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Crystals: Cleaning Rituals and Cleaning Myths

Crystals are very ‘sensitive’ to energies. They absorb energy from their environment and from the person who wears them/provides a home. That is why it is important to care for and clean them with love and regularly. But how often should you clean crystals and how?

Cleaning crystals

It is important to remove old energy from the crystal after purchase or intensive use, to clean it and to charge it. At least that’s what they say in all the books. These advices are often given:

– After purchase, clean your crystal of all the energy they have picked up before using it.
– The more intensive the use, the more often you need to clean your crystal.
– Smaller stones generally fill up sooner than larger stones.
– After giving a healing to yourself or others you can do it ‘standard’.

Is so much cleaning necessary?

However, we have often noticed that cleaning is much less necessary than is claimed. A newly purchased crystal, fresh from a store or from the stock exchange, is often ‘ready to go’. Because they can do a lot themselves. Rock crystals, for example, have so many ‘gigabites’ of storage space in them that there is plenty of room to get started right away.

If you as a buyer are bothered by all the information that is already on the hard drive of the crystal, you can also treat your own sensitivity. For example, closing yourself off from all ‘old information’ or not including that information.

The crystal does not always need cleaning. You can overwrite the crystal or use the free memory. Sometimes the cleaning of crystals simply serves as a means for us as humans to become tuned to the energy of crystals. We are, as it were, clearing ourselves, our attention and focus, so that we become more receptive to the higher energies of crystal.

When should your crystal be cleaned?

– For example, you see that your crystal loses its shine or cracks. A layer of dust on it also says enough, of course, although we hope it will never come to that.
– It may also be that the thought of ‘clearing crystals’ just occurs to you.
– You can also ask your crystal directly if cleaning is required. Your first thought of “yes or no” provides the answer.
– If the appearance of your crystal looks dull. Like a stuffy aura hanging around your crystal. Sometimes the whole place where your stone is standing looks a bit dingy, energetic.
– Your crystal may also have become cloudier or (more) veiled inside, as if a mist has lifted in it.
– Sometimes the crystal falls out of your hands, or is untraceable.Those are, of course, writing on the wall.

In these cases we say: get started with your ‘cleaning cloth’! Often a loving thought to your crystal or enveloping it with crystalline light is enough. Meditate with it, visualize it, hold it under running water, smoke it with sage, cover it in candlelight: anything is possible. You can feel for yourself what is really needed and how often it is needed.

You are the keeper of your crystal

The faster you release negative energy yourself or absorb higher energy, the faster your crystal clears. It may sound crazy, but your energy and qualities directly affect your crystal. If you easily transform energy, it also has a positive effect on your crystal. It then almost never needs a special cleaning treatment.

And besides: your crystal is connected to a whole network of other crystals, both above and below ground. This network ensures that your crystal stays in a certain charged state. Your crystal consciousness is upheld by his/her network. Even though we are guardians of the crystals in our house, they can do a lot themselves.

So don’t rely on standard treatments, but do it by feel. Use your intuition to feel when your crystal needs cleaning and how. And when in doubt, start clearing your own energy. That is healing for you and it has a positive effect on your crystal.


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