humanity, to make them aware of the divinity within us. Therefore, crystal children and crystal adults are empathetic, energetically open, spiritually aware and connected.

When grounded in these aspects and in balance, they are powerful healers and teachers. They can show the world the way to healing and have the compassion to lead others to their inner light.

When their energy is unconsciously expressed, it is unhinged, ungrounded and unbalanced. They personify the victim and accuser energies that they came to heal and become martyrs. Their empathic energies can be misused and they can become a channel for other people’s pain.

Or the challenges in life make them afraid and hide their gifts, mistrust their strength and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Or they become powerful healers who go too far in their egos and forget their spiritual mission. When they use their Crystal energy unconsciously it can generate fears in others and be manipulative, controlling and damaging.

How can we avoid the unconscious expression of these energies? Those who carry the crystal energy know they have a mission and it is their gentleness and open nature that underlies their challenge, which is also their greatest strength.

The key for them is to remember (or remember-Gordon) that their strength lies in their connections and that if they don’t allow themselves to be overwhelmed by their empathic gifts, they can better relate to the people and the energies around them. .

When they remain evenly grounded in their spiritual and physical roots, they can learn to balance and discern with their empathy so that they can heal the world without becoming their martyrs.


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