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Conscious and Unconscious Indigos

I hear from so many readers that they think they are indigo but are not sure but when they read the list of traits (you can find it here on the website) they are happy that there is an explanation for how they think and feel. But that is only the 1st step in the process because Indigo energy is great unless it is used unconsciously.

It can be expressed in ways that are highly destructive and “unhinged”. Indigo energy is powerful regardless of how it is used. And it can be used in ways that we don’t think are related to Indigo energy but which characterize an unconscious use of this very powerful force.

Unconscious Indigos are those who express their energy as anger, frustration and risk-taking/sensation seeking. They are the young criminals who commit crimes we don’t think children do, or are the adult repeat offenders. They can be thrill seekers who go from one thrill to the next,

drug users or alcoholics who can’t overcome their addiction, are workaholics, or they are completely unmotivated, have big dreams (and talk about them too) but don’t have the energy at all to to realize these. The indigo energy and power is there but so unfocused and chaotic that it is completely uncontrolled.

Conscious Indigos still have the anger, frustration and need for excitement but they are aware, focused and in control. They may still take risks, but they know how to channel their energy so that they use it creatively. They may have emotional moments and go back and forth in them, but chaos is followed by a channeled deployment of their gifts.

Once they find the form in which to unleash their gifts, they are unstoppable and very successful. But even then, they can be so happy that they have found their “exhaust” that they develop tunnel vision that is the center of their lives. With Indigos it’s always one or the other.

The key to managing Indigo energy is balance. Didn’t they come here to overthrow existing systems that were too focused on polarity, greed, fear and the needs of a small group of people? Well, sometimes they do that by going in the opposite direction, replacing one aspect of polarity with another.

By being aware of their Indigo energy, Indigos can learn to stay in balance and control so that they don’t swim helplessly in a sea of ​​emotions, unfocused and ungrounded, seeking tranquility and peace in whatever they think is the answer.

Knowing who they are will help them and all of us to find that calm peaceful center where we can enjoy the wonderful aspects of consciously directed and focused Indigo energy to reshape the world for us and the new enlightened generations to come.


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