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Create your world by visualizing, with your heart as a generator.

Visualize with your heart as a generator.

I often see in practice that people have read or heard about visualization and creation. They know exactly what they want and have thought out in detail what their image should look like, but they don’t seem to be making any progress yet… How is this possible? How do you create what you want?

It is important to know that the above method, very specific visualization can certainly work for you. But even more important is to link your desired feeling to your thoughts . How do you want to feel when you have achieved your final result? Because that’s what it’s all about in the end. You can think of and create all kinds of visualizations, but how do you feel when you have achieved the end result?Create-your-world-from-your-heart

As an example, let’s take a work-related relationship that just doesn’t seem to work. Every time you come into contact with your colleague, it is a challenge not to disturb the other person. Still, you visually visualize that things are going well between the two of you, but the moment you see him/her, you feel completely different things and your visualization doesn’t seem to work.

What I want to introduce you to is another form of creative visualization. You visualize an end goal of your creation. How you feel in that image and the details of how you’re going to get there, you leave it to life itself.

All you have to do is stay in touch with your end result , a pleasant collaboration with your colleague , and how you feel in that end result, relaxed and in balance during collaboration .

In this way you let the natural flow of life focus on how you achieve your end goal, instead of filling in the ‘how’ with your human brain.

To be honest, with our human brain we can’t always oversee all the possibilities that can support us. So if you let go of your thoughts about what the possibilities are, and make use of all the possibilities that bring you in contact with your goal, then you use the easiest way.

In the example above, that means: don’t pay attention to all the thoughts that want the other person to adapt or leave. Only keep paying attention and with that energy in your desired feeling.Create-your-world-from-your-heart

It saves you a lot of thinking, a lot of time, a lot of resistance and a lot of energy. Cooperating with life itself is the easiest thing there is.

A tip to help you on your way is to see whether you really feel or want your end result.

Because the most important thing in your visualization is that you allow yourself a certain way of being. If you feel your end result, then you already know that it is achievable for you; you give it to yourself.

If you only see your end result in front of you, but don’t feel anything about it, then it is just a visualization. It tells you that you mainly want the end result, but you don’t see it happening yet in reality. You see one thing in front of you, but your heart screams completely different signals.

Wanting something indicates that you don’t have it yet. You assume a lack, a shortage. Sincerely granting yourself something and already feeling how you feel when you have it, indicates to your subconscious that it is already there. You already feel it around you.

Why is that emotional value in your visualization so incredibly crucial?
Because your heart is a generator. Your heart greatly amplifies all your feelings, it emits electrical signals even 100x stronger than your brain and magnetic fields even 5000x. (see also Gregg Braden on YouTube about this

That is why a visualization with feeling can work for you many times faster and easier as an image purely from your head.

What is the easiest way then?

  1. Think of an image, situation or just a feeling that you want to achieve as an end goal. It can be a project, but it can also be a process of creating how you want to feel that day.
    You can imagine that you are at work with your colleague, without being bothered by the other person.
  1. Can you imagine how you will feel when you have reached your ultimate goal? How do you feel and what do you radiate at that moment?
    You feel that you can stay with yourself with all your attention and that your colleague can also be themselves. It feels like a victory to stay in balance and work with your colleague. Positive energy, balance and self-confidence predominate.
  1. Let go of your image for a while, but stay connected with the feeling of your end goal. You give your body and your consciousness the idea that you have already achieved your ultimate goal. Which also automatically makes you think and act like someone who has already achieved the ultimate goal.
    You allow yourself to stay with yourself, regardless of the people around you. You feel positive energy, balance and confidence throughout the day, wherever you are, regardless of your environment.
  2. Let yourself go with the flow of life, while staying connected with your desired feeling. With this you are already successful in the moment and the circumstances will automatically form to your appearance

Because you feel balanced, full of positive energy and full of self-confidence, your colleague can behave differently towards you, or you feel for the first time that you do not have to respond to the bad behavior of the other person. As a result, they could eventually adjust their behavior towards you.Create-your-world-from-your-heart

In fact, the situation around you matters much less than before. Because you determine how you feel regardless of the situation around you. If you are able to surround yourself with certain emotional values, purely from a visualization, then you already determine your own experience of the world around you. The world around you cannot help but shape situations to your new experience, because that is exactly what the universe does all day long!

  • ♥ A self-chosen experience of feeling, creates different thoughts, brings different actions and brings you a new end result!

Let yourself be surprised and amazed about what life has to offer you and about what you have to offer life. Enjoy your adventures and your creative process!


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