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Creating in the new time

December 21, 2012 we entered a new era. We went through some kind of focal point around that date. The old is still there (to be released) and the new may be discovered.

The new energy has a different basis than the old, the laws are different, as it were. We have now arrived in a space where we are Creators, but from the ego and ‘the mind’ we behave like beggars. In this article you can read more about the changes from the old to the new way of Creation.

17th degree scorpion


‘At the entrance of his house, a man dressed as a harlequin gives alms to a beggar in the picture on the right. On the left side of the opening is a stone with facets on a low pillar. The top is truncated. The stone radiates orange-red light on three sides.’ (description of the image from Koppejan’s book ISBN 90-202-1670-8)

The image associated astrologically with the corrected north node is of the 17th degree Scorpio. (transits=now, but also in the horoscope of the lunar and solar eclipse 15-4-2013 at 20:57 Greenwich and 10-5-2013 at 1:28 Greenwich) 


We are currently integrating the old and the new. We have now arrived at a crossroads where many want to come together.

The ‘must’ and that which is demanded from the outside and the ‘being’ and that which already is from within and wants to flow out and come into being. In the new space where we now exist are different laws. We have now arrived in the space of the Creator and may learn how to exist in it.

Often the ‘holy must’ pulls us out of our being. Very practical things like money, taking care of people around us, the children, parents. Hey, do this soon and do that again and then you quickly cross your limits and you have lost connection with your being and your insides, your intuition. The bigger picture shows that there is an integration between these two extremes.


At this moment the material (mother earth) and the spiritual (source) are integrating down to the hardest layers. In the image of the 17 th degree of Scorpio (see above), the red radiating gemstone symbolizes this.

So there is definitely a physical component that we have to take into account. It’s about bringing these two so different components together harmoniously. With its natural beings in its base, the earth functions from cycles, these are cycles from which creations emerge organically. These cycles may take a new place in the total new creation process.

If the sacred components of our mother Earth and her beings and our body are consciously dealt with, by consciously including them in the Creation process, seeing and naming them, the process of Creation can accelerate and come to manifestation. Our heart already does this automatically and honors all differences and connects them with love, but the will,

The will

If you wanted to achieve something in the old energy, you had to do something practical and concrete. Also in the old energy we could either only put our energy in the outside world (the masculine) or withdraw from life and put your energy only in the inner world (the feminine).

This is no longer possible in the new energy and space. The masculine and feminine in us (active and passive) is now one (This started in the autumn and is visible in the lunar eclipse of November 2012. Everyone is running a different process in this, to balance these energies. stumbles and wonders alternate, but we learn and grow.

We are learning to realign our will. We are now cracking the hardest part of the nut. So that the light of the God Spark, the radiant heart, connects all facets of ourselves. But it sometimes feels like you’re in a split.

The image actual in the lunar and solar eclipse (northern lunar node) of the beggar, the jester and the gem shows us that the gate is open. That the Divine part of us humorously dispenses what we need.

Everything we need will be there. It is therefore also about learning to receive and to enable us to do so physically. The gem that emits red light shows how to manifest this. A hexagon is an energetic cosmic gate, the stone radiates red light, this is the color of the base chakra and the earthly. So it’s already there if we just take things as they come from ‘being’.

That is what the Earthly demands of us in order to manifest. This is the cosmic octave of Pluto and corresponds to the basic laws of nature and how the natural beings function. Here it is yes or no, no compromises. ‘It is as it is’ and thus the manifestation can come about quickly.


The stone in the image of the solar and lunar eclipse shows us that we must be available for the inner divine manifestation to blossom, so that we can draw from the world around us what is practically necessary for this manifestation. Previously you could follow the Higher Self. Then it became clear what the intention was and what wanted to manifest and we could quietly wait for the relevant thing to manifest.

The New Creation

But in the new energy we are Creators ourselves (multi-dimensional Higher Self facets become one with us in our physical body) and it is important to step into our own creation and take ownership of this creation.

You can still feel the universe and the natural forces/beings flowing for your creation, but you are now the Creator and the tool. You are the focal point. So that has fundamentally changed. So more direction needs to be given, but too much willpower takes you out of the connection with your Source.

It is important that we receive the currents of the universe and of the earth and bring them together within ourselves. We now live at that crossroads. The hardest point in this is now being connected. (great trine of Saturn in Scorpio, Black Sun in Cancer, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.

star tetrahedron

star-of-davidA large hexagon/star tetrahedron (also called ‘Star of David’) of planets is forming. It is strongest on July 29, 2013, when the Moon makes the last point of the hexagon. A hexagon of planets is always a gate of harmonious descending cosmic energy. This hexagon is already emerging and can offer possible solutions.

Make sure you are physically ready to receive these energies, in order to connect these energies internally. Many feel from the inside that it is necessary to cleanse the body and eat purer or different. (hexagon:Moon in Taurus sextile Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and black Moon and Sun in Cancer sextile Venus in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn sextile Neptune and Chiron in Pisces)


During the partial lunar eclipse on Thursday 25 April 2013 I will go with a group of people to the Dolfinarium to meditate and sleep for 19 hours with the dolphins and cetaceans. It is clear that many contradictions come together here, such as freedom and captivity.

The energy of the partial lunar eclipse has a reinforcing effect in this to connect the different layers of our existence (ego, Higher Self) (image of the jester, beggar and hexagonal stone). Dolphins are masters at repairing connections. They especially help to heal problems at the vegetative level of the nervous system. The nervous system in our body connects spirit and matter.

They have indicated that new pathways will be opened for the evolution of man and dolphin in the physical body during this togetherness, that will open a new step for dolphins as well as humans. Four meetings are planned for this purpose. See www.inzichten.com in the agenda for more information. The first is already Thursday 25 April, and there are still places available.

Creator energies

It is therefore very important that you are both the focal point and connected to the whole. In my practice I work with the cosmic horoscope and crystals and Flowers of Life to experience the divine being clearly.

In this it has recently become very clear that if we are not in our bodies as that Creative focal point, we cannot bring into manifestation the essential of who we essentially are. The Seed of life (a flower of the flower of life with crystals on it) can help you experience how to do that.

The full flower of life (92 flowers with different crystal sizes) lets you experience how to take your focal point in the whole of your universe. When this connection is established, you experience the torus (coil, the shape of a donut) with the heart/diaphragm as the focal point. This is a 13 dimensional geometry pattern that allows your universe to flow as a whole.

The energy flows in and out at the same time. This is not easy to understand with the mind, but it can be experienced. When both energies of the Seed of Life and the full flower of life are experienced then the universe affirms the person and the person (focal point) is carried by the universe.

The will is then incorporated into the divine will. The focal point in the heart/diaphragm then becomes a radiant self-breathing light, which radiates enormously with every breath and attracts from ‘being’ what is needed. The flowers of life I work with are tools to help our body and energy system remember to be Creator. It is about remembering, even if it is completely new what is manifesting now,


What highest potential of what wants to unfold at this time shows the image of that belonging to the 17th degree of Scorpio, which is discussed and depicted at the beginning of this article. This is the image of the jester in front of the gate giving something to the beggar.

This image transforms to a new level and then becomes ‘A woman, impregnated by her own mind, is ‘big with her child’ (text from book ‘Picture guide of the zodiac’ by Koppejan ISBN90-202-1670-8) This transformation confirmed the initiation of this moment to become a creator yourself. Fertilized by the ‘Holy Spirit’ in us, the God Spark, so that creation comes into manifestation in matter.


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