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Crystal Children and the New Reality, Earth’s New Paradigm

All crystal children are part of the new reality, the new paradigm of the earth and they hold this energy within themselves until we are ready for this too. To do this we need to change our beliefs about children, families and parenthood.

Crystal children have a beautiful energy , which can be sweet, thoughtful, kind and generous. But as with the Indigos, there is another aspect to their being that makes it difficult for them to deal with the traditional aspects of being a child and parenting.

Many crystal children are so strongly connected to the spiritual world that they have trouble holding their own in this world and in relation to most other people.
For some this manifests as emotional problems , for others as physical problems such as allergies, which can be a physical manifestation of an energetic imbalance. The new energy that crystal children carry may be too high for them to easily connect with most other people.

Like the Indigos, they can feel alienated and different. Instead of forcing others to change, they withdraw into themselves, where they feel comfortable. Or they attach themselves to certain people with whom they feel comfortable.

They connect with people who function at about the same energy level, like a grandparent. Many crystal children are raised by grandparents, with whom their energy fields resonate better than their parents’ .

What we can do is give them an energetically safe place. This can be the home situation or through contact with people of their choice. We can do this by approving the people they choose and allowing these people to be a part of their lives.

I hear from concerned grandparents that their grandchildren are being kept away from them by parents who don’t understand the importance of contact.
Crystal children generally have one person they feel connected to and that is not always their parent. This connection is very important to them and they need this contact to keep their energy in balance .

Crystal children teach us about the new reality and how to adapt to it.
Part of that is expanding who is the source for a child’s emotional and physical need. We can put labels on this process and try to keep the old family paradigm intact, but in doing so we are going against the grain .


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