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Cosmic weather forecast :”Star of Bethlehem” – Yvonne Weeber

lovely people,

So in what enormously powerful and wonderful times we live. It all happens so fast and so much is happening that I can write a weather forecast almost every day. Unfortunately I don’t have the time for that.

When my new website is ready I will have space to keep a blog. Where I will be processing updates every few days. But okay, how are we doing? Hey hey. Finally we can breathe again. We’ve had a tough few weeks with Sun in Scorpio, Retrograde Mercury conjunction Saturn, Venus conjunction Pluto the eclipse sequence etc. Pluto and the Sun in Scorpio took us to the underworld.

We have faced our dark sides and we have had a tough time making choices and letting go of what was no longer necessary. With the big triangle in the water signs, it was a tough emotional time. Times of deep insights, profound conversations, making choices. Saying goodbye to people, relationships, work, old habits etc.. But the sun is now in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius so that we can start making plans again.

in-between world

And yes, we are still in a kind of in-between world. It seemed like we were stuck. For many a difficult time and sometimes even with nasty depressive feelings.

Everything was so serious and sometimes heavy. While we also have the feeling that we are ready. And that’s right. We are ready. For years we have worked very hard, and of course we still come across things, but those are the dots on the I.

Pluto has taken us to the underworld to take a good look at shadows and any parts that have not yet been recognized goods. Before we transfer, our base must be clean and bright. In addition, many of us have also worked very hard for the collective work to keep the energy high. Now that is no longer necessary. Everyone can take care of their own energy.

This also gave us space to clean up those pieces that we didn’t have the space or time for. As a result, we can get the feeling that Now everything has to change. We can see that we no longer need gurus. No outside authorities tell us what to do. We are guided by Pluto to find all the answers within ourselves. After all, that’s where the treasure is hidden.

Holy Grail

The image I got in this situation was an image from one of the Indiana Jones movies, The last Crusade. Indy, his father is looking for the Holy Grail and is missing. Indy goes looking for him. He finds his father’s diary where he finds clues that lead to the holy grail. This is of course stolen. They travel to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where the Temple of the Holy Grail is located. After several chases, Indy ends up at an opening in a rock. He can’t go on.

He stands above a dizzying chasm and he knows he must get to the other side. He remembers a clue from the diary that he must trust and that trust is the only thing that will allow him to find the Holy Grail. With eyes closed, he takes a step into nothingness. To his surprise, he puts his foot on an invisible bridge. So he walks to the other side. He arrives at a cave where an ancient crusader guards the Holy Grail.

But there are hundreds of cups, each more beautiful than the next. Indy takes the simplest of wood. It turns out, of course, that it is. This image symbolizes the period we are in now. All we have to do is trust and take the next step into nothingness to get to the holy grail.

Letting go of our stories

And that trust is sometimes difficult. For centuries we have struggled, inwardly and outwardly, with ourselves, and with the other, to now come to true love, with ourselves and with the other. True love is the holy grail.

No longer by taking care of the other, or that with our spiritual egos we think we know better than the other, because everyone has gone their own way. Everyone is waking up. We have believed in our stories for so long. Stories that we weren’t worth it, that the other person hurt us, traumas about anything and everything.

But are we willing to let go of the stories? Are we willing to let go of the drama? It is difficult for us as humans precisely because we have worked so hard to let go of the pursuit of solutions and hard work. Imagine that it is indeed finished. Then we can create from joy and pleasure. Can we finally start doing what we really love! If all goes well, we will be helped with that.

Comet Ison, the new Star of Bethlehem

Like all comets, ISON is a clump of frozen mixtures of gases and dust.

Comet Isonis being called the new Star of Bethlehem by scientists . This is because Ison is closest to Earth on December 26 and may also be best seen.

There are currently 4 comets in our solar system. The main Lovejoy who walks through the sign of Cancer and Ison, the comet of the century. This one was discovered in 2012 while walking through the sign of twins. Then he walked through the constellations Cancer, Leo and Virgo and now goes right past Mercury.

While Ison was only discovered in 2012, crop circles of this green comet could already be seen in 2009, which has developed wings in the meantime. It is special that the crop circles already had a message about this coming comet.

on my facebook pagethere are two movies about the comet. One with the path he travels through space and another. Very interesting. Ison is now visible to the naked eye just before sunrise. On November 28, Thanksgiving day, Ison has a close encounter with the sun and will then become fully visible. It remains in our solar system until about February 14. Perhaps not all astrologers find such a comet worth writing about.

I see a comet, as a bringer of light. Of course such a comet influences our whole Being. A comet is made up of stardust. And if we consider that we as humanity also consist of stardust. All the water on our planet, the water we drink every day, is millions of years old and comes from impacted meteorites from space. As above, so below, as within, so without.

It’s like having a large insect flying through your aura. You don’t have to see it, but your system does feel it. As a result, the energy has changed. That insect is coming to bring you something, including a comet through our solar system. Especially if you knowthe Chaos Theory.

Chaos theory

Scientific theory, which assumes that there is always a certain chaos in nature. Using computer calculations,Lorenz described in 1961 that in theory the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly that takes off from a twig somewhere on the equator can cause very small air movements, which can grow into a real hurricane elsewhere in the world.

The graphical representation of the distribution of the results of the calculations has the shape of a butterfly. Hence, this theory is also known as Butterfly of Lorenz

If such a movement of a butterfly could have such enormous consequences, what consequences would a comet like this have?

Christ consciousness

In my opinion, no new Messiah will be born with this Star of Bethlehem. Yes, the Messiah in man himself. I think this comet brings light to the consciousness of man. This comet will pass close to the sun on Thanksgiving Day. Perhaps he brings the consciousness of gratitude, gratitude for life.

Perhaps he will bring light to our hearts, now that we are also confronted with how vulnerable we really are. On December 26, it will pass close to Earth. The astronomers can’t even say how the exact movement will be. It may be that it continues its orbit along the sun.

But it is also possible that Ison is swallowed by the sun.And then also, and this is the most discussed theory, that it makes a short turn just past the sun and then goes back again. So it’s kind of a loop. On his way back he comes close to Mercury and the Earth. We are awakened, to allow love, to live from compassion and to be grateful for what is and for life. The Christ consciousness can be activated.


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