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Crystal healing for the feminine energy

I see many fathers taking care of their children. This is a great gift from when I was growing up, when fathers were usually little involved in the lives of their children. Most fathers back then wanted a son, while today’s fathers support their daughters and are proud of them.

The crystal girls are aware that they are here to interact with men in a way that is powerful as well as healing and compassionate. They have a special bond with their fathers that cannot be compared to the “daddy’s girl” energy of earlier. These girls are not manipulative. Instead, they use their feminine energy to empower men.

We have split the feminine and masculine energies into 2 aspects: men act and women feel. That’s why men are uncomfortable with their feelings and women feel uncomfortable as doers (although they are often forced into this path).

Then there are these wonderful crystal girls who are in touch with their father in love and compassion. They allow men to get comfortable with their emotions.

During the birth of his crystal daughter, I witnessed the emotional awakening of a young man who had been emotionally damaged by his life. He is an attentive father and she takes care of him emotionally, loving him in a way he has never experienced before. Her love transforms him and his life.

As crystals are here to heal the masculine energy, they also help us heal the feminine energy which, in this aspect of the human cycle, is dominated and controlled by the ego driven masculine energy. But everyone, male and female, is not integer in our Divine expression of balancing in feminine and masculine energies.

In its highest expression, the feminine energy is powerful, nurturing, supportive and creative. The feminine aspect of every human being is that which creates new life; what an awesome power. Crystal children show us how to reconnect with this feminine energy, how to transform it and integrate it powerfully into the masculine energy.

Many men seek healing so that they can get in touch with the Divine feminine within themselves. Crystal children understand their power and are balanced in the expression of their masculine and feminine energies.

They are part of generations of children whose purpose is to assist in human healing and ascension. And each of them delivers an energetic vibration that contributes to the work done by previous generations.

They know why they are here and they do their work powerfully and silently, with intent and sense of purpose.

Therefore, you can appreciate the healing abilities of your crystal children, knowing that they are there to help us reconnect with our power and bring balance to our energies. Thus we can complete our ascension journey in all our aspects and balanced with the highest expression of our masculine and feminine energies.


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