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Cosmic weather forecast: Justice for all

A number of cosmic cycles are being completed during this time. As a result, legacies from the past come to the fore. Light is shed on shadows of each individual and of humanity’s collective. Pluto activates cell memory and that can bring out deep fears. In addition, we are on our way to the great conjunction of 2020, which could bring a huge turnaround. All cosmic energies, solar eruptions and planetary positions help us in that process. We are looking for ‘justice for all’.

Call of the Soul

In recent years we have had many opportunities, certainly from 1987, to engage in spiritual development and our awareness process. Many people have responded to this inner call of the soul. Now it seems that most of humanity has lost touch with its soul. They are searching, ego pieces are rampant: greed, not taking responsibility for yourself and putting the blame outside yourself. We make everything and everyone responsible for our suffering and for our happiness.

Solar and lunar eclipses, full and new moons, equinoxes; they are cycles that keep coming back and each has its own meaning. Usually they are mainly personal, because the sun and moon are connected to the person. During a solar eclipse, the source of light is obscured, and we are thrown back on ourselves for a moment.

Cosmic weather forecast: Justice for all

from god loose

We could say that we are then detached from God, the source, for a while. Especially seen now in America, where the August 21 solar eclipse covered almost the entire country. And now there are all those hurricanes, floods, wildfires and yet another threat of nuclear war, everyone is thrown back on themselves. It’s all terrible, but it also opens up great opportunities.

Eclipses are gateways to new consciousness. When such terrible things happen, it does make you think. You are going to re-examine your own values. What is really important in my life: making more money, success, an even bigger house, or health, safety, family, relatives and friends?

We often hear that when people know they are going to die and look back on their lives, that making money and success has not been the most important thing in their lives, but their intimate relationships. There are times when you wonder if you have spent enough time on your relationships with your partner, your parents and your children. “If only I had”, we always think too late. Our conscience gnaws and that gives a bad feeling.

do justice

Saturn aligns with the Black Moon and approaches the galactic center at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn is about conscience, responsibility, justice and trust. The Black Moon is about core qualities, but also about denial.

Our solar system revolves around the galactic center. The Sun stands for individuality and self-expression, without consciousness for the Ego. The galactic center represents universal consciousness, it is a large black hole, partly obscured by dark stardust.

This dark dust stands for family and country and for religious, historical and political karma. In the galactic center there is the need to transcend the ego. There is the connection to the big picture. The goal is to liberate us from this karma during this period, on a personal and also on a collective level.

Bert Hellinger once said: “Doing justice to everyone is the hardest thing there is.” Doing justice is acknowledging your own part in what happened. You acknowledge yourself and the other. By blaming the other, you do not take responsibility for your own part and victims and perpetrators arise. Keep denying (Black Moon), or: acknowledging, so that core qualities can be released. This applies in your private life, but also collectively, for example with the situation around America, Japan and North Korea.

Cosmic weather forecast: Justice for all

The Forgotten War

After World War II, Korea was divided into North and South by America, Russia and China. Families were torn apart. A civil war broke out between North and South. North Korea was bombed by the Americans. There were millions dead, they call it the Forgotten War. To this day there is only truce between North and South, no peace treaty.

When there is no acknowledgment, people are angry, feel unseen, unheard, turn away or attack. They have been wronged. Kim Jong Un threatened Japan with an atomic bomb last week for not apologizing for what had happened.

Imagine what would happen if Japan and America said, “Yeah, you’re right. We have wronged you, we should have done it differently.” Then Korea could also say: “Okay, thank you. Perhaps we could have done it differently.” Then all that display of power is not necessary. Then there is peace. It is the same in our private lives. We always see that in the constellation work. When there is recognition, victims and perpetrators rest peacefully side by side in death. Do you want right or happiness?

Something on your liver

Jupiter is in the sign of Libra until October 10. Jupiter is the planet of justice, and on a physical level it belongs to the functions of the liver. The sign Libra is a balance sign, which belongs to Lady Justice, but also to the Egyptian Goddess Maat.

With the Egyptians, after your death, your heart was weighed on a scale with an ostrich feather of Maat on the right scale and the heart of the deceased on the left. If the side turned to the heart, it was a sign that the conscience was not clear and you were not allowed to go on to the afterlife.

During the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the sky on September 23, Venus, Mars and Mercury join the stars of the sign Leo. However, they are in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of discernment, purification, crystallization. We may examine within ourselves whether our soul is pure. Which way does our personal scale tip?

A clear conscience (Saturn) gives pure relationships, communication, then love can flow and that gives everyone the right to his own place. In the near future, look at your own life to see if you still have to do someone justice. Have you wronged someone or have you been wronged and do you still need recognition?


Another end of the world was announced on September 23 . Apocalypse means: Divine unveiling or revelation. The astronomical apparition of Saint Mary was in Revelation 12 of John. There it could be read that there was thunder and lightning, that the heavens opened and a Woman appeared clothed with the Sun and the Moon at her feet and a wreath of twelve stars around her head.

She was pregnant and in labor. Second, a dragon with twelve heads appeared. He wanted to devour the child after birth, The child was born and Mary was saved and hid in the desert. Then a heavenly war broke out. As if Saint Mary were going to fight the battle between good and evil. A holy mother would never do that. There is no mother who wants war! No one wants war, everyone wants peace and happiness.

The battle between good and evil takes place within ourselves. People are traumatized and from their pain, survival mechanisms and pain bodies they act, say things that hurt. So the more aware we become of ourselves, the more we can solve, not only for ourselves, but also for our children and the collective. As in this beautiful story:

Cosmic weather forecast: Justice for all

Two wolves live in my heart

One night, an old Cherokee told his grandson about the struggle that goes on within humans. He said: “My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ within each of us. One is called Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sadness, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lie, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is called Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, faithfulness, compassion, magnanimity, truth, compassion and faith. The grandson thought about it for a moment and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

La Vita é bella!

Trust seems to have disappeared, in everything, man himself, politics, Mother Nature, we are thrown back on ourselves. But at the same time, it is also a challenge to learn to trust again. That we have the power to live, to find the confidence in ourselves and in the other, that is a conscious choice that we can make. We can’t go on together with suspicious minds!

Perhaps that is also the reason for these end times. These have always been there and will always exist. And it may sound crazy, but we also need this thinking to realize every time that our life is finite and to make the best of it.

Life is Beautiful! Life is there to live, with all the trimmings: pain, loss, anger, sadness, but also joy and pleasure! Everything can be there! There is no right or wrong! Suppose we lived every day with a clear conscience, and knowing that death is there, so really living in the Now, Carpe diem, seize the day. Then perhaps we would be much more careful with our loved ones and enjoy that which is Now much more.

Then we might feel blessed with the riches that our lives, our earth and our loved ones offer us. When we do justice to everyone, we do life justice. La vita é Bella!


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