Control is all about fear

Control is all about fear

All you gotta do is chill out… Let go of control and chill out…Let it be, trust. – Abraham Hicks

Have faith. Do nothing, just let go of the strings and let the reins loose. Let go of the idea that if you push and persevere enough, what you desire will come to you. You will find that when you are so tenacious, you push that or the very thing you so desire away from you. Have faith in what is to come. It comes at the right time for you, relax. Control is all about fear.

We think that if we are on top of it enough, we can still escape the illusion of danger or fall short. That we can be ahead of ‘it’. That we can see ‘it’ coming and then have the opportunity to flee and escape. What are we so afraid of? It is an illusion and ‘it causes a cramp in our body and in our attitude towards life. So let it go and let go of that idea of ​​wanting to be in control. Trust that whatever presents itself will be the right thing for you, at exactly the right time. And in the meantime, relax.





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