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Consciousness: unraveling the layers of our consciousness

The world is on the move. These are times when consciousness and our collective consciousness is changing. Terms such as awake consciousness or higher consciousness are now more relevant than ever.

Consciousness and your state of consciousness can be an important anchor right now. An anchor not to get lost, in all the information that comes your way, and to continue to follow your own pure truth. In your field of consciousness lies your wisdom, insight and knowledge.

This is why ‘being in good contact’ with your consciousness and consciousness development is essential. The fact that it also provides you with a better contact with yourself and makes your intuition grow, is only a benefit.

Consciousness is looked at through different glasses. According to science, consciousness resides in the brain, while the spiritual premise is that the soul directs consciousness and is therefore an inexhaustible source of insight and wisdom.

Have you ever wondered: Am I actually aware that I am aware of something?

There is almost a paradox involved in this question. Yet it is reality. Energy goes where attention flows. In other words, where your attention is, that is where you are aware. But where’s the direction?

Mental & Sensory Awareness

The fact that the brain processes sensory stimuli and thereby creates a perception is a fact. Consciousness is not a concrete function of the brain, it is the sum of collaborations in various brain areas that ensure that this experience arises. The brain is primarily an instrument for recording and processing information.

Soul Consciousness & Heart Consciousness

We now know that consciousness transcends the body and the brain. The soul is the perceiver and is itself therefore a wide-ranging source of consciousness. One of the key metrics for this is numerous NDEs (near-death experiences) that are well known.

Pim van Lommel, former cardiologist, has done clinical studies on this and wrote a book about it. He explains that during operations where patients were ‘near death’, after being declared clinically dead, the patient still had consciousness while brain functions were turned off. The patient was sometimes able to clearly relate what had happened during the operation.

All these perceptions therefore take place outside the physical body, which makes the existence of a soul plausible. The fact that the soul controls the body makes it plausible that consciousness resides there.

The soul consists of consciousness, in fact an infinite consciousness. This makes soul consciousness as a concept much more comprehensive; it is now not only about soul experiences in the daily life of the individual, but also other broader experiences possibly from past lives. Both constitute consciousness.

Personally, I am very happy to know that I am a soul with control over my body, mind and senses. It gives me strength and motivation to live very consciously and to choose what I give my attention to, what I want to learn, and how I take care of myself, for example.

Reincarnation is a given for me. The thought that I can draw from my wide-ranging source of consciousness, where a lot of knowledge and insights, but also talents from past lives are stored, makes me motivated to continue to develop myself in order to be able to access it.

Because my soul directs and my soul has the final direction, it is a necessity and condition that I really learn to cooperate with my soul. That ‘I’ is my personality. Cooperation between my personality and my soul ensures flow and joy of life.

To what extent the soul develops in the present life and has developed in past lives determines how far the consciousness can open. It is also a choice of the soul, prior to incarnation, to what extent the consciousness will open. What is needed in the particular life or not. Your will in your current life further determines how you develop and therefore also how your consciousness develops.

Several levels can be distinguished:

The Conscious

The conscious part of consciousness is the part where one experiences direct presence and sensation through the 6 senses. Someone is aware of the environment, the couch on which he or she sits, the people around him.

How can you experience & develop this layer? 

Focus your attention for ten seconds on an object in front of you, such as a candle, and see the candle in all its fullness. Note the details. Everything you do with attention is already an experience and training.

The Unconscious & the Subconscious

In the unconscious memories are stored, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, repressed or unknown, but they can also be character traits of someone. Feelings or beliefs can arise and burden someone in daily life, especially if they have been repressed at a young age.

The subconscious always lets through exactly that information that someone can use at that moment or can work with. In doing so, the unconscious actually ‘steers’. In Jip and Janneke language: you are always ready for that part of your trauma that wants to be seen or heard and you are never too old for it.

There is also talk of a collective unconscious, in which a generation (such as soldiers from the 1st or 2nd World War) carries the influence of time (war) in the unconscious .

Sigmund Freud, an important neurologist of the 19th century, believed that there is a second layer of consciousness next to the ‘unconscious’, the subconscious. Within this consciousness fall all perceptions that are not consciously perceived but are registered.

How can you experience & develop this layer? 

You can opt for internal development (yourself) and external (outside help). Through therapeutic work, such as inner child work, working with beliefs and conditioning or fears, you can come back to yourself.

Through self-work, meditation and yoga, so everything you can do yourself, you can get started with this layer yourself. You can further stimulate your growth through training, self-development or reading books. By including enough moments of rest (and silence), you can integrate all of the above.

The Higher Conscious or Greater Conscious (Higher Self)

This is the (higher) soul consciousness. The awareness that the Egostate is over and using its 6th sense (intuition). The part of the soul that goes beyond the physical body and its emotions, connected to the eternal field (cosmos, the source and earth field). It can also be experiences from past lives, which are stored there. It is the omniscient or higher part of the soul, where all the answers lie.

How can you experience & develop this layer? 

As soon as you have actually followed all the above methods, access to the Higher Self often arises automatically. There are also exercises within intuitive development to connect with it.

How do I deal with awareness in daily life?

The last 10 years I have done a lot of self work, trauma work & consciousness development with as a result growth, soul growth. I managed to slow down my pace well. By slowing down my pace, there was more room for rest, meditation, reflection and intuitive, so consciousness development .

I have made choices: What do I want to spend my time on and with whom, what makes me happy? Where does my attention go?
These choices have brought me much closer to myself. To follow my heart and my passions. This worked as a catalyst for me.

I also check in with myself every day, several times. How am I? How is my energy? Can I slow down my pace if I have a less fit day? I practice mindfulness, attention. I have become more attentive to the smallest details, and have become more calm and patient. This awareness leads to more conscious choices.

Allow yourself delay and tune your attention inwards, your awareness will increase, your intuitive sensitivity as well and with that you are already working on consciousness development.


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