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Cosmic Weather Report March 2016- by Yvonne Weeber

Be the change you want to see in the world

There is a special process going on in myself and as I see it in humanity, a kind of inner (r)evolution. We have long given our power away to authorities outside of us. It’s time to become completely honest with ourselves.

So honest that everything we kept secret from ourselves and others can come out. This is both on a personal and collective level. More and more people are going the path of self-realization and that is exactly what it takes, honesty and purity.

Be the change you want to see in the world, Mathatma Gandhi

Krishnamurti , The world that is you!

The world is upside down. We have been rudely awakened by all the horrific images and the reality of war and violence. But it doesn’t happen for nothing. This is a moment of opportunity to make real changes in the world. What we see in the media scares us and makes us feel powerless.

But it is precisely because of that powerless feeling that we decide to take back our own authority, our own power. We are the world, and everything we see is a reflection of who we are. As within, so without, as above, so below. We are the earth, we are the cosmos. As soon as we see through the illusions, we take back our power and we can serve the greater whole with responsibility, strength and courage.

For centuries we have given away power to churches, gurus, governments, on a personal level to parents, partners, teachers, astrologers, healers and doctors. Everyone spoke their own part of the truth, but what is truth? I’m realizing more and more that I don’t know anything at all and need to know. Except that we are the creators of reality, so time for an Inner journey. Or as David Bowie so beautifully put it:be an astronaut in your own inner space.

David Bowie
David Bowie

Inner Journey

The North Node conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, causes us to return to Earth reality. Back to reality, putting things in order, clearing, purifying, detoxing on all layers and on all levels: emotional, rational, physical, relational and spiritual. Ancient civilizations already knew that the truth was hidden within ourselves. Only you can decide for yourself whether something is true or not. As Byron Katie says, “ Is it true ? How can you be sure it’s true?” Ask yourself that all the time before you judge anything or anyone.

It is time to travel into that inner world and connect with your own truth, your inner knowing, your own wisdom. It’s time to accept yourself with all the trimmings. Yes cannot change yourself, the other and the world. You can only change the way you perceive things. You do that by facing all the unseen and rejected parts of yourself.

Many of them are rejected child parts that want to be heard and seen and ask to become your own parent. Important in this transition is to restore the relationship with your parents and ancestors. How can you honor and respect the earth, the world, yourself and the other if you deny your source, your origin?

Neptune, along with the Southern Node and Chiron, is opposite Jupiter.It indicates that you can heal old pieces, for yourself and the collective. Time to see through and let go of the illusions that cause suffering. To become aware (Jupiter) of your own power and the possibility to heal. it is an invitation to start living life, instead of suffering.

Back to the Essence

When a child is born it is Essence, he/she IS. A child is born to parents with a certain belief system, in a certain family, in a certain country to undergo those things that suit its blueprint. You develop a personality that fits your role, but that personality is not who you really are, it is a survival structure. Because of everything that happens, you wake up and you start looking for your true nature, because deep down you know that this is not right, that this is not you, that the personality is a modified version. Your Essence is a state of Being.

There are feelings such as strength, courage, compassion, love, willpower, space, happiness and gratitude. Those are the real aspects of our being. Fear, anger, sadness, rage, excitement and joy are emotions. They are thought-laden feelings to which stories are attached. Emotions and the stories you still tell yourself form a guideline that you can use on your path to self-realization.

When you reject emotions, they become dark sides and you project them into the outside world. You outsource your own rejected parts to others and then you have no power over it. Especially the idea that anger shouldn’t be there is harmful. You are not all love and light.

You are like nature, next to light there is darkness, next to sunshine there is rain. Anger is there when you don’t take good care of yourself and let it go beyond your limits. It is necessary to experience anger so that you can transform it into creative power, creativity and self-esteem.Cosmic Weather Report March 2016- by Yvonne Weeber

Let go of victim/perpetrator thinking

I recently saw the movie Er ist wieder da . In this movie, Hitler is back and our modern age and everyone thinks it’s an actor until someone sees it’s real and plays the same game as in the 1930s. The man pushes him off a building at the end of the film and Hitler falls to his death. In the next scene he is alive and well next to the man.

“You cannot kill me, I am a part that lives in every person,” Hitler says. And that is what must be seen now, otherwise the Hitlers, Gaddafis, Assads will keep coming back into this world. They too are part of us! They play a role in making us aware.Pluto, the planet of power, powerlessness and manipulation asks you to descend deeply into yourself and to meet your own shadow sides. You can only experience yourself through the outside world, because you cannot see yourself. So what are you projecting into that outside world? It’s time to start seeing and embracing all those rejected parts; sometimes there can be a deep inner fear of facing those parts.

The final transformation can take place when you accept everything unconditionally (Pluto), because everything you don’t accept only gets bigger. It strengthens duality and struggle. As a spiritual adult you see that there are no victims or perpetrators. Instead, you take responsibility for everything that lives within you.

Then you know that life gives you exactly what you need. You could actually say that the world is not a reflection of who you are. It only shows the reflection of your personality, until you start to see who you really are, your essence and then the other becomes the reflection of your essence and is just right as it is.


All struggle and misery arise from good intentions and ideologies. Even the terrorist strives for love and peace and freedom, just like us, only each from his own background, creed and level of consciousness. Saturn in Sagittarius asks you to take responsibility for your own dogmas and to let go of your harmful beliefs and judgments.

Even living from love and light can be a dogma that creates false light. Do not blindly believe what others say and always do an inner check if it is true, how can I be sure….
Peace can only come when you start with peace within yourself. That starts with accepting what is. That life gives you exactly what you need: your parents, partner, children and your body are your gurus to step out of the matrix.

Only you can make a change by being the change. So how are you in the world? How much do you invest in relationships? Can you really see the other without your story about it? Do you experience total peace with the situation you are in? Are you saying YES to life as it unfolds for you? Get rid of everything that is holding you back from being truly free and letting love flow.

When you trust yourself and tune in to your inner compass, inner freedom is created so that you can surf the cosmic waves. Then you transcend the limitations, the horoscope, the chakra system and anything that keeps you from just Being! Then you step out of the matrix and see that this is a time of hope and inspiration in the Here and NOW.


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