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Crystal people and karma


karmaLike Indigos, Crystals experience karma through their most challenging soul group relationships, but they do it in a different way.

As Indigos set out to figure out what’s wrong, Crystals try to bring out the best in everyone by showing them the results of their actions. To this end, many Crystal Humans act as martyrs, using their own suffering as a tool for transformation.

They do this through their empathy, emotions, and ability to love unconditionally. Crystals give love to everyone in spite of everything, and they often pick out people who are hard to love.

Indigos do everything through action and Crystals through emotion, which is why Crystals are so empathetic and seem to have the hardest time with karma.

They work directly with and process the emotional energies of the karmic cycles for their soul group, transforming them into what they believe to be their highest expression. And they offer those energies to those who may not be ready or willing to receive them.

This is why Crystals often feel underappreciated, undervalued, taken advantage of and misunderstood, and even invisible at times as they offer energetic gifts to those who do not possess that vibration. so that they cannot accept those gifts, nor even be able to see the gifts. They simply offer a gift to someone who cannot accept it. What can they do?

Because Crystals can show and live love from an expanded perspective, they cannot be the love they think someone else needs and then expect that person to acknowledge what they are trying to do.

Crystals can show love and know that whoever can join that vibration, will do so, and that others will too when they are ready. Far too often, Crystals withdraw their energies and withdraw into themselves when they feel rejected, and everyone loses. The world needs the hope and love that Crystals bring and the new paradigms they offer.


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