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Dance along at the Ecstatic Dance Festival July 17-21

In the summer of 2001, on the Big Island of Hawaii, The Ecstatic movement was born. A special movement for people who really want to connect with themselves and others, who want to immerse themselves in music and movement, who want to experience pure essence. People who get into ecstasy through dance and want to be able to go wild, without being hindered by the lack of space, constricting shoes or other things that you often experience in the normal nightlife.

Ecstatic Dance is a 2.5 hour journey where you can dance and move the way you want. Without specific dance steps. The dance itself is accompanied by a DJ, sometimes by live music. Throughout the dance journey there are different ‘waves’ of intensity, from very expressive to quiet and meditative. You can enjoy yourself on your own, but if you feel the need to connect with other dancers, you can too. Ecstatic Dance allows you to really connect with who you are and from the pure you, the connection with the other is so much more valuable.

The Ecstatic Dance movement expanded all over the world. The Dutch were also banned. In 2012, the first ‘Ecstatic’ in the Netherlands was organized in Amsterdam. Everyone who was there was touched by the energy on the dance floor. At the moment the Netherlands has a very active scene with about forty Ecstatic Dance locations in more than twenty cities.

It was high time for a festival, according to the organizers of the first Ecstatic Dance Festival, which will start on 17 July. 3.5 days with just the right ingredients to deepen the dance and create the ultimate festival experience. Great DJs, ceremony leaders and workshop leaders will delight the participants, leave them firmly grounded and deeply satiated. They take you into a story, which becomes your story, each session a little different, to discover new dance forms.

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The ultimate dance experience

Who, what and where

Without DJs, musicians, creatives and facilitators (not to mention the participants!), there would be no festival. Together they will ensure that the festival site is transformed into a ‘Sacred Ecstatic Dance playground’.

Some of their names: Ecstatic DJ and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Tyler Blank, violinist Pernilla Kannapinn, singer and songwriter Mariana Root, creative alchemist Caroline Lindo and food artist Conan Luidens. On Wednesday 17 July the festival will be opened by festival host Dineke Faas. On Sunday 21 July, the festival will be concluded with a joint ceremony.

Ecstatic Dance forms the basis of these days and is of course on the program several times. But the rest of the offer is also to enjoy. Live music, dance workshops, yoga, meditation, breath and a Cacao ceremony to get you in the mood. During the Sharing Circles there is time to connect and exchange with each other (and yourself).

In the ‘Treat Yourself’ lounge you can relax or gain energy and insights, find your inner silence, have your toes read or have your muscles massaged. The rousing party night that sparkles will echo for a long time to come. Of course you can also enjoy delicious organic and vegetarian meals and special drinks, such as our ‘Chocolate Elixir’. How about a freshly squeezed fruit juice or a barista coffee?Also try one of Yvette’s irresistible raw snacks.

All this will take place in the setting of De Berckt Castle in Baarlo . This beautiful location is perfect for this festival. We can dance to it in the great ballroom. You can pitch your tent or caravan in the beautiful nature. Do you have a motorhome? No problem. You can put it in the specially designated area. For those who prefer to sleep indoors, there are rooms with comfortable beds in the Farm and the castle. You can book for 2 people, but also with a group. You can also join without a reservation and share a room with others. We make sure that there are rooms for women or men only.

Respect the sacred space

Ecstatic Dance is about freedom. To maintain that freedom and make the dance floor a safe and sacred space, a few rules are respected:

  • Respect yourself and others
  • No talking during the dance
  • Dancing barefoot
  • No cell phones, no photos or videos are taken
  • No alcohol, drugs or heavy perfumes

In order to create the best possible dance experience and because a full-time children’s program cannot be guaranteed, it has been decided that this festival is without children. No children’s program can be guaranteed. It is possible to camp with children at a nearby campsite. Parents, carers and/or babysitters can walk in and out of the festival site with their festival ticket.

The Ecstatic Dance Festival is organized by Kareem Raïhani and the Chocolateclub. Both have years of experience as DJs and organizers. With the Ecstatic Dance Festival, a long-cherished dream to design a festival with a dedicated team, both grand and intimate, becomes reality.


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