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Cosmic weather forecast: To be born again

It’s been a while since you heard from me. Besides busy practice and the publication of my book, of course I also had the flu like so many of us. The cosmic energies of February and March have been quite intense. Many people have had the flu, some two or three times. There were gigantic muscle pains in legs, shoulders and hands, headaches, listlessness, intensely tired, sleeping badly, or sleeping a lot. But also a feeling of being off grid, not grounded, confusion, blurry, cotton wool in your head and not being able to concentrate.

Even some depressive feelings that you don’t understand where they come from. You have already cleaned up a lot and there is clear insight into everything. you are well;you are having a good time, you are a satisfied person and you have a blessed life. And yet all of a sudden these nasty feelings overtake you. Many people around me were diagnosed with serious illnesses and a number of relatively young people also died. All in all, not an easy time.

Big cleaning

As you can see so beautifully with small children. After a childhood illness, they often make a leap in their development. They have had a growth spurt. That’s how it is with us adults. A scientific study says that our brain changes drastically after a flu and that the process continues for a long time afterwards. Awareness is growing and if all goes well you will do things differently and see things differently after such a severe flu.

heal old wounds

During the spring equinox, the Sun was conjunct Chiron, the pain planet, an asteroid that moves between Uranus and Saturn and will only be in our galaxy for 100 years. Chiron has been in our galaxy since 1987 and helps us to become aware of our soul pain, on a personal and collective level. We all come into this life with a certain soul pain. We are also always born into the most favorable family where that pain is fully touched in order to be able to heal it.

They are wounds like rejection, not being good enough, not being worth having, not being seen and being heard. That wound of our soul keeps repeating itself in our relationships with our parents, brothers and sisters and later in intimate relationships and in our work.They are stored patterns of action and reaction. As I often say, relationships are not there to make you happy, relationships are there to bring out the pain that was already there so that it can be healed.

This wound is stored in our body, and with these kind of big energy shifts, we get the chance to look at it and heal. Jupiter going retrograde in Scorpio until July 10 can be a big support in this. We may come across old pieces full of anger and fears to face. Especially pieces that have to do with sexuality, intimate relationships, power and powerlessness situations. can be of great support in this regard. We may come across old pieces full of anger and fears to face.

Especially pieces that have to do with sexuality, intimate relationships, power and power situations. can be of great support in this regard. We may come across old pieces full of anger and fears to face. Especially pieces that have to do with sexuality, intimate relationships, power and power situations.

me too

Emotions show the way, they show where we still have work to do. From 2010, Chiron has been in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the sign of completion and is connected to the twelfth house, which stands for detachment, spiritual development, the collective consciousness, dreams, hospitals, care, but also our ancestors, addictions, illusions, the hidden and also that we are all connected are in the Source.

A lot has happened in the past ten years, such as the rise of working with family constellations and ancestors. It is now mainly about victim/perpetratorship and the hidden things that may now be revealed. We can see that in the collective with Me Too.With the constellation work, you work with the conscience, fields of consciousness of families, ancestors, cities, countries and the whole world.

So much space has now been created in those fields that so much can come up right now. All secrets and corruption are exposed. It’s great that women And men! now dare to open their mouths to tell what happened. And it’s everywhere: in the world of charity, politics, film, sports and television, at Jehovah’s and Buddhist Monks . It comes out everywhere. We must also be careful not to persecute men. It is not only men who exhibit sexually transgressive behaviour.

Women are also allowed to look at themselves in this and take responsibility. All those situations of power and impotence require recognition so that justice can be done and the conscience cleared. Constellations can provide a lot of insight into this and really solve it. We can see that the perpetrators are just as much victims and that peace comes when both are acknowledged.


Pisces also includes self-sacrifice, which is why Chiron is also associated with Christ. The story of Christ symbolizes our own lives. Now that we are approaching Easter, that may be a nice clarification. After Carnival, the time of fasting begins. In the past this meant abstinence from meat, carne = meat. A period of abstinence, detox, on all levels, a time to reflect on who we are and what we do.

Easter is the festival of rebirth, which is preceded by the walking of the cross and the crucifixion. Everyone walks his own cross path, with his own cross on his shoulders. Walking the cross path, so this period, is a period of reflection, time and rest. I bear this cross, the cross of my conscience.As long as I blame and make the other responsible for my pain and/or happiness, there is no peace, no redemption in me.

That redemption comes when you let go of your stories and look at the world differently and start carrying your own cross. Chiron and therein also the cross path are about accepting earthly life, including growing pains, including the cross to be carried by you. Everything you do or think changes the flow of life.

Chiron in Ram

As I said, we are in a closing phase. From April 18, Chiron will change sign after eight years. From Pisces to Aries. Aries is the sign of the new beginning, of Spring, birth. Chiron in Aries, can cause problems at first with the feeling of being completely there and with all the trimmings. Chiron in Aries asks you to stand up for yourself, to take your own place, to be assertive and set boundaries.

It is necessary to first take back your own place in your family, to reconcile with your inner parents so that the inner child in you gets the space to be itself. When you’ve taken that place again, and you can just be a kid and brother or sister again. Then you can also take your place in society.Then you can really take care of yourself and stand on your own two feet, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

We will feel supported by our parents and ancestors. In this you can be an example for the other, so that the other is also open to changes. He sees you shine and says I want that too! Great changes will come and new movements will arise, in which we will support each other from our healed selves and serve the greater whole.

to slow down

Saturn in Capricorn is now running into the diamond, which represents perfection and balance in the masculine and feminine within ourselves. He will go retrograde on April 18, but he touched the diamond briefly. The feminine is passive and receptive, the masculine is active and enterprising.

They are two opposite kinds of creative power. The female, the ovum, is passive, waiting for the time to leave and be fertilized. The male is active, the sperm that aggressively in a rat race with other sperm, finds its way to the egg and fertilizes it. During the patriarchy and especially in recent years it has become clear that only the purely male form of creation exhausts the earth, exhausts man and causes burn out and destruction of man and the earth.

For the time being, the gaze is still turned inwards. There is still time for the new energies to sink in. Saturn in Capricorn creates a delay that allows us to think about what we really want to create and new values.

For each other

Creation not from greed and ego needs, but from feminine values ​​​​of equality and care for each other. We need new values ​​​​to get out of this destructive situation. A new way of dealing with each other and Mother Earth. So that there is room for sustainability and quality. And you can already see it happening.

People really wake up. A lot is happening, there is a willingness to approach things differently. Saturn will support us in this process to gain confidence in ourselves and the process. The March 31 full moon will shine its light in relationships. It is about you and me, giving and taking in balance, from your own place, from your own strength.
The ultimate deliverance from suffering comes as the bible says:


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