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Cosmic Fertilization – Yvonne Weeber

Lovely people,
Just before my trip to Cathar Country, a little bit about the coming cosmic energies.
On Monday 22 July, the name day of Mary Magdalene, there is a special full moon. It is again a super moon that is very close to Earth. The energy will therefore be quite palpable. In addition, the energy slowly builds up to July 29.
On that day there is a very special and also rare Hexagon, or also the pattern of the Star of David. This is a very strong energetic gate, which is inherently a harmonious aspect and has a long-lasting effect. Almost all planets are involved in this aspect, and connect with each other, which is why it has such a strong effect.
I don’t have time to elaborate on the planetary aspects anymore, so I mainly tell you what this aspect has or could have consequences for the world and you personally. For example, a previous Hexagon was on September 5. A few days before 9/11. Not that we should expect something like this again, but it shows how much influence such an aspect can have.
In Alignment
All planets are already ready for this hexagon and the moon will close this magical hexagon on July 29 between 11 a.m. and 9.30 in the evening. A very beautiful day to be very consciously busy with what you want to do, what you want to create. Not just for yourself, but for the whole earth and all its inhabitants. Make sure you are also in Alignment with the Earth and the cosmos.
In Alignment with what you wish, from connection with your heart.
This whole aspect has to do with letting go of the “old” world and letting in the “new”. Uranus the planet of renewal, insight and change has now gone retrograde. That means his energy is now turned inward for the next 5 months. Where we first saw revolution mainly in the outside world, this will now continue in the inner world. What I wrote last time, we are fed up. We don’t want this anymore. It’s time for real big changes.
Especially within established structures, governments, governments etc. But also within our own circle, with colleagues, partners and friends. But we also now know very well that we have to be the change we want to see in the world! That we can no longer wait for the other to solve it. So we can step out of our comfort zone and start taking risks. As long as you are true to yourself.



Equality is what we want and what we want to stand for. And that’s not easy. With Saturn still in Scorpio, we are still challenged to allow that intimacy, to dare to be vulnerable. Now that this Saturn makes a beautiful aspect with the Black moon, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, the time to let things lie and just let things blow, ready.
We can no longer allow ourselves to be limited. Not by anyone and not by ourselves. It’s time to take responsibility for ourselves. In English you say Responsibility: Responsibility to the ability. Answer the opportunity that is offered. The Black moon, the Lilith energy is about all shadow sides and creative power,
That place where we have left ourselves, where we have not remained true to ourselves. Emotions that we have not allowed in have been hiding what has hidden our creativity. The pain of unfinished projects, lost plans, lost loves and all that we have found ourselves incapable of, that we feel we have failed. The Black Moon, also known as Lilith, has enormous power.
The power of a woman in labor! Well that’s a POWERRRRR That creative power is in each of us and we are also terrified of that! You may have noticed it yourself in the past period, that you can suddenly feel enormous fears. Fears that you have never really experienced before. You’ve always used that fear to keep you from doing what you wanted to do, but that is no longer possible. This power wants to be lived, this feminine power wants to go out. This power wants to create the new earth! That is only possible if we believe (Jupiter) in love. When we know like a mother in labor that the power taking over her body is good.
She doesn’t resist because she knows it’s pointless. She has absolutely no control over that. She will have to surrender to the unknown, the primal rhythm of mother earth. She has absolutely no control over that. She will have to surrender to the unknown, the primal rhythm of mother earth. She has absolutely no control over that. She will have to surrender to the unknown, the primal rhythm of mother earth.

Cosmic Orgasm

For centuries the feminine has been oppressed, in society, in the woman, in the man, in each of us. This creative power was suppressed and hidden. That which should not be there always disappears into a place in the dark.
That doesn’t mean it isn’t there anymore. No, that power is there, but it is used to suppress and that is no longer possible. Certainly not now that this Black Moon is in conjunction with Mars in Cancer. That Mars is as emotional as can be, there no longer has those feelings under control. We can try, but it won’t work. So we can expect a lot of eruptions! It’s the last drop that makes the bucket overflow. Volcanic forces surfacing.
An almost cosmic orgasm which will create the new world a cosmic fertilization of the male and the female. Balanced with each other. Create like the gods did. The feminine intuitively received an idea, and the masculine energy brought it into action. And just as the feminine receives the seed in her dark womb, this seed will also need time to grow.
mary magdalena
Monday the 22nd, the name day of Mary Magdalene

That full moon on Monday the 22nd, the name day of Mary Magdalene, is the starting signal. The Sun is then at 0 degrees Leo and the Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius ..


This is the return of the feminine energy on earth. This is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Have a party Monday. Pause here for a moment.


Forgive what you still have to forgive. And most of all, forgive yourself. Know that only your thoughts about something create what you do NOT want. Give up the resistance.
Give up your projections. Are you still hit? The other only shows you where you still have work to do. Our ego loves problems, it doesn’t want to solve anything at all, because then it remains in its power. So stop with the ego consciousness, stop with the victim consciousness and let’s use the energy to build that new world together. This is a wonderful moment!
Have a wonderful summer! See you in a few weeks!


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