Dark night for the ego, growth for the soul


You’re stuck. Sucked up with your feet in the mud and you can’t go anywhere. You don’t know what to do anymore and no choice seems to be the right one. You made endless plus and minus lists, talked about it with friends, your therapist, your mother. But despite the well-intentioned advice, you can’t figure it out. You are confused, insecure, even desperate and you feel like you are losing control.

With some of the big choices you have to make in life , thinking falls short. It is too small, too conditioned and unable to oversee the whole. One day something seems like a good decision, but the next day different thoughts make another decision seem better after all. To drive you crazy!

A disaster for the ego

Even if you involve your emotional life, this does not always turn out to be a solution. At some stages in your life, whatever move or choice you make, pain seems to be the result. We call such a phase in which you really don’t know it all anymore, a ‘dark night of the soul’. However, wouldn’t it be more correct to call this phase a dark night of the ego? For the ego, such a phase is a disaster , for the soul pure growth.

The ego always thinks it should keep control of your life. Of course, you have long since learned that the ego is chronically failing to maintain control. Otherwise your life would have been very different, wouldn’t it? Nevertheless, the ego tries to get things back on track through convulsive thinking. If this fails, it panics. It doesn’t know anymore. It must recognize that it cannot offer a way out of this checkmate. Now it’s the soul’s turn.

A new perspective

If you succeed in letting your ego and the associated thinking relax, space can be created for the soul. This offers a new perspective. A perspective that you could not see before, because you were stuck in the conditioned thinking. This perspective can only unfold to you if you quietly start to ask yourself with full curiosity what your life wants. Apparently it wants something you can’t oversee. Let it happen, let it unfold. Trust that you will receive more and more signals from within (!) that will help you make the movewhich is right for you at that moment. This arises thanks to an inner process that needs space and time. From there arises the confidence that the choice you make, no matter how painful it may be, is the right one.

Deep in the core lies the diamond

You feed your soul by fully embracing and feeling this process. Feel your desperation to the core, surrender to it. Notice that deep within that desperation you can find an inner certainty. Not through the mind, but right through all the emotional layers of despair. It is as if in the deep core of despair lies your treasure of inner knowing. If you have the guts to go all the way through this process, you will find your diamond . And it can be used for the rest of your life!

Doubt that overshadows everything

What makes this process difficult is that almost every human being has a natural tendency to turn away from fear and despair. Rather a quickly devised solution than to deal with this . However, feel the enormous pull of life that won’t let you get away with that ‘quick solution’‘. You are really being asked to go through the process.
Some people refuse this. As a result, zest for life and enjoyment of life are increasingly eroded. A nagging, maddening sense of doubt remains within you that eventually begins to overshadow everything.

Do you dare?

Life wants to dance through you and you can follow the choreography in it. You can resist or surrender to this dance. The choice is yours. If you resist, it creates deep suffering. After all, you never win a battle with life. If you dare to surrender in the confidence that life will ultimately always bring you ‘home’, you may be able to see more and more the special light of your journey. Your journey is unique and only asks to be experienced. Not from limiting thinking, but from surrender. Do you dare?

Training living from your Soul

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