Create a positive mindset

Create a positive mindset

How do you view the things that are happening in your life? Do you mainly see the negatives or the positives? Do you feel like life is overtaking you and doing you nasty tricks? Or do you see that life is beautiful with many ups and sometimes some downs?

What you focus on, that’s where you go

If you focus on the negative things, you will get an increasingly negative mindset. You will feel more miserable, which will make you think more negatively and you will see more and more negative things around you. Which makes you feel more negative, and so on. On the other hand, if you focus on the positive things, you will notice that you will feel happier, think more positively and that life has so much to offer. Both positivity and negativity act like a magnet. Whichever side you choose it attracts more of the same and never the other. Positivity will never attract negativity and vice versa.

“The pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.” – unknown

Teach yourself to be positive

Create a positive mindset

• Think positive

Even if you are more of a pessimist by nature, you can learn to become more positive. Integrate positive thinking into your life. Start your day positively by thinking of two things in your life that make you happy as soon as you get up . This way you start with a positive mindset. End your day by thinking about five things you were grateful for that day. For example, you can write this down in a gratitude journal. This way you get a nice overview of the positive things in your life. On a bad day, when you are leaning towards the negative again, you can add this. It will help you look on the bright side of life again. A grateful heart is a happy heart.

• Talk positively

Stop grumbling and complaining. Instead, try to change things up or, if that doesn’t work, just accept that something is just the way it is. Gossiping is also a form of negative talk. Speak positively about people. Only say things about others that show a positive outlook. And only say things about them that you wish people would say about you.

When the going gets tough

Consciously try to respond positively and say things positively. Things naturally become positive and you are more focused on the solution than on the problem. When you focus more on the positive, the negative will become less noticeable. It just depends on what you focus on. Sometimes it’s just time to tackle a problem. If you see something, don’t talk negatively about it, but take action. Find a solution.

Adjust and bend

Create a positive mindset

Because it is natural to think negatively, and especially the Dutch are good at that, you will have to adjust yourself every time. And have to think, wait a minute I’m doing it again. Then bend your thoughts and steer back to the positive. For every negative thought you had, try to counter it with two positive things. For example, if your washing machine breaks down and you think no, I have that! What a misery.

You can also think: it’s a shame it’s gone, but I’ve been able to enjoy it in recent years that it washed so well. And luckily, washing machines are much cheaper than they used to be, so buying a new one isn’t nearly as bad. Change your perspective. Look at what was negative in a new light, is it really that bad/big/heavy/nasty?


Your way turns towards your expectations. Do you expect things to be positive? Or do you expect it to be all doom and gloom? Chances are it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is partly because of the magnet discussed earlier, partly because you unconsciously take the path of your expectations. Expect life to give you the best and live up to it. Live as if every day is a gift. When things don’t go well, you scramble up again, with the expectation that tomorrow will bring beautiful new things. Because as the saying goes, “After rain comes sunshine.”

“In the midst of the difficulty lies the opportunity.” – Albert Einstein


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