7 Dangerous Side Effects of Alprazolam + Experiences

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You may have heard about Alprazolam from a friend or your doctor and would like to learn more about this medicine.

You may have been taking this medicine for a while and want to know if Alprazolam is actually good for you.

If you want an answer to all your questions about Alprazolam, read this article carefully. Because this is what you need to know about the side effects of Alprazolam!

NB! This article is not intended as medical advice. I wrote it only to inform you about the use of this drug.

Purpose of this article: In this article you will find out what exactly Alprazolam is used for. I also mention the side effects that you can expect from this product and these are really not always so harmless. However, there is a much healthier way to get rid of your fears and I explain that too in this article.

What is Alprazolam?

Alprazolam – also known by the brand name Xanax – is one of the most commonly prescribed benzodiazepines worldwide for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. This remedy has a short to medium effect, reduces anxiety and gives you a general feeling of peace.

Alprazolam is called an anxiolytic in scientific terms. In common parlance, this means a medicine that reduces anxiety and restlessness.

Like many other anti-anxiety drugs, this medicine belongs to the group of benzodiazepines, also known as ‘benzos’. Most people just refer to benzodiazepines as tranquilizers.

The main properties of benzodiazepines are that they have a calming effect and flatten emotions. That is why they are often prescribed as anti-anxiety drugs or sleep aids.

You may be wondering how exactly this calming effect comes about when you take a drug like Alprazolam?

If you want to know how this remedy affects your mind and body, read the text below carefully.

There are two types of neurotransmitters in our brain. On the one hand you have stimulating and on the other hand you have inhibitory neurotransmitters. In normal circumstances these keep each other in balance.

If there is an overactivity in the neurons – for example when danger threatens – the inhibitory neurotransmitter (the GABA or Gamma-aminobutyric acid transmitter) inhibits this activity.

This GABA then provides peace of mind both in your mind and in your body. If this neurotransmitter is not strong enough to counteract the overactivity, the balance is disturbed.

This causes you to experience stress and become anxious. Benzodiazepines have a stimulating effect on this neurotransmitter so that it regains its strength. That is why benzodiazepines such as Alprazolam, for example, make you calmer.


I know this is a pretty scientific explanation, but I didn’t want to withhold this information from you. You might find some background information to better understand your body’s signals.

Alprazolam is a short- to medium-acting medicine. After taking a tablet you will notice the effect after about half an hour. This effect lasts on average about 8 hours.

Alprazolam or Xanax does exactly what it was developed for: it inhibits your fears and makes you calmer.

“Fine”, I hear you think. “That’s just what I’m looking for!”

Still, you better think carefully before you start taking Alprazolam. This medicine also has many disadvantages and dangerous side effects.

Side Effects Of Alprazolam

Almost all medicines also have side effects. The extent to which these side effects occur is different for everyone.

If you take Alprazolam or Xanax, you can experience quite unpleasant side effects that can even be dangerous at times. Over time, your body and mind will also get used to this medicine.

Read along to learn more about these side effects.

#1 Drowsiness, tiredness and sleepiness

Alprazolam can make you drowsy, tired and sleepy. If you feel drowsy and tired, your concentration decreases and you react more slowly to certain things.

You probably understand that this can be very dangerous in some situations. Just think of driving a car or operating machines.

#2 Slower thinking and memory problems

If you take Alprazolam, you may sometimes have a bit more trouble thinking properly. This usually feels like you’re not quite there.

Temporary memory loss is also common when you take Alprazolam or Xanax. Especially the things that happen only after taking a tablet, you can often not remember very well.

#3 Impaired coordination and muscle weakness

Because Alprazolam also has muscle relaxant properties, you may experience decreased coordination and an overall weaker feeling in your muscles.

This can give you the feeling that you are less rigid on your legs. This increases the risk of falling or bumping into something.

#4 Decrease in emotions

Alprazolam not only reduces your feelings of anxiety, but also your general emotions can be flattened by this drug. It’s a positive thing that you don’t feel sad and rushed as often anymore.

However, if you also have trouble experiencing positive emotions, you can end up in depression.

#5 Restlessness and irritability

Although Alprazolam is supposed to fight anxiety, this drug can make you feel more restless at times.

This can cause anxiety attacks or panic attacks that make you want to reach for a tablet even faster.

This problem brings us straight to the next very important side effects.

If you stick to the prescribed dose, but your body and mind long for more, restlessness and anxiety can resurface.

#7 Nasty withdrawal symptoms

It is very important to know that you should not just stop taking Alprazolam.

Research has shown that you can get really nasty withdrawal symptoms if you don’t gradually reduce the dose.

Insomnia, feeling generally rushed and anxious and palpitations are the most common withdrawal symptoms.

How Long Do Alprazolam Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

If you stop the drug right away, the withdrawal symptoms can be so intense that you immediately turn to Alprazolam again.

If you gradually taper off under the guidance of your doctor, you will experience less withdrawal symptoms.

However, you can also experience some withdrawal symptoms during the tapering. Keep in mind that these withdrawal symptoms can persist for several weeks to months.

Now you know exactly what Alprazolam is, how it affects your mood and what the side effects are. You probably also want to know what users think about this product.

I spoke to some people who are taking or have taken this medicine. Curious about their experiences? Read their stories below:

Experiences with Alprazolam

Tine’s story

I was raised by very concerned parents. They saw danger everywhere and I was overprotected. When I found my own place, it was very difficult for me to find my own way in life. I too saw danger everywhere and I brooded day and night. It really couldn’t go on like this and I decided to ask my doctor for advice. He prescribed me Xanax for my anxiety disorder. I’ve been taking this product for 4 years now and I’m actually quite happy with it. Sometimes I seem a bit clumsy and that may be one of the side effects. Nevertheless, this is all not so bad and I am glad that I have been relieved of unnecessary worry.

Lauren’s story

My doctor prescribed Alprazolam for my burnout. When I first took the drug (0.25 mg per day) I was quite satisfied with it. It seemed like we cared a little less and I felt good about that. First I took the remedy in the evening, just before going to bed. I felt the effect after half an hour and I slept through the night. Then another difficult period started for me. I considered Alprazolam to be the perfect means to get through this difficult time as well. I started taking higher and higher doses and after a while I noticed that I really couldn’t live without it anymore. I got off the drug under the guidance of a psychotherapist. I’ve also come to realize that drugs really don’t offer solutions. No more artificial happiness for me!

The story of Siebe

I have been suffering from  social anxiety disorder for quite some time now . Groups of people have always scared me, but when I had a panic attack in the market a few months ago, I realized I had to get help. My doctor prescribed me Xanax to get rid of my anxiety disorder. The first two weeks went pretty well, but after that I started to feel very insecure about myself. It felt like I didn’t quite realize what was happening around me. I couldn’t concentrate properly and I dropped things more and more. It was as if I had completely lost control of my mind and body. I have slowly reduced this drug and am now being treated by a psychologist.


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