What does the way you breathe say about your character?

What does the way you breathe say about your character?
You breathe as you are. Although you are by no means always aware of it, the way you stand in life can be read from your breathing movement. Every lifestyle has its own characteristic breathing pattern. You breathe your personality. Below you can read some examples from practice. Every person is unique, so please don’t pigeonhole yourself. But you may recognize aspects of yourself and of your breathing in the different characters. Do you know how you breathe yourself? While reading this article, try paying attention to how you breathe.

Are you breathing high and fast? – Mental and busy

When breathing high, from your chest, you make a relatively large appeal to your mind. You place great value on the rational aspects of your existence. If you also breathe quickly, you inadvertently create tension or stress. You are probably a doer and like to be busy. You can hardly sit on a chair to enjoy your rest for a while.

Once you are seated, something quickly pops into your head that you still need to do. You can hardly control yourself to let those things go. Yet you need your rest because if you continue to breathe quickly and stay busy, you will no longer achieve deep relaxation and you will become too tired. In the worst case, this leads to overstrain or burnout. You breathe or live yourself upside down, as it were.

Do you inhale more than you exhale? – Enthusiastic but alone

If you inhale more than you exhale, you probably have a lot of ideas, you always see possibilities, and you may be visionary. All your ideas provide inspiration and energy, but implementing them may get you stuck. It’s hard to choose, you would prefer to do everything at once.

You start with one and continue with the other. It is difficult to focus and stick to a certain course. And if you do keep track, it turns out to be difficult to get others to follow along. You may sometimes be experienced as pushy when you don’t mean it that way. You only want to take your loved ones with you in your enthusiasm. However, your environment does not feel the spirit you have and experiences resistance to go along with your ideas. If you exhale more, there will be more connection between you and the other.

What does the way you breathe say about your character?

Do you breathe shallowly? Not unhappy but not happy either

You function well and you also know what to make of your life, but you still get little satisfaction from your life. You lack inspiration, and enthusiasm, you may find it difficult to burn ahead and you regularly don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning. You are probably breathing shallowly, from your diaphragm. You have abdominal breathing with a relatively small tidal volume. You may easily get stuck in old patterns and you can experience daily grind.

You are not unhappy, but you are not happy either. Everything is there in your life, but you are missing something. You are probably not completely connected to your base. You might say from your gut, ‘Now it’s done! Now I’m putting my shoulders to the wheel, I’m going to tackle myself, take action!’ However, you only have that feeling for a short time, you miss it structurally.

You can get frustrated or get angry out of impotence, but you don’t know real anger, the power to achieve a substantial and lasting change. You don’t dare to say ‘no’, but you don’t really dare to say ‘yes’ either. With this shallow diaphragmatic breathing, be careful not to reach for a drink, cigarettes, or drugs too quickly, because the craving for addiction is great. You are looking for something to break your evenness. The trouble is that it is difficult to get rid of it once you regularly take stimulants or stimulants.

Are you breathing wrong? jeromeke

What does the way you breathe say about your character?

As you inhale, pull your belly in tight and suck your chest full. This will inflate your upper body and give you extra strength. As you exhale, relax your chest and abdomen. Then you suck the air back in full. You especially breathe in this way when you are going to do something difficult, make an effort. For example, when you’re in the spotlight, leading a difficult meeting, during a challenging sports training or in a serious fight. From fashion models to police officers, everyone can master such a breathing pattern

You have a plucky and strong personality. You don’t let yourself be boxed in and you get through everything. You’ll get there. You may be giving more than you receive and your hands are itching because you know how to do things better. You don’t like fumbling, but you do like clear agreements.

Be careful, because you could be prone to a hernia or something else that suddenly knocks you down. You may be hiding slight insecurity within through an outer personal power. You unconsciously pretend to be a bit stronger than you really feel and there may come a time when you break. At that point, it’s time to face your vulnerable side.

Do you have diaphragmatic breathing and do you sigh a lot? – Emotional reactions

Breathing that connects you to your heart area but doesn’t go deeper than that makes you a sensitive type. You may be living from a diaphragmatic breath with a fairly large tidal volume. When you take a deep breath – and you do that regularly – take a deep breath in through your chest. You are mainly in contact with the upper layer of your
feeling. You feel everything and are tossed about by your emotions. You do not often experience your deepest feelings, but usually derivatives of them.

For example, you may be very irritable or hot-tempered, which you may later regret. Or you get emotional from a small unpleasant incident. You may feel attacked quickly when those around you don’t mean it that way at all. Unfortunately, it is difficult for you to believe that the other person has good intentions.

Because you cry or get out of your mind easily, you judge yourself as an emotional type and often as weak. And at the same time, deep down you know very well that you are very strong. You have enormous primal power within you and you are essentially very intuitive, but you are just not yet fully in touch with this power. You miss the connection with your lower abdomen.

Do you have low, rapid breathing? – Ready for new choices and spiritual growth

Breathing that connects you to your gut makes you intuitive and helps you trust both yourself and life. It makes you feel like everything will be okay, even if your life or work may seem like a mess at times. You can make good choices and keep your focus to achieve your goals. You do not allow yourself to be distracted too much and you also dare to take time to rest. You can be inspired, know where to start, and persevere.

You also dare to face your own pain. You can mean a lot to others without solving their problems. You prefer to ensure that others stand in their own power. However, in the course of your successful life, it may be that you are missing something. Everything is going well as it is, but the question still arises: is this all? What am I living for? What is the meaning of my existence? What do I mean to others? You become curious about new, perhaps spiritual aspects of life.

Do you have low, calm breathing? – Looking for a balance between silence and action

What does the way you breathe say about your character?

If you breathe into the depths of your lower abdomen and also exhale a little more than in, you can probably come to your own stillness. You may be very attracted to the meditative and spiritual aspects of life. You like peace and quiet and can feel very connected and very happy. You can sense your feelings and thoughts and at the same time keep track of who you are and where you want to go.

However, it may be (this is not necessary) that this makes it difficult for you to take action or that you have a slow work rate. A cup of coffee can help you get going and increase your speed, but be careful that too much coffee doesn’t throw you off balance. In that case, a powerful breathing exercise will work better to step into your decisiveness from the silence.

Do you have balanced, low breathing? – Highly sensitive or gifted

Are you capable of a lot, do you take a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and are you always there for others? Do you know how complex things work and do you intuitively feel a lot? Do you find it difficult to say no and do you have loads of energy? Do you command a lot of respect from others because of who you are and what you say and do? Then you are definitely well connected with yourself.

You may even be highly sensitive or gifted. You breathe in your lower abdomen and you are in balance. But you do have pitfalls. Due to your large capacity, you may have to tackle even more and that may be at the expense of yourself. At that point, you breathe in more than you exhale. You are then prone to burnout, because your great sense of responsibility keeps you involved and active.

Your talents are a gift, make sure that you do not commit robbery with them or that too many stimuli enter you. And, HSS’ers (High Sensation Seekers) are getting bigger and bigger. These indications do help to gain insight into who you are and how you function but do not immediately bring balance.

Your breathing can help you connect with your base and stay balanced. The extended exhalation helps you to find the balance between yourself and others, between giving and receiving, and between exerting and relaxing. For you, it is important to exhale much longer than you do now. That creates the peace for yourself to recharge, while you can continue to mean just as much to others.


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