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Create from the Heart Consciousness

Traditionally, we humans have been conditioned by our parents and environment to work hard and direct our energies towards pursuing external goals such as career, property and money. Pursuing a goal gives our lives direction and is part of being human. This need to pursue something stems from our Ego and has become a social habit.

In this time of the Heart-borne Consciousness it is very doubtful whether this will make us happy. Alex Lloyd, author of The Love Code doesn’t think so because chasing something outside of us causes anxiety and stress and is unsatisfactory in the long run.
In his book  The Love Code, Lloyd describes how we are doomed to be unhappy if we base our lives solely on the achievement of external results:

Create from the Heart Consciousness
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“If the main goal in your life is an external circumstance, you most likely will not achieve it, because the stress caused by it will frustrate your best efforts. And even if you do reach the goal, you will reach it in the long run. term unsatisfactory. If, on the other hand, the main goal in your life is a state of mind, the possible outcomes will be different.”

Lloyd shows with his book that the ego-supported consciousness is becoming less and less important. Nowadays you see more and more that Ego driven actions cause people to get stuck or create illness. We realize that this way of living no longer works and through this realization there is more room to act from the heart.
Before this shift to the Heart Consciousness took place, we were working more from our Ego. We acted primarily from our will and usually also on automatic pilot without paying too much attention from what motive we acted. We had become accustomed to acting more from our mind and less from the heart in which our Authentic I is hidden.

The more we develop our heart-based awareness, the more important it becomes to listen more to our heart and do things that are attuned to our head AND heart. In this article I want to take a closer look at how you can create more from your heart and how the Ego can sabotage you to listen to your heart.

The core of the Heart-borne Consciousness consists of Love Love is the greatest healing and creative force that exists on earth. In The Love Code Lloyd assumes, and I also share his opinion, that you will be happier in life if you live from the highest principle, Love. To do this, you must reprogram your cells that live in fear to live more in love. Our cells consist purely of love, but because we have negative thoughts, we kill the cells piece by piece and therefore live more from fear and we get stuck or get sick.

By looking at and embracing your fears because they simply show you where the wounds or shadows are in you, you can transform them into love. I am not promoting Lloyd’s techniques here because I believe that everyone should find their own way of living from love, but what matters to me is that we have the realization that we are moving more and more towards a Heart-borne consciousness in which Love is central and not the Ego.

This is not an easy process because we are clearing everything that covers our own core of love and in this we encounter all the old patterns and pain that our Ego prefers to keep hidden. It also means that some of the things you want to do are not ready to do because you are still in your clearing process. This is not an easy process because we are clearing everything that covers our own core of love and in this we encounter all the old patterns and pain that our Ego prefers to keep hidden.

It also means that some of the things you want to do are not ready to do because you are still in your clearing process. This is not an easy process because we are clearing everything that covers our own core of love and in this we encounter all the old patterns and pain that our Ego prefers to keep hidden. It also means that some of the things you want to do are not ready to do because you are still in your clearing process.

The good news is that when our core is more freed, we can create more easily from our hearts. In order to create from our heart, 2 things are essential: joy and gratitude. Joy is necessary to create a positive vibration and brings us into the Here and Now and Gratitude makes us humble, stimulates the connection with our Heart and Source and gives a sense of inner peace.

Together they create a vibration of love and this vibration according to the Law of Attraction is reflected by the Universe and attracts all kinds of positive people and situations. There is a complete sense of trust and surrender in this process of creation. Trust that you are taken care of and surrender to your heart that shows you the way.

Because you are creating from trust you do not have to focus on the form of your goal and therefore you can let go of the more control. The moment you want to control your goal, you are no longer in love but unconsciously in fear because you fear that if you do nothing, nothing will happen.

So the trust that your heart leads the way is gone and you fall from the state of Being to the Dostand or from Heart to Head. If you end up in the Do mode, you are more likely to shoot yourself in the head and you will end up having to and blame yourself if the things you tackle don’t work out. You keep running and it is more difficult to stand still.

You may recognize yourself in the following scenario: You have worked hard to achieve your goal, you have put everything aside, thrown everything into battle to achieve your goal and the success of achieving your goal is not forthcoming and you understand none of it. You get annoyed and feel tired and frustrated. Just like Alex Lloyd described, you feel stressed because you are chasing something.

You may think you may have done something wrong or not worked hard enough. The moment you start to think and feel this way, you have already been seduced by your Ego without realizing it. The Ego has made you believe that achieving external goals by constantly taking action is more important instead of standing still and trusting that everything you need comes to you and presents itself from within.

The Ego thus maintains the illusion that happiness can be found outside of you and not within you. This gets you involved in doing and you lose the connection with your heart. The Ego always tries to keep you from love because if you live more from love, the ego dies and the Ego tries to avoid it in every way and thus leads you astray from your heart.

This scenario outlined above is true.; I wanted something very badly and did everything I could to get it done and got frustrated and tired when it didn’t work. Only when I made contact with my heart did I realize that I was working from my will and from fear of shortage. I asked the Universe for help and then began to pay attention to the impulses of my heart that brought me back to the vibration of joy and allowed others to open doors.

In itself it sounds quite easy to create from your heart and it is not so for the voice of your Ego leading you astray. How does it work ? Very simple. The Ego makes you believe that you are not good enough at the core. If you start to believe this thought, you get a bad feeling about yourself and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

In order to make you feel better and supposedly become good, the Ego tries in all kinds of ways to tell you that you are successful and that you are only something if you work hard and perform. Your value is therefore linked to performance and you are constantly compared to others in appearance, performance etc./. The Ego initially gives you the feeling that it supports you and makes you dependent on approval outside of you.

But it is precisely this supportive voice that turns against you if your goal is not achieved and even drives you into the ground by making you feel as if you have failed. Thus you have a bad feeling about yourself again And then the story starts again because in order to get rid of your bad feeling the Ego tells you that you have to hit yourself hard. In this way you remain under the spell of the Ego and can no longer hear the voice of your heart

On the contrary, your heart which symbolizes love knows that you are already all right because in essence you are love and so you do not have to do anything to be who you are but only act from an abundance of love. You don’t have to get anything, you don’t have to achieve anything because there is nothing missing in you.

If you create from your heart you are working from a different vibration than purely from the Ego. Of course, to create things you have to work hard because you need a certain amount of willpower, discipline, dedication and commitment to achieve your goal. But there is clearly a difference in energy when you work purely from willpower and a sense of must than from love.

If there is only a must, willpower runs out.The need is disastrous for the heart, wears us out and fixes us, but Love sets us in motion and lets us flow. If we really love something, we go for it one hundred percent, be it love for your home, partner, animal or job. Love gives you wings. That’s why it is so important to follow the impulses of your heart. If you feel the need to do something, do it for yourself without being attached to the form and the result or to money.

You have no idea where it will take you but you can rest assured that this is good for you and that the Universe is supporting you. !For example, if you want to garden, and you don’t have a garden, look for opportunities like a community garden or volunteer gardening with people because that’s how you feed your soul and you need that to have inner peace.

Creating from your heart is a consciousness process in which you are guided by your heart breaking free from Ego.

In this time of transformation from Ego to heart-borne consciousness, we may become more and more free from self-judgment, perfectionism and approval outside of us and really start to trust our hearts. The moment you do something out of a sense of lack, you are no longer attuned to the Love in you.

This is something we can practice and where life always serves us because in everything we are now challenged to really feel whether we want to live from fear or from love. So put aside your fears, ask from within and from the Universe what you need now and follow the impulses of your heart.You will see that new doors will open for you and that you will feel happier.


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