Cosmic energy: what does the shift from the 3rd to 5th dimension mean?

Cosmic energy: what does the shift from the 3rd to 5th dimension mean?

We live in a special time. The earth – and with it humanity – is in a transition period. A vibrational cycle of 25,000 years that has started again. We have left the dark Kali Yuga and are on our way to the golden Satya Yuga. In other words, we are moving from the 3rd dimension, which contains the frequency of fear and power, to the 5th dimension of love and compassion. In more understandable language: we move from fear to love.


We are currently in the midst of that transition: it has been palpable for decades but has really surfaced since 2012. People are waking up en masse. One after the other. And not just in the USA. All over the planet people are awakening. People on the street, people who work within governments or within regular companies, people in education or care… Poor people, rich people… they are awakening en masse.

Lightworkers have incarnated in large numbers during this period to facilitate the awakening humanity’s process of awakening. Also, highly evolved beings, from all kinds of star systems, have heard the call of Mother Earth and have incarnated as human beings to help.

One wave of New Age children succeeds another. Mother Earth has sent out a cry for help into the Universe for a reason. The darkness sweeps around and engages in a rearguard action. The dark seeks to destroy and pollute what remains and cause as much suffering as possible. Nature, forests, biodiversity, oceans, and air. Everything has to be done.

The fifth dimension

Slavery, human trafficking, refugees, wars: people must continue to suffer for as long as possible. While that has actually not been necessary since 2012, because we are already in the fifth dimension. And because anyone who has opened up to it is already moving into the fifth dimension. That is why we as Lightworkers have a threefold task:

  1. We work on ourselves and our own realization in the 5th dimension;
  2. We facilitate others in their process of self-actualization in the 5th dimension;
  3. And we shine our light in the dark – where the Kali Yuga still exists – to solve it as quickly as possible.

The transition crisis of the transition phase

It’s a matter of time. The ancient prophecies tell us that when 10% of humanity is awakened, the rest of humanity will automatically follow along as if in a quantum leap. Our success as lightworkers does determine how humanity arrives in the fifth dimension. It determines how many original animal species there will be when everyone is awake later. How many old-growth forests still exist. How polluted the air and oceans are. Whether we wear mouth caps or not.

Of course, there will soon be technologies to clone, imitate, and clean everything again, but that does not come close to the original. Anyway, the transition phase transition crisis is in full swing. Secrets are leaking out, they can no longer exist in this high vibration. Even within the darkest governments and corporates, people are awakening who are going to do things differently from within.

Cosmic energy: what does the shift from the 3rd to 5th dimension mean?

New Earth

Spiritual awareness grows. People seek each other out and form communities together. More and more places on earth are dominated by the New Earth. What an insanely cool time to be human. Humanity is at a crossroads according to the original Indian peoples: light or dark. We can choose. In fact, the choice has already been made for us. It’ll be fine.


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